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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Omnipotent-One!
Metaphorically every Viking coach, Viking fan, and every Viking player past and present had been kicked in the proverbial nut sack by the NFL's league ruling this past Tuesday, and I've been waiting for this event all of my life.  To be direct, although driven ... I really didn't know, or see how, this could all come together and the omnipotent-one has handed it all to the Viking Nation on a silver platter.  You see ... there has always been an underlying current of unseen oppressive behaviors, in reference to the Viking Nation, but this has now surfaced ... and it is all now front and center.

Consider for a moment my past comments in regard to Packman Jones in reference to the leagues darling Cowboys.  With Romo out, the Pokes were destined to lose with Johnson at the helm ... so the league acts to mirror Packman's absence with Romo's injury ... to eventually bring the Pokes back to full strength together.  On the other hand, the Vikings receive four separate 4-week suspensions of Ray Edwards, Byant McKinnie and now Pat & Kevin Williams, which represent 12 games, which reflects 3/4 of a league schedule.  If Kevin and Pats ruling was in fact absolute, as the league is now standing pat on, both Pat & Kevin should of been suspended immediately in-line with McKinnie, when we eventually went 1-3 at the beginning of our season.  Instead we are to face two of the leagues best running offenses without our prime run stoppers of Pat & Kevin Williams.  Now lets just think back a bit as you might recall an impressive list of Defensive Ends we were made to face in our first four games of our 2008 season.  Coincidence ... not likely ... especially when you consider the greatest wide receiver in the history of the NFL is now playing for the Boston Patriots.  

My original thought, was that if the Vikings got a sniff at the 2008 playoffs, that we would become the 2008 prime dark horse candidate for the commissioners tournament ... a tournament that absolutely no team wants the Vikings to be apart of.  Instead we've become much more than that as we are now the leagues very vocal bulls eye where the omnipotent- one is sure to find a way to try to severely punish the Vikings.  What this has done is turn us into a bookies nightmare and dreamboat all at the same time.

Consider for a moment the league, which represents just under 2,000 active players.  These players collectively now view their players union as nothing more than the omnipotent-one's feeble beeatch.  Why you might ask?  Well their eyes have been opened as they see themselves as individuals that stand alone against the omnipotent- one.  The turning point came, just like in the battle of midway, in the form of a loss of roughly a million dollars in salary, bonuses, etc., not to mention a well deserved birth into the Pro-Bowl, which was all levied against Pat Williams supposed intelligent colon.  Pat now represents every active player throughout the league that thinks it is wrong for the omnipotent- one to be able to reach deeply into their wallets.  You see, Pat has earned that back pay as that money represents services rendered well before the omnipotent- one was even apart of the league.   This is now much more than the NFL's weekly inflaming league fines.        

Although this will never happen, my dreams have now become immersed into a scene as powerful as some now forgotten Olympic athletes that once raised their clenched fists defiantly into the air, upon a podium, as a symbol black power and unity ... from freedom of oppression.  My view is a pristine scene where Ziggy and our humble coach decline their moment on a podium, where both Pat and Kevin Williams walk upon that stage to accept the NFL's ultimate prize for what is now every member of the NFL, both past and present ... there being no more powerful a message.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 2, 2008

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