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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Tale of Two Cities
Since his arrival, Drew Brees has been tearing it up in Nawlin's.  It is quite clear that the teams success is directly dependent upon Brees.  At the conclusion of week 7 the Vikings lost and the Aint's won.  There are many upset over this fact but take heart as the conclusion was based upon the day.

Not so many years ago, I remember two undefeated teams, both 10-0, met to decide a playoff fate.  On that day the Giant's lost to the 9er's.  At half-time, where the game was very much in doubt, I blurted out a statement that all the Giant's would have to do is take out Joe Montana and they'd win.  Of course I was laughed at and belittled for this statement.  Well Bill Parcells Gants' learned something that day because in the playoffs, #70 Leonard Marshall took out Montana in one play, and the Gants' moved on to their first Super Bowl Championship.  

The moral of the story is not to get too dependent upon a fantasy player as when these players falter ... the whole thing collapses.  In reference to the historian named Favre ... this team learned how to win well before he joined this ship.  As for calling him a historian ... for anyone who gets to write history in stone ... week after week ... it's not far off base to call him a historian.  

Go out late in the evening and look up in the SE, S, or SW sky and you can see the brilliant planet Jupiter.  For once you do, your heart will long for it for some time, as for what is transpiring in these days, both past and near future, are directly dependent upon this alignment.  

When you watch that Raven's kick in replay, imagine a 90 foot tall invisible man standing between the hash marks at about the 10 yard line.  Then imagine him tapping that ball ever so gently left-ward with his right finger.  Get the picture.   

Sass drops it, and turns the game on its ear.  Jim might be hiding in his locker this week over it but he shouldn't.  Anyone that bleeds purple like I do absolutely loves this guy ... the throw back gladiator.  Chilli's V-V had choices on Jim's first touch on that day ... a simple handoff in the back field, for a 2-yard loss ... a short pitch, for a 2 yard loss ... a short toss to the flat for no gain, but no, they try the death strike and the loss ensues.  Jupiter's messenger must be appeased.  Sometimes we have to take a step backward before we can go forward with an unquestioned degree of confidence.  What does the future hold for Jim in Green Bay ... only time will tell.      

League Fine 
I've seen way to many Vikings get hit with fines that could pay for my house for questionable calls ... but they've paid it and moved on.  This week however, Brett takes a blatant shot in the legs ... a clear violation of the Brady rule.  There was no flag, which was a common theme that day however, if this player is not fined for this blatant attempt to end Favre's career ... and the NFL's money bus ... then there is clearly a double standard at play for what was missed in real time versus what shows up on film is conclusive.    

14 Point Swing 
Syd had a remarkable day again but there were two more outstanding catches that were taken away from him.  The one occurred on the Farve cheap shot to his legs.  On that catch, I was suspended in disbelief.  As it stood, more "Sydness" would follow.  The other was on a TD toss that was prematurely ejected on a phantom Dugan leg whip which ultimately created the 14-point swing.  Take heart my brother because the TD reception stolen from Shank in KC made him into what he is today ... a Pro-Bowl caliber tight end.  Syd, being just one of these unselfish unsung hero's on this squad could be screaming for fantasy points (TD's) but instead he's doing an outstanding job between the 10's. 

Of special note, to the officials of this league, there has not been a player of this caliber in this league since the immortal hands of Cris Carter.  Back then, before any official made a call on the field they understood that for any other player it was absolutely an impossible catch for anyone other than Cris Carter.  Syd has proven time and again that he has magical sideline skills and is definitely one of these elite players.  Too often, the challenge flag has had to reveal Syd's god-like skills to your own embarrassment.  Do not be a victim of sport center as it is time to give credence to his skills.

League Rule Change - The Sydney Rule!  
The league is due a rule change in regard to major and minor penalties.  For example, on the Farve cheap shot to his legs, the holding call is considered to be a minor penalty, whereas the non-called cheap shot was a major.  In this case, the penalties wouldn't offset, where the personal foul would be enforced.  The rule change that is apparent is that the team should be allowed the option of taking the play or enforcing the 15 yard penalty.  In this case, due to the Farve cheap shot to his legs, the team could of rewarded the catch to Syd for the first down instead of taking the 15 yard walk off.  To demonstrate how ludicrous the present rule is, what if Syd caught a TD on that play.  The present system would take 6 points off the board and enforce a 15 yard penalty giving the advantage to the defense.  It's time for a change.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  

Twice this year our defense has been called for delay, a dead ball 5 yard penalty.  Someone is going to have to explain this.  Our defense isn't off sides however the defense is causing the offense to make a pre-snap mistake which causing the penalty.  Since the NFL's inception, defenders have been causing the offense to make mistakes (talking, speaking, taunting) ... so what's up with that!

Fantasy Ball 
It does my heart good to see all the fantasy fanatics whine about AD not getting the ball all three times being first and goal from the 1/2 yard line.  There is a vast difference between football and fantasy.  What is important to note is that if we wanted to score, we could of done so at will.  The message is clear here.  To the braggart Steeler's fans ... you may have won the battle ... but you have clearly lost the war.  Be forewarned ...  you should want no part of February 7, 2010 ... especially on a neutral field.  For if you do, you shall have to immerse yourself within a sea of purple facing the Hammer of Odin.  The good news is that the burger knows it.

Call it even 
The officials didn't just blow the Dugan call.  Look back at the tape and what you'll see is the most blatant non-called holding perpetrated by any squad ever.  My hat is off to this crew and the Steeler's offense as they did a remarkable job of protecting big Ben for another day.

The failure of the nervous system can make a beast of a man go limp.  It happens to my outstretched arm, it happens when I hold onto a glass before it crashes to the floor, it happens to my back (frame).  God only knows how your protecting Favre out there.   

The cure all - 100% guarantee!  My prescription for an ailing back is about 5'-5", between 95 and 115#, 6" stiletto heels, and for proper balance 36C's, all walking upon and all over your back.  If it doesn't work, send her to me for intensive training.  I'm not a doctor but what the hell!  

Chester ... your day will come again ... soon!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 27,2009

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