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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Spot Duty Ponder = Treason = Decapitate Balls!
How do you do it?  How is it physically possible to check your testicles at the door before crossing into that political arena?  If you're on the sports beat, representing the Minnesota Vikings faithful, then you'll need to keep one thing in mind ... that pummeling that the Viking's took on Sunday, December 18, 2011 wasn't the players fault ... it rests and lies directly at your feet.  Whether you've got the stones or not, you are this organizations centurions ... the guardians of truth.  Maybe when this team gets shipped off to LA ... maybe then you'll finally be deserving of that promotion.  Either you're hear to build this organization or you are hear to destroy it.  Standing on the fence will only result in a butt-eck-toe-me.    

Why is it that we spent so much time wasting this organizations resources upon resurrecting Brad Johnson's career, rather than throwing Tavaris Jackson's to the Lions ... holding his feet to the fire.  Who was responsible and who must answer for wasting this organization most precious resource?  TIME!  History is repeating itself over and over again.  If we had acted sooner, we would have known that T-Jack had no future in Minnesota.  What is ... and what is not ... now draft!  
At the 10:18 mark in the 3rd quarter, the score was 35-13.  We were gift wrapped two (2) field goals on early fumbles.  At the 10:18 mark in the 3rd quarter our offense had a net of 7 yards passing.  What?  7 yards!!!!  Before you glow over Ponder's accomplishments ... dissect all those stats ... from Spot duty ... when the game was eccentrically over or out of hand.  There is a major difference between book smart ... and football smart.  You cannot anoint a franchise QB ... no matter how much you try ... hope ... or pray.  Only the gods can bestow the moniker ... Franchise Quarter Back.  It shows up on film and sometimes in photographs.     

Someone might think "
Loss ... dims Ponder's aspirations".  We all aspire.  We all have aspirations.  There is a major difference between wanting something ... working for something and actually accomplishing it.  Yeah, we all work hard!  Some do it sleeping in libraries collecting a check from the state.  

Someone might think that Ponder possesses the
book intelligence, but not football smarts, with his athletic ability to become a good NFL quarterback, but he has regressed the past two weeks, looking frazzled and throwing inaccurately while trying to move a flawed offense. Whatever you do, don't look at this photo.  It has obviously been photo-shopped.  If you look closely, this is a big ball of poop.  See right here ... is a peanut.  That's a space peanut.  Look away.  Look away from inspiration and three (3) championship drives.  How come that offense wasn't flawed then.  

Maybe if I were the owner of this franchise I might think that I don't want to measure
Ponder purely on the last two weeks. I rather to see what happens in the next two weeks.' How many losses do you need.  We now stand at 8!  Is it 10, 15, 30?  How about a decade worth of losses?  What is the number? What?  No answer?  Silence!  No matter how many times I hear statements like these, it gets more and more comical every time I hear it.  My business is right in the heart of an American City.  Every American city is identical in many ways.  When I walk outside my doors, I peer out, and I see 70 years of a democratic democracy that is based upon unsubstantiated statements & whole lot of broken promises.  You can piss yesterday away, you can piss today away, and you can piss tomorrow away ... but don't expect a different result.  Ponder is not ... nor shall he ever be ... a franchise Quarterback.   Either you recognize that fact or you'll continue on this path which shall lead to total & complete destruction.  Hello LA!   
Someone might think that Ponder
was plagued by inaccuracy and a lack of pass protection.  Ponder's only saving grace on Sunday was that there was no one on that Saints team that had an axe to grind ... especially their coaches. The idea was not to hurt him but rather to just rattle him.  You never want to upset the cart ... a free lunch, after all, is a free lunch.  Ponder is not a threat ... he's an asset to whatever team that we face.  The day that changes ... then the manly discussion will ensue.  Have you ever seen, not an auto wreck, but a train wreck in slow motion?  It is an awe inspiring site.  
Isn't it funny, in our somewhat recent history, how many first round draft pick busts that we've had that were defensive ends.  For a time, it seamed like it was year after year.  Did we somehow forget this fact?  Franchise Ponder, the man that excels under spot duty, is now 0 wins (missed Panther's chip shot at the end of the game) and 8 losses ... but for some reason ... Ponder ... and Ponder alone ... gets a free pass.  

Let me get this straight, if we were in the trenches in World War I, and it was time to go over the top, where at best I'd hope to get my head blown off & at worst I'd get maimed for life ... and you're asking me what?  There are men standing on that field trying to earn a future for their families.  They are spilling their blood, sweat, & tears.  They cannot sleep at night ... trying to endure the pain that they carry with them each & every day.  These men stand with honor!  They endure nightmares knowing that their futures may be closely aligned with Fred McNeal (someone that never had a major head injury during his career), fighting the evil hand of fate while he is still a very capable specimen of a man ... that is saddled with dementia.  You're asking me what?

Because of this enduring fantasy ... knowing that this locker room is about to be nuked ... pull pin ... toss grenade ... and let's see who survives.  Fingers pointing everywhere.  Deeply implanted knives protruding from between scapulas.  Again, we ask you ... you're asking me what?  No!  No!  It is time to pull the plug on this fantasy.  It is time to turn this organization around.  It is time that we bend our knee to the gods and submit.  When will all of the destruction ... the pending destruction endured ... when will it be enough to submit to its will?

Not with a breath within my body!  
No, I haven't forgotten old busted knees ... the man that held down that side opposite Toine' in 2009.  At the time, you were apart of an unstoppable machine.  No!  I haven't forgotten ... the play on that field was both stellar and unequaled.  It rips my heart out knowing that it occurred upon a championship overtime kickoff that should have never happened.  It did happen.  It happens all the time.  From that particular incident, the entire league is now in the process of de-emphasizing the kicking game for all time, which is now a major part of your moniker ... The Defender of Defense.  The kicking game can no longer stand upon its lofty perch while every aspect of the defense is gutted like a pig for what is now an out of control OFFENSIVE LEAGUE.  It may be of little comfort to you coping with your loss, and pending battles, however the line of patriots that have fallen on their sword for the benefit of this league is both long & distinguished.  Many have played this game but few have left their indelible mark upon it.  Of all the things that you take from this league, when it is all said and done, what you carry an unequaled respect.  If it's gone ... then its gone ... however, I shall never give up my hope in you.  You deserve at least that much.  You might find some solace in knowing that the Minnesota Vikings greatest Viking, the NFL's undisputed Iron Man, is enshrined within Canton, OH as this leagues greatest possible blunder, however it shall never change his true monumental stature within this league.  There are way too many that know.  When the NFL recognizes its most distinguished achievable honor, and then equates it with a moment of disarray ... a moment of chaos ... and a  jumbled misstep ... how might that reflect upon the league itself.  Isn't it odd that this play doesn't reflect anything upon the man that had given his all upon that battlefield but rather reflects  directly upon the league itself.  Yes Jim ... you are the NFL Iron Man ... and shall carry that title for all time.  No ... old busted knees ... you weren't even supposed to be able to return to that field.  You do not stand alone ... as such ... it can never consume you.  Again, this list is both long & distinguished.  

No Jim, you're greatest faux pas ... comical, real, indelible and as genuine as it might be ... has actually become your greatest accomplishment.  Very few get to hold power that is now within your hand.  You have always perceived that moment in history ...  backward, upside down & inside out.  You treated it as if it was the greatest mistake of your career.  The reality is that this moment in time had transformed from your embarrassment and has twisted, morphed and distorted into what is now this leagues greatest blunder.  Imagine the mighty stature of Babe Ruth, Cal Ripkin, or Jackie Robinson ... being transformed ... unseen ... into nothing more than raw septic sewage by likes by an out of control power structure.  No, neither Cooperstown nor baseball is that twisted with the intoxication of its power ... but that is exactly the credibility, stature and reputable character... that is the NFL.  It is impossible to defend a incredulous flaw of character reputed in a court of public opinion.  Once established, for its true nature ... there is no containment.    
he Viking Ghost Writer
December 20, 2011