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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Stirring Souls
Of all the things that could be asked, here is the one key question that this franchise may not have even considered. If Christian Ponder was traded away to another organization, one that would accept him based upon having a fresh start, knowing that he had no 1st year training camp, and all the related excuses that were made for Ponder that crippled him, would you fear the fact that Ponder would win a Super Bowl Championship with some other franchise. After his 18th start ... the answer is clearly an unequivocal NO!. Like Tarvaris Jackson, playing the Arizona Cardinals, he had only one great game. Well, even a blind squirrel can find a nut from time to time but his last four starts, accumulated with our selective amnesia to forget many even worse performances, tells us the whole story.

This organization has a glaring problem. They installed Christian Ponder as our starting quarterback based primarily upon words and excuses ... not by what has shown up on the field. In last evenings commentators gushings', the Mooch stated that Ponder has not one but two masters degrees. That's great because soon he's going to need both of them. Ponder states that he's got to play better however, as an "ABSOLUTE UNTOUCHABLE", no one has even considered that he may not even be capable of performing at the NFL level as an elite quarterback. After all, if you're not an elite quarterback, then you're wasting everyone else's time and more importantly ... our resources.

The viewing audience of this organization is immense. It encompasses much more than the fan base of just this franchise, which very few tend to consider. Even in his short time, being given only a few measly scraps, Joe Webb inspired every football fan, regardless of their loyalties. Few in history have the ability to do this? Why? Let me ask you. Did you know what you were seeing the first time you saw Lawrence Taylor play the game? Did your soul rub your eyes in amazement, without ever physically touching them. Was there any question as to what you were seeing? Do you remember this kid with toothpick-like legs that you wanted to stuff with Rigatoni. His name was Joe Montana. At Notre Dame, people forget that he was a back up player that was benched more than once, just like Joe Webb. It is players like theses that inspire championships as the entire world is made to rub those eyes. Regardless of who or what you might be ... we all understand envy. These players ... these champions ... are fashioned by the gods

Think back to when the dome just recently collapsed. A dome team, forced to play outdoors versus the Chicago Bears upon a frozen pond of ice. No we didn't win but Lovie Smith was inspired on that day because he was forced to reckon, what could this kid have done on a fast track with some actual coaching. He saw it again as the Eagles were dissected by Webb. Of all the players on our 53 man roster, the one that Lovie Smith fears the most in the world is Joe Webb & he would do anything to posses him. Why? Because Webb exposes every weakness in his defense.

This fear however isn't uniform. For example, the Packers & the 49ers greatest fear lies at the feet of Toby Gerhart. These teams would do anything for a lead to take Gerhart's imposing presence out of the equation early, so that these teams would only have to deal with Adrian Peterson. The run game against these teams not only physically degrades their teams, it embarrasses them by exposing their weakness. In the last two weeks, we clearly understand this fact.

We lost last nights game on Sunday versus Arizona. Our defense was run ragged due to a broken offense that failed to convert in the 2nd half. Of course, as Joe Webb has proven time and again, it was only broken with Christian Ponder leading it. He was without Jenkins & Peterson. He performed his magic with Aromashodu, Harvin & Gerhart, with a broken line that couldn't protect anybody. Imagine what he could do with this team as it stands now.

Unfortunately, if you're a Viking fan, now being at this pivotal turning point, all you will be able to do is imagine it. To imagine year after year what it might be like to hoist that Lombardi trophy for the first time. It is because your yells, your screams, your disdain, your disgust, along with your impassioned pleas & prayers will go unanswered. It is because Joe Webb, the proverbial phoenix that rises from the ashes, has been carefully stowed away and imprisoned within the cauldrons of hell.

Far be it from me as to ask or to wonder why?

If you find yourself to be fortunate enough to be apart of this 53 man roster or a part of its practice squad, we all realize that just about everyone is both mentally and physically exhausted. With several days off they'd expect that you'd be as far from the practice facility as possible. Let me tell you where I'd be after what was just endured.  You would see me at the practice facility, even with a broken wrist in a cast. At this juncture, this franchises first championship is at stake. Business as usual will not stand. This goes well beyond family, although it is important to do both ... this is about stirring restless souls and the eyes of your compatriots. It is time to stop the lies as it is eating at your very soul.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 26, 2012