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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Switch On 
You cannot hide your passion for that Berserker ... that flows from within you.  This ... the now answer to my son ... to the response that my son gave me after losing to Detroit on Thanksgiving.  "Guess this is Thanksgiving tradition of what we can expect (from our beloved Vikings) ... as we (now) get to watch so few games together."  At the time, a great disappointment ... all the while patiently waiting ... "Switch On".  There is nothing like that feeling that you get when caught amongst that Berserker flow  ... on our way toward our attempt at piercing the veil.  

The NFL ... and it's entire fan base ... is now hovering like vultures ... eager to pounce at the announcement that this Vikings franchise qualified for this years playoff tournament.  The numbers simply don't lie.  They all know the story & the legend of the 99 Rams & they are ravenous for something that they've never seen before ... a story too unbelievable to even utter.  What lies in the balance is a television ratings bonanza like no other ... in part ... to a story that could never be told before.  Like Ben Hur surviving impossible odd ... lashed to the deck of what would be his death sentence ... only to triumph over it all.  In NFL terms, something unbelievable like Red Grange scoring that championship touchdown ... having a season full of splinters in his ass. What team on the planet aligns with the Cleveland Cavaliers ... Army beating Navy ... and the Chicago Cubbies?  If you said Detroit ... Well ... you'd be wrong, although that was a nice story too.

In playoff potential, or better said underdog potential, there is no team like the Vikings.  What is without doubt is that defense & a running game travels well ... even if the overall stats state that this is a historically bad rushing team.  In these upcoming playoff matches involving the Vikings, even if you weren't a fan of either team, no one on the planet would miss it... win or lose ... because a Viking loss would come with the saga of continual heart break ... and its pivot point.  Witnessing either outcome becomes the treat of treats for every NFL fan ... even the elites.  It's not always about the beat down ... it's about the turn of events ... that chisels out NFL history.   

There's never been a line up of this magnitude of potential for this years NFC playoff participants as there is today.  Consider the following drama:

Let's start with the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks.  Did anyone on the planet miss the kick that sent the HIGHLIGHTERS on to round-2 of the playoffs?  You'd be wrong if you said yes as highlight real after highlight real exposed this monumental melt down for all to hover over.  The Vikings are chomping at the bit to rectify this gut wrenching ordeal.  Do we have the answer to Seattle 12th man?  Well as they say in Minnesota ... You betcha!  

Now consider the Pokes for a moment.  Even the head coach of the Jaguars is carrying the scare of December 28th in 1975.   It would be appropriate if our first title came through some judicial payback from our many years of torment.  If you did your homework assignment then you would know that an out of bounds 4th & 22 completion just will never stack up to maybe our greatest team that we've ever fielded.  Of course this fact is now lost to history but if you were to ask Fran Tarkenton about it, he'd be sure to shed a little light on the matter.  Again, this makes no mention of the torch that Adrian Peterson now carries for Jerry Jones &  his crew for his EXEMPT LIST ordeal ... sending AD into a year long state of limbo for Jerry Jones benefit.

Then there's Atlanta for 1998 ... enough said there.  How about the 1976 expansion team, once apart of the NFC Central Division winning it's Super Bowl championship before this Vikings franchise.  As it turns out, their first year in the league ear marked our last visit to the Super Bowl.  Of all the potential NFC teams to face this year ... this one presents our greatest challenge.  

To get to the playoffs, Green Bay stands before us ... and A. A. Ron & his crew are no match to Bradford's crew with the addition of Adrian Peterson where they won't even qualify for the tournament.

Now let's cast our eyes upon Detroit, the winners of two 2016 season heart breaking contests ... using what turned out to be two very similar scripts.  Don't expect a 3rd victory.  It's hard to be that stupid ... that often.  

Presently the Giants are sitting pretty however they will require a 3-way tie at 10 & 6 to get in.  The Giant's presently hold our playoff spot but don't expect everyone to bend over like the Cowboys did.  From the NFL's view, this franchises table deserts don't even hold a candle to what the Vikings can offer.   

Then there are the Redskins ... holding a 1/2 game lead over the Vikings, with a head to head tie breaker that is meaningless due having a tie.  On paper they look to be a lock, having their final home game versus the Giants who will also be looking for that 10th win.  Lurking in the background for the Red Skins, as a potential upset, are an at home tilt with the Panthers followed by a road game in Chicago.  Hopefully, the Redskins playoff issues will be resolved before that Giants contest as we might be rooting for the Giants.  The question is ... are the Redskins solid enough to be a representative in this years NFC playoff tournament or are they destined to play the role of spoiler after they meet their own form of 2016 adversity.  Switch on versus switch off.  Only time will tell.        

There is one absolute when it comes to this particular season.  There is one team that can provide the types of damage that this Vikings squad can deliver in this years playoff tournament.  They were a team that couldn't win.  They were a team that couldn't field a competent offensive line.  They were a team that couldn't run the ball.  They were a team that couldn't deliver on the long ball.  They were a team with a dysfunctional offense.  None of that applies any more ... married with a very unique defense with a skill set unmatched by every other squad.  Could this team be on it's way to the NFC's championship game ... regardless of seeding?  Well there is one thing for certain.  The most dangerous squad is always the one sitting in your perpetual rear view mirror ... like a zombie that just won't die.

At first ... it was great.  That was followed by, "No matter what we did ... that switch was off".  Zim Zim ... Switch on!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 17, 2016