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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Signature Win 
There is only one signature win ... and this Minnesota Vikings franchise doesn't own one.  It is a Super Bowl victory.  Everything else is just on a check list of stupid stuff we gotta do.

This 2015 Vikings team or squad has the easiest path to the championship game of any team that is headed to the playoffs if all the chips fall into place as expected.  In the first round they get to face the fudge-packers up at Lambaeu where A. A. Ron's big-ball passing attack is suspect in wind, cold and inclement weather.  In that match-up, to win the division, the initial key won't be the Adrian Peterson ground attack but Teddy's short control passing game, saving Adrian's gashes for the 3rd & 4th quarter.  There also will be no answer to Xavier Rhodes defensive prowess.  Then we get to face the fudge-packers the following week outdoors again at TCF Bank Stadium, to win the first round of the playoffs, where AD will shine versus the declining fudgers.

That would leave the 5th seed Sea A-hole Sea Cocks to face the Panthers with the Vikings traveling to Arizona for round two however this time it won't be without four Viking defensive starters as part of what was a depleted core.  If Harrison Smith were to return moving Terence Newman back to corner, the birdies big-ball passing attack would face it's biggest challenge.  Also, without the Honey Badger, any offensive squad worth it's salt would be drooling to face this depleted secondary without its best defensive weapon.

That opportunity, of how the dominos fall, puts this Vikings squad into the championship game facing either the Panthers in Carolina or to face the Native Americans back at TCF Bank stadium.  Keep in mind that the Sea Cocks are not birdies, like the Cardinals or Falcons ... they are native Americans (see the basis of the image on their helmets), where their weakness comes from placing an open alcohol offering on the field to appease the angry spirits above the Indian burial grounds.  Big book will be back on the Natives to repeat the Wilson's prior thrashing at TCF only to find that Teddy is not afraid no more.  It's called great opportunity.

As for facing the Panthers, that most likely will not happen at the hands of the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks.  The Panthers are riding high and are ripe with overconfidence thinking like we once did that they will be facing birdies ... ripe for a scalping.  

The door to Super Bowl 50 is open for this squad understanding that the AFC clashes will be battles of attrition.  The team that makes it to the finals just might have to field a depleted core like what might have been for the Vikings in 2009 having to field a roughed up Favre.  For example, the Patriots are not the same without Edelman (or an injured Dola)  where everything rest upon a healthy and capable Gronk.

From hear on out the issue is focus ... to accept what lies in front of you without fear or trepidation of what might lie next.  All obstacles lies within your mind.  In years past we were well represented in the Pro Bowl never achieving the signature win where now all we have is the snub.

NFL championships are not measured by your best squads ever.  They are measured by teams that purchase a lottery ticket.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 23, 2015