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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Slicing Evil 
Conformity!  Have you ever wondered what is the significance of the Brett Farve "wake-up-call" slap?  It stings!  It's bizarre!  The league in its entirety is completely unnerved ... unhinged!  Even our own crews are grasping at straws trying to understand what going on. 
They demand conformity and choreography, like the simple cover-2 for example, as if it were somehow part of the bill of rights.  So what if we were carved up like pigs for pleasure ... it conforms to the norms.  They don't get it, so they get loud ... very loud ... as they get backed into a corner ... a spot from which they cannot defend.     

Some guys will never understand the pipe line.  What is the source of its success?  Why does it work where for others they exceed those numbers handily and then they fail miserably?  The answer might lie in the fact that the NFL is not fantasy football.  The guy threw for over 300 yards and that guy ran for over 200 yards and scored 3 TD's and both teams lost.  My gosh ... the perfect game ... and they lost!  They've all become unnerved and unhinged mightily.  Their true colors bleed as they've become desperate to disrupt it ... our flow ... at any cost.  They are quick to apply labels to it ... to criticize it ... the only thing that they had ever learned on a playground that has ever worked.  Gain control of "My Kay-Bossa" (John Candy in JFK ... brain, thought patterns) ... a grand manipulation ...if you'll let them.   

Brett Farve needs not to put up stellar numbers.  AD posts only 92 yards due to some very bad ideas that end up hanging Brett out to dry (Sack!).  The Vikings win!  What the hell!  Backed into that corner ... they lash out.  "They scream out the word "Manager", or they demand that you step up your game or else.  The label and the rhetoric is an attempt to conform and confine ... as if saying, TJack isn't smart enough to be an NFL quarterback.  The reality is that TJack is rabidly foaming at the mouth ... ready to rip the heart out of the league.  He's become the viper!  

In retrospect and in respect to Brett, the commentators aren't even done spewing their analysis between plays, where Brett already has the offense in its set, snap counts a blaring, scanning & piercing the defense with his pre-reads.  A well oiled machine ... both ugly and beautiful at the same time.  Calling him a manager is like calling Leonardo a union contractor.  Correct, he's managing a game, but these words, and how they are used are twisted.  Apply conformity ... as if to say ... it may work against Detroit ... but you'll never be ready for the big boys.  Bunk!  The pipeline is flowing and it's a torrent ... we just need to get our minds right.  The formula has been known for some time now.  

Luke ... someone's put dirt in boss mans hole.  Right boss, I'll get right on it.  Luke ... someone took the dirt out of boss mans hole.  Right boss, I'll get right on it.  Luke ... is your mind right yet?       

Back in 98, I remember Christy punched Steussie right in the chops, in the middle of a huddle with the cameras rolling between plays.  False Start!  Steussie's immediate reaction to the unexpected shot was shock ... at first ... he was tired, and his eyes revealed that his mind was wondering a bit ... but then snap, his focus immediately morphed.  From that day, I've always wondered about that specific event in time to one day understand it.  In the polite circles of today's society we don't do such things however, there are times that you might slice through conformity for the greater good.  Conformity by its very nature is evil!  So what does that patented Farve-Slap represent?  Well its a darn good thing he's not doing that to Chilly ... or better yet, Darrel Bevell, but then again ... maybe he should!  Are your minds right yet? 

This is not XYZ's team, this is my team (insert name here)?

Now we find ourselves upon a great battlefield ... slicing through the evil of misinformation, misdirection and deception.  It is the lack of conformity that unnerves our opponents.  Running "The Finger" without success is light-years better than conforming upon any tired old standard.  Beauty has always been ... in the eye of the beholder.  Do not conform to what is not successful!  

"Adrian Peterson is going to have a monster day versus this Detroit defense" ... Guess not!  Walsh seared West Coast Offense into our heads by position: Rathman, Taylor,  Craig ... then the kill shot ... Rice.  The kill shot is not a long pass ... it is the play that no one can recover from.  Zero-run-blitz a Syd Side Slant.  Disrespect a Chelor Gash!     

That was no fumble ... God's hand ripped it!@  He is not amused!  These are his children at play.  Not one step in life should ever be easy nor should it be expected to be that way.  

A Pro-Bowl birth helped to displace the ring.  What exceeds the ring?  The wisdom of Pat Williams comment about bad money contains a key. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 21, 2009

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