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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Spoiled Rotten  
"We preach accountability here".  Accountability applies to everyone ... except Christian Ponder.

Super Stars make mistakes ... it happens.  For everyone else, you're entitled to make your last mistake ... then you're out on your ear.

At one time Adrian Peterson had an alarming fumbling problem.  It's a good thing that none of those fumbles mattered to anyone, especially to the team, as they were just meaningless events.  Adrian Peterson didn't care a lick about something so meaningless ... after all ... he was a super star.  Adrian Peterson was not a man that would speak from pride.  This is a man that doesn't know the meaning of commitment or in regard to his commitments as a man.  Of course, this is the most ridiculous statement ever made ... ever!  This bit of folly gives an idea of exactly how out of control "Ponder", and this franchise, have evolved into complete chaos.   

Let me say this straight.  Every aspect of the super star that we fondly speak of comes from Adrian Peterson's commitments as a man.  His fumbling resolution came from his commitment ... to himself.  This man is deeply embedded within his pride in his quest to be one of the greatest runners in the history of the NFL.  Adrian Peterson's shattered knee found its restoration based directly upon the depth of these ideals.

This organization is suffering metaphorically from an outbreak on par with an Ebola-like epidemic of rupturing pustules.  This is well beyond the simple words illness or sickness.  The pending Ponder Pandemic rages at our door. 

Six consecutive games of 100+ rushing yards per game.  The latest loss with 210 Adrian Peterson ground yards, and still we lose.  Statistically, you want to point to at the defense, allowing maybe one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league to convert on 3rd downs, and you refuse to look beyond the numbers.  Ponder records 3 & outs on the four (4) of the first seven (7) drives.  On one of his first eight (8), Ponder records only 1 first down.  Subtract Peterson from this insanity, and what you have is astounding.  We'll, at least the offense is well rested. 

Call in the CEO.  The board of Sir Zygmunt Wilf, Mark Wilf, Mark Speilman & of course the yet to be labeled brilliant Leslie Frazier gather.  The organization is in complete free fall.  The organization is collapsing from the inside.  Do we remove the CEO.  No let's blame the janitor.  Let's pound on our salesman.  No, we'll threaten the jobs of the order writers.  Put the guys in the shop of temporary layoffs.  That'll teach them.  No, you cannot crucify the wide receivers if your CEO is incapable of getting them the ball.  You certainly can't blame the run game, as they have even more to offer.  Can you blame the guys working in the shop, you know our defense, now that you've put them on 20 hour work days ... with little hope of relief?  No!  No!  The CEO and his blunder ball is not to blame and we can still win with this guy.  Rah!  Rah!   Sounds like sound fiscal planning ... doesn't it. 

"There isn't a problem here, just ask the players".  "They all love Christian Ponder and they back him 100%".  Maybe you haven't heard of the concept that, "You never speak out of class".   There used to be a few players here & there that used to speak out ... to speak their minds ... but they're all gone now.  There has been a steady exodus like the clock work efficiency of a well lubed guillotine.  Who do you think these players are ... The untouchable Christian Ponder?.  They speak out ... they speak their mind ... and they're out of here quicker than you can say Visanthe Shiancoe.  Just use the players pre-canned statements to prove your point ... are you kidding ... Hello!

How do you explain this?  Could it be that Christian Ponder is the secret love child of Sir Zygmunt Wilf.  Sure it's now a conspiracy theory but really there is really no other explanation.  Anyone following this team is scratching their head in wonderment ... cause they can't figure this thing out.  Ponder ... our starting quarterback ... what were they smoking?    

Has anyone gained access to the details in Christian Ponder's contract?  Is there some sort of rider that prevents him from being benched unless he's injured?  Is there that right of first refusal in place for his agent to prevent him from being traded to another organization?  Isn't it time that we fans get to see evidence beyond having to take that leap of faith?  What is Ponder's clamp-down hold directly upon Sir Zygmunt's man junk?  Enquiring people want to know.

Watching the brilliant one ... Leslie Frazier ... anguish upon the sideline is the clear indicator.  He can't be fired if he does exactly what Sir Zygmunt Wilf directs him to do however he can be fired if no one on the face of the earth believes that it is him calling the shots in regard to Ponder.  The news didn't come from Frazier ... he's been the ever faithful soldier.  He is the stand up guy.  No one ... no coach with eyes and a beating heart could possibly be that incompetent.  

At the very least Ponder's overall comprehensive quarterback rating is consistent.   Last week he had a rating of 11.4.  This week 9.7.  The only reason that Rodger's didn't absolutely blow Ponder out of the water was that he wasn't rewarded for touchdown passes secured outside of the red zone, as this doesn't express a quarterback's efficiency.

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 4, 2012