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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

If Adrian Peterson is to fulfill his commitment and begin a quest, his introduction versus the Packers, on our home field should be fed with a wake up call.  The only music that comes to mind to introduce the beginning of that quest is Allan Parsons, Eye in the Sky, by the Title of Sirius.  

Everything, and I mean everything possible by the hand of man has prevented the Vikings from entering this years NFL playoff tournament.  Maybe a man cannot use clear and concise words, like Jerome Felton, but there are many more ways to speak.  

The announcement of Matt Cassel at the starter angered the gods to shake the foundation of this franchise one more time.  The head of Adrian Peterson will bring the entire organization down in flames ... literally ... do not go there.  The loss of NFL revenue will seem like a drop in the bucket by comparison.  Do not go there.

The wrath upon the NFL soon cometh.  Fantasy is counterproductive to the both team play and very nature of what it is to be apart of this league.  The interest of a pin head matters not.  One by one, fantasy has been attached, in the disfavor of the gods.  Soon the pinnacle of the league shall lie in destruction at its feet.  There is no more that can be done.     

Before the NFL makes its judgment, a question should be asked.  Why is it that if someone lies about it, and there are no charges pressed, that it falls by the way side whereas when one stands firm upon the ground, facing the world and its lustful greed in both power and money, that the punishment must be never ending?   

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 15, 2014