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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Tampering - The Hidden Agenda -
It's odd that Mike Zimmer would say that he was expecting that our offensive line was supposed to be the most stable part of our team.  The question of course would be, exactly on what were you basing this observation.  To be fair, the loss of Brandon Fusco was huge as the right side of that offensive line was sound adding Loadholt and Sullivan to that mix.
 That begs the next question which is, did Adrian Peterson hide the flaws of a substandard offensive line.  It's becoming apparent that Adrian Peterson did in fact obscure the reality.
Adrian Peterson made it possible to secure a lead.  When that happened we had a command over the entirety of the game.  When we didn't have a lead, we became reliant upon Christian Ponder throwing the ball from the shot gun.  Look back at those films and what you'll see was absolute futility.  Without consistent success in passing the ball, that offensive line learned that it didn't like pass protection.  People forget that when the offense is running the ball, the offensive line is imposing its will upon the defense.  When the offensive line pass blocks, the defense imposes its will upon the offensive line.  In that case, all it takes is for one defender to find a weakness for the entire offensive scheme to break down.  On every attempt you'll see at least one defensive player shooting-in, with everything he has, in the hope that it disrupts either a running lane or that it breaks down a blocking scheme.  To be direct, we lack 3 years of continuity having to pass block for our new drop back passer.  Is it any wonder that the offensive line has now been exposed?

The fault for last week doesn't lie at the feet of just the offensive line.  As a team, our coaches became too petulant with its resources.  Norv Turner had a winning concept which was to make up Adrian Peterson in the aggregate rather than to try to tally an early quick strike with it's break away threats.  Early on, Adrian Peterson was the hammer, when we ran the ball for short gains to soften up the defense.  Asiata was not a part of those early carries as if his 3 yards per attempt on 1st and 2nd down didn't matter.  The result was 3rd and long, over and over again, rather than a manageable 3rd and short (less than 5 yards).  That put undo stress upon our rookie quarterback.  In the first half, on 1st and 2nd downs, Norv dispersed plays that attacked the edges with Asiata pounding up the gut.  That mind set was in understanding that games are not won in the first half ... they are won in the 3rd & 4th quarter when your break away threats have fresh legs.   
It has to be said.  Matt Kalil is playing like he owes someone money.  My question, of course, is that person that he own money to  ... is he Matt Kalil?  After observing tampering by Jerry Jones with Adrian Peterson, without league intervention, how do you know that someone hasn't already contacted Kalil promising him a level-1B contract the moment his rookie contract is played out.  Since Kalil was a #1 draft pick, the Vikings have an option on his 5th year.  The problem is that Matt's number for his 5th year will be absorbantly high as that contract is based upon the contracts of top level left tackles ... one the highest paid positions in the league.  If Matt plays poorly enough, he'd almost be guaranteed to be a free agent after this year.  So what's his motivation to block anybody ... which is just about how he's playing?  So with his future guaranteed by a silent partner, his only motivation is to stay healthy.  Once he breaks off to that next team, the real Kalil, you know, the one that made the pro bowl, will comes back and someone like Jerry Jones will look something like a genius, rather than the scum bag that he really is.  Woman have a word for that ... Creep!  

It made me sick to hear the NFL tell us all that it hurts the NFL when its prime franchises aren't competing for the NFL's greatest prize.  Of course, they were talking about the Dallas Cowboys as if you everyone needs to either love them or hate them rather than to do the unthinkable ... what has most recently been their reality.  The Cowboys weren't relevant, and based upon that history, it is most likely the place that they are soon to return.  Let me tell you this unequivocally, the NFL is much more than just a few storied franchise that include the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys.  Maybe the gods, in time, will give all these organizations their just deserts.

The objective each year is to make the commissioners NFL playoff tournament.  By doing so, each franchise that makes it draws a lot at its chance of winning the prize.  To do this, year in, year out, you need to steal talent, as playoff teams do not select the best players year after year in the NFL draft.  A team can get lucky in the draft selecting late in the draft but a more certain outcome is to ensure the best players end up on your team.   If you want to win, tampering on the sly is the only solution.
What would Jerry Jones be paying for every sack that Matt Kalil gives up this year.  Maybe the bonus could be as much as adding $50K to his future signing bonus for every sack, that results from every play, that he's responsible for slacking-off.      

Matt ... you make me sick.  Maybe it's time for Mike Zimmer to step in by destroying his future.  If Matt doesn't either play or practice, his skills will most certainly erode to the abyss, so that someone like Jerry Jones can back out of that secret deal after all.  The message needs to be sent loud and clear.  Either your playing for the Vikings or your not playing.  Period!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 14, 2014