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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

#1 draft pick Bryant McKinney ... Gone.  Released ... compensation Zero!  Bernard Berrian ... Gone.  How many millions of dollars were paid per catch or TD?  He was supposed to stretch the field ... the only thing he stretched was his wallet.  Now Chris Cook ... our top draft pick of 2010!  Regardless of what you might believe ... championships are won & lost through the draft.   Before we allow our management team the opportunity to sharpen that battle axe once again we need to identify a key answer.
Regardless of the pending upcoming decisions by our Viking organization in regard to Chris Cook, be it positive or negative, Mr. Cook will carry a stigma for the remainder of his career & his public life.  The one & only question is, was this event caused by a person better described as Jekyll & Hyde or was this event simply a matter of immaturity.  My concern is that not one of us believes that our management team is capable of discerning the answer to that question, where it has become much easier to throw the baby out with the bath water.
  If Chris Cook suffers from Schizophrenia (a dual personality), then he needs help and he's not going to get that help from the NFL.  If his event was caused by immaturity, regardless of what you might think, we are all capable of change.  Let us never forget that not so long ago Adrian Peterson was known as a fumbler.  AD's approach ... his maturity changed that forever.
Most would see this analogy as a stretch, and some would be insulted, but they are for all purposes the same and I simply don't care what you might think.  The difference is, in Cook's public life, it will be treated as if he murdered someone.  Throughout his life he will be known for this event just as some consider Ray Lewis as someone who got away with murder.  Too often things are decided in the court of public opinion where the demand is always one or all of three things ... power, control and/or money.  To be direct, THIS COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION MAKES ME SICK.  It is the basis of all politics and it is the cause of all things evil.  

There is good news however ... there is no event is a mans life that cannot be overcome.  A man of genuine heart was recognized & forgiven by our savior.   People do learn from their mistakes.  Most people cast off their immature ways.
 It all happens when you pick up that burden and you carry it, with all your life's mistakes like a man, for the remainder of your life.  To make that burden your life's guide ... your sounding board ... for the remainder of your days.  If Chris Cook understands this concept then he is no Jekyll & Hyde.  He just a man caught up in an immature act ... nothing more.    
Here's the thing.  If Chris Cook tries to skirt this thing ... it will haunt him for the remainder of his days.  It is the brave that taste the blade but once.  As men ... we all carry that burden until our final breath.  

A wise man once said, before we evaluate the spec embedded within ones eye, we should first consider the plank lodged within our own (eye).  

e Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 3, 2011