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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Still Haven't a Clue ... Do You?
Comparing Joe Webb as being slightly better than Christian Ponder, by comparing quarterback ratings, is like saying Adonis is slightly cuter than Danny DeVito.  So you're comparing quarterback ratings.  Did we forget that Joe Webb was regulated to 3rd string, with very precious little in regard to first team reps, while McNabb committed grand larceny stealing this organizations resources, snatching almost all the first team snaps?  Where's the payoff for that decision ... sitting on some couch somewhere?  Six weeks prior, your 0 & 7 Ponder took all of the 1st team reps.  Until you give Joe Webb his due, as the first team quarterback, like he received last week, you better stop with your insane comparisons.  It might help you feel better about your 1st round draft pick, so that he can waste more of this organizations resources on learning how to lose, but your comparison is far from reality.  First team reps allow receivers to develop a report with the quarterback ... a luxury that Joe Webb never had ... however, for some reason he just keeps kicking ass.  Why is that, I wonder?  
Now that Joe Webb is a threat to Ponder, we now need to move him to wide receiver.  That's right, we now need to forget what Joe Webb did in his three championship-like possessions in our last game.  We need to forget what he did against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Never mind what's behind the curtain ... The Grand and Wonderful Oz ... nothing more than a fraud.  We can't afford to ruin Ponder's psyche.  How long is it going to be before your 0-7 Ponder no longer needs his back up to cover his futile ass.  So Joe Webb doesn't fill your role ... he doesn't yet throw the ball like Favre, Young or Montana ... but wait ... of course, he's a winner.  Squash that thought!  How dare you!  
So quarterback rating tells the story.  No ...  it does not.  Tell me, what are you going to do if Tebow were to win the Super Bowl this year.  Sort of spits on your theory ... doesn't it.  Even if Tebow doesn't win a Super Bowl this year, his performance still squashes your notion.  No sir, you're absolutely wrong.

Do you know why Rodgers is such an effective passer.  It's because no DB worth his salt can turn his back to him.  Why?  Because he's a running threat on every play.  That alone is enough to give his receivers that slight opening, that extra step if you will, that these receivers need to get open.

Super Bowl history indicates that it is not passers that win championships ... it's teams with runners that win it.  Let's not forget, the three Patriot Super Bowl victories involved cheating.  Let's not forget that important little point.  The Bears had Walter Peyton.  The Cowboys had Emmitt Smith.  Even Doug Williams has a 1-game wonder named Timmy Smith.  What would John Elway be without his running game.  Well in the first three, he lost all 3 games.  In the last two, Terrell Davis and his running game won them both.  So you think Aaron Rodgers won without a running game ... let's not forget that he himself is the greatest running threat on that field.  Sometimes the threat alone is enough to alter the way a defense plays.  When the man named Adrian Peterson's signed that contract on September 10, 2011, he committed his leadership toward winning a championship.  All he needs is a franchise quarterback (Joe Webb) & a firm commitment to excellence by this organization.  
Although it is agreed that there is a broken link in regard to our personnel decisions, our organizations failures in regard to a lack of depth cannot be compared with the Packers or the cheating Patriots.  With free agency, player can move freely where they want.  These top players always seem to choose the path of least resistance.  In other words, they seek out success for themselves.  So comparing the Vikings injured reserve with the Packers is an exercise in futility.  Players are drawn to, and perform for ... Rodgers.   In regard to that broken link ... it is more like treason than anything else ... and it's not from the pints of blood that have fallen over the years from the man named Scott Studwell.  Our recent colored history is screaming that this needs to be addressed.

The Vikings would be better served, not in focusing on free agents, but rather on immediately securing long term contracts with players that represent our future.  Even if the new system restricts the first four years of a drafted player, there is nothing preventing a player from obtaining security for years beyond that 4th year.  Players like Percy Harvin, the Battering Ram Gerhart, Rudolph, Loadholt, and the phenom Everson Griffen (with stiff character related clauses) that have proven their long term value to this team immediately come to mind for contract extensions.  Joe Webb should be this teams #1 priority as his up-side is off the charts.  This teams needs to go against the grain, to do what other organizations will not do by committing & investing in its young talent in earnest, like they did with Peterson.  The Vikings need to interlink themselves within the fabric of these players futures.  Money & security in my hand now is much more important than investing in another free agent like Bernard Berrian.  These individuals represent Viking blue chip draft picks, that involve risk, but also have the greatest chance toward this organizations success.   

Resources on free agents should be directed primarily on 5th year players, searching for undervalued talent, to rebuild the core of this team.  Every year there are many teams with cap issues ... with available laden untapped resources.  Be careful not to covet, as you will most certainly overpay for those services but rather focus on building the core that eliminates gaps & holes that can be exploited.  The cap spending discrepancies indicates a wide variance, which points to opportunity. 
The Viking Ghost Writer
December 14, 2011