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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Sherman to See - Knucklehead!
November 17th is the pivotal date on this schedule.  Everyone, and I mean everyone has this game securely under control in the victory column for the sick-sea-birdies.  This can become this organizations NFC's statement game ... if a bunch of knuckleheads from up north can pull off the upset ... in a convincing manor.  I say knuckleheads because that's what old Brian Billick called anyone that might think like a Viking.  The key to understanding and exposing these sick-birdies is deciphering what unhinged Pete Carroll ... and the answer is directly linked to this Minnesota Viking franchise.  Just as old Romeo Crennel did a melt down, right before our eyes, to move up one spot to secure the now traded Trent Richardson, securing several additional Viking draft picks ... so did ... old Pete Carroll exposed himself to us all. 

Maybe you missed it.  Old Pete paid a King's ransom for Percy Harvin ... and it wasn't for the reason that you might think.  Sure, before Harvin's mysterious season ending ankle injury he might have been the second most potent weapon in the NFC based upon stats ... but that wasn't it.  The key to the sick-birdies defense is in maintaining the status quo.  Old Pete wants to match up his oversized and over-talented corners versus the leagues munchkins.  When Old Pete faces us, he's expecting to see Ponder under center with a three wide set including Simpson, Jennings and Jarius Wright.  When old Pete sees this, he can rest assured that all the cards are in his favor ... meaning victory.  What unhinged Old Pete was seeing Harvin attack the edges, where his prized pupils on his corners were made to absorb Viking punishment, which was doled out only is small increments in our last meeting.   Harvin exposed Old Pete's soft underbelly and that caused him to over-react on Harvin ... hoping, above all hope, that he didn't expose his hand.  You see, Old Pete wants his man-children on the edges to dominate all those speedy munchkins ... unchallenged.     

This is not saying that Jenning's is a man-wus, when it comes to delivering blocks ... it's a simple statement in regard to Jenning's mindset where his pay day comes not from delivering punishment but in dissecting defenses through the air.  It is this mindset that Old Pete's edges are relying on.   This mindset has no chance against old Pete's stacked cards.  

To defeat Old Pete, we need to dramatically change the personnel sets ... to give him something with which he cannot cope.  You need to put power right on Sherman's door.  Using the wide receiver screen with and without a wide receiver.  The concept is to split the power set from the middle Peterson/Felton to either the "Power Edge" with Webb or the Touch Down Edge with Patterson.  There is nothing like the embarrassment of cramming a franchises draft pick down their throats (Emmitt Smith in Hershel Walker trade).  Stay away from the 3 receiver packages early as that is clearly a mistake ... even if it's 3rd and long.  The new package involves lining up the tank Gerhart with either the shredding blocks of Joe Webb or the finesse cutting style of Cordarrelle Patterson.  Webb & Patterson can also be lined up against their soft secondary on the edge.  Always keep in mind that TD's result whenever Webb appears ... on runs ... on kick off ... and soon to be short edge passes too.  Keep in mind that Webb, Patterson and Gerhart all have clearly indicated that each can catch the ball on the edge.  Early, stay with Simpson and Jennings only ... rotating-in the Edge package early and often.  Keep the signal clear ... that you are planning to attack Old Pete's edges ... again and again ... over and over again ... challenging to shift his power from the center to the delight of number 28.  Rotate both Carlson & Rudolph with the latter focused on shredding the seam.  The backfield to include the trio of Cassel, Peterson with AD's personal pacifier Jerome Felton.  Pound!  Pound!  Pound!  Regardless of the result ... maintain your focus.  The intent is to physically batter old Pete's unchallenged edges.  Do not expose Jarius Wright, and a 3 wide receiver set until the edges have been neutralized.  Even if it starts off slow ... continual pounding will bring this franchise the result that it needs.  Old Pete's will then have to contend with this can of worms for the entire league to see.  Dungee exposed the 98 Vikings ... the Vikings will expose the 2013 sick-birdies.   The anti-46-defense ... evolving into the "32-14-Busted Edge".  A new twist for the league to Ponder.  

You might think that Old Pete might protect Sherman from this onslaught by having him cover only the safe rotating Jennings/Simpson but that won't happen.  The battered side is going to need relief at some point.  Just a look in Sherman's direction by his mates may be more than enough to shame him into action.  It is also apparent that Sherman is so full of himself that he thinks that he's larger than life ... and can handle anything.  This will be his undoing.      

Oh no!@  You can't have Peterson, Gerhart and Felton on the field at the same time.  This is not possible.  It's unfair.  Isn't there some type of penalty for doing this?  Aren't the Viking's cheating?

Did you see that line play on Monday night?  This Aint's team was both woeful & awful ... full of holes ... but of course Brees made it work somehow.  Did the Dolphin's lose because of Tannehill's fumbles.   If you said yes ... Well, you'd be wrong.  You might believe that the Dolphin's lost because of Jimmy Graham's two touchdown receptions that of course did in the Dolphin's.  Well once again ... if you thought that ... you'd be wrong because you aren't asking the right question.  The question is ... how many times did you see Miami's 3rd safety knock the snot out of Darren Sproles ... leaving him prone on his ass.  The answer, of course, is not once.  There is a major difference between Sproles in San Diego and Sproles in New Orleans.  Sean Payton never has Sproles anywhere near contact.  Look at the film as the worst Sproles saw last night was a minor hip check.  In the NFL, there is a 5 yard chuck rule that allows the defense to inflict as much punishment on a player as they possibly can,  To stop Sproles you need to hit him ... and hit him often.  To stop Brees you have to stop Sproles.  To stop Jimmy Graham you need to stop Sproles.  Sproles was slicing threw defenses like crap through a goose.  There is no frustration on his face ... in fact, it is the very opposite.  New Orleans offense is only a shadow of itself without Sproles.  Think this is not important ... think again.  Did you notice that Sean Payton was playing three safeties?  Probably not.  There ... right there .. this 3rd safety ... is Sean Payton's tell.   

So what's the message?  "We're starting Ponder".  "So let me get this right.  We are playing for a draft pick ... for Ponder's replacement ... right?"  Oh no, were playing ponder ... blah ... blah ... blah."  "So again, let me get this right.  We are playing for a draft pick ... for Ponder's replacement ... right?"  Repeat statements ad nausium ... over and over again.  "Are you crazy ... or just stupid?"  "Stupid is ... as stupid does ... Mrs. Blue".  
The good news is that there might be bargains galore next year, at every position, as we won't have a quarterback with an overly excessive contract.  The bad news is that we're playing for a draft pick with Ponder ... Say it again ... we are playing for a draft pick with Ponder ... Say it again ... we are playing for a draft pick with Ponder ... you know ... Ponder's replacement.  No ... Adrian Peterson will not stand up for this team and draw his line in red.  The bad news is that we're playing for a draft pick ... again ... just like those Detroit Lions.  They did this for 50 years ... how'd it work out for them.  Maybe we shouldn't have played our home game in Detroit, as we've assumed their insanity.  We should of played in an ice covered parking lot.  Knucklehead ... out!      

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 2, 2013