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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

One of the biggest mistakes of the 1998 season was in regard to an announcement that this Vikings franchise just negotiated a new $25 million dollar contract with Randall Cunningham.  This was done before the end of the season, as I recall.  Is it any wonder that we now have Primetime screaming, "Pay the Man", in reference to Case Keenum.  You need to look no further than to the expression on his face in how desperate he is to derail this 2017 Minnesota Vikings team into making the same mistake.    

What is being done for Case Keenum today, by this franchise, is actually a miracle of circumstances. 

From the books perspective, how can the book possibly influence the game result, with some sort of pay off, if Keenum has that sheep herder's staff wielded very near to his neck at all possible times.  On the one hand, if he performs on the NFL's greatest stage, he's in line for a big long term pay-out.  On the other hand, if he does anything that is questionable on this stage ... in comes the quick hook ... IN COMES TEDDY ... and he's made to explain his actions.  He can ill afford to screw this thing up for a little payola, as if he does, he'll be flying rubber dog poop out of Hong Kong.  That is an incredible burden off Keenum's plate ... and historically ... this Vikings franchise plate of indiscretions.  In other words, the knife can only lie now with the kicker Forbath & that is too much pressure for just one key role player on the team.  One spot light just cannot work, so it could help Forbath out, unless Mike Zimmer is forced to rely on him at his most vulnerable moment.   

Special Kudos to Coach Zimmer's squad in controlling the clock versus the Falcons.  Compared to our prior history ... especially that 1998 championship game ... the "end-game" clock was managed with precision watching all those Vikings stay in bounds ... play after play .... resetting the play-clock at 40 seconds ... allowing the game clock to run & run & run.  We are now ready to play any team ... any clock ... we just need to have a official crew that'll call the game both ways.    
Rick Spielman, at this juncture, is probably anxious to make a historic move ... and to be direct ... it is exactly that time to do so.

Pat Shurmur is not overly anxious to tie his future into the fledgling Sam Bradford that most likely will be cast off by this Vikings franchise.  Shurmur's future is presently being assigned to the next head coaching gig available because the media has become unhinged in their efforts to once again destroy this franchise.  To be direct, Pat Shurmur is not interested in being the next Brian Billick.  Sure Billick won a Super Bowl with the Raven's in 2000 but that team was known for an incredible defense of which Billick was the offensive mastermind of that woeful offense.  In other words, Pat Shurmur isn't really interested in starting over ... immersing himself within a mess ... unless it is with an elite organization.  To be direct, maybe he just might not be the right fit for Eli Manning, the New York media or the present chaos in that franchises ownership.        

Instead of listening to what everyone else might be saying that he must or should do, Pat Shurmur just might be interested in directing a dynasty of his own ... and that means tying his interests into the combination of Case Keenum. Bridgewater & Sloter ... as all three will be locked up by this franchise in 2018.  Keep in mind that what these outside vultures are saying serves their interests ... not Pat Shurmur's interests.  Sure Shurmur's exit might be on easy street thinking that he might be able to rope along Keenum on his journey onto new lands but not so fast.  It is now abundantly clear that the Vikings have no interest in parting with Keenum, or Teddy Bridgewater for that matter, which means that Shurmur's interest might be better served with these three quarterbacks in Minnesota.  For that to happen, Rick Spielman is going to need to get into the ears or our ownership ... sooner rather than later.   Just remember to keep in mind that Stanley Kubrick negotiated a deal for one of only three movie cameras in existence where Kubrick new which camera was a once in a life time thing & it's absolutely clear that Shurmur is now playing the role of Kubrick.  

It is clear that no franchise has two head coaches but it is high time that we work under that assumption.  It wasn't all that long ago that Tony Dungy found his way to Tampa to disrupt our 1998 season on his way to building a Super Bowl champion under Gruden.  Maybe you might not recall, or maybe you wouldn't even know what I'm talking about because you're too young but Vince Lombardi did not finish his head coaching career in Green Bay.  He finished his coaching career with the Washington Redskins franchise where in time he succumbed to cancer.   

Sure your thought at this moment might be that we have a gem with head coach Mike Zimmer but not all things last forever where things can changed in a blink of an eye.  Man, this is difficult to say, but this has been hanging over me for two years now in that avoidance is its own master.  You might recall that last year our head coach battled an event with his right eye.  Well, suffice it to say that Mike Zimmer just might be like seeing a shooting star ... sort of a now you see it ... now you don't.  No, it better not be cancer, nor an accident, nor something else but destiny sometimes serves only a brief opportunity that we must not take for granted.  In the end ... hopefully many years from now ... Mike Zimmer will say that he got his shot & collectively we'll all be able to say what Mike's father understood.  He done it right.

It is for this reason that Mike Zimmer will be presented with Jarius Wrights 3rd miracle, where he cannot deny Dalvin Cook's destiny.  Keep in mind that a calendar is a piece of paper on the wall but it clearly does not dictate any mans destiny.  If this would be his one and only opportunity to play on the NFL's greatest stage ... would you deny him that opportunity ... based upon some piece of paper that someone might hang on the wall?  Zimmer & Cook will soon be indelibly linked on a specific cosmic event & neither one will be able to deny what must be.  Also, Zimmer's shooting star will have nothing to do with the length of Cook's overall career ... it's just simple opportunity is a knocking.     

As for Rick Spielman & Sir Zygmunt Wilf ... they must now come together & signal throughout the league.  Both of them know that their players are salary capped ... but no such rule exists for their coaches.  It is now time to entice Pat Shurmur ... to treat him as if he were a head coach salary-wise ... & to offer him a link to his quarterback ... his dynasty.  No one has  ever, within this franchises, had a history that has linked his players to his offensive scheme the way Pat Shurmur has done.  Pat must be here to sift it through to secure 1 of 3 that are under his present wing.  Within those three lies our future franchise quarterback & that guy most certainly will be under contract in 2018.  

At 40 years old, it signals the end to another destiny & dynasty.  Tom Brady's reign must end & the recent moves by the Patriots signal its conclusion.  With Brees, Ben Pitts Pizza Burger, Eli & Rivers they are all signaling the end to an overall era where that curtain must soon close ... but as Tom Hanks once said ... that ball keeps on bouncing.  We are seeing the emergence of two that clash tomorrow.  There are others but their future is still not clear.

Do you choose your destiny or do you have it chosen for you by nothing more than noise that would rather gut you like a pig?  There is absolute evil within words that have been known to move mountains.  In Money Ball the key quote was, "I made that mistake once ... I'm not going to do make that decision base upon this every again".  Maybe it's time to close that door to all that noise.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 9, 2017