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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Season is Not Over
Subtract Matt Cassel, Kyle Rudolf, Adrian Peterson and maybe our best offensive lineman Brandon Fusco and the message becomes quite clear ... "This season is not over".  The objective is to get Teddy playoff experience in 2014 with the objective of winning it all in 2015.  Giving up is not an option as that type of thinking is way too premature.  Building your future is the focal point. 

Here's a news flash.  After all this debacle, will the Vikings be willing to pay Adrian Peterson contract in 2015?  The answer is unequivocally ... YES!  Well if you were to think that this switch incident, that is prematurely labeling Adrian Peterson as a child abuser, when he clearly admits that he thought he didn't think that he was doing anything wrong at the time, is going to go on forever ... well ... you'd be wrong.  Even though you like to think this is all dead and buried ... it is in fact bubbling up to the surface.  In fact, in a very short period of time Adrian Peterson is going to be seen as a victim as the league will be seen as imparting to harsh a penalty upon this incident.  Why?  Because in interviewing the first ten (10) black men that I ran across, with origins such as Kentucky, Harrisburg, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, etc, each and every one of them stated that they were whipped with a switch by their mothers, many of them naked, where they themselves had to pick out the switch that their mother braided to be used as a switch on them.  Oh yes, they pleaded that they'd never do it again and they tried to pick out an unusable switch but they were made to get the appropriate hardware and all were disciplined by their mothers.  It is the way each and every one of them were brought up.  In fact, several of them said they wished they had a nickel, or something similar, for every time they fell under the spell of that switch, for if they did, they'd be able to have a nice dinner today.  Harsh words for a Liberal that knows that they've never been wrong about anything ... EVER ... but it's time to Wake Up and Smell the Toast.  This isn't a teacher putting his hands on your child it's a child being disciplined by his father.

For each of the ten men that were interviewed, they were asked if they still both respected and loved their mothers and to a man they all did ... fervently ... even the ones where their mothers have long since past on.  They were adamant about their bond with their mothers and the switch was apart of that bond regardless of what you might think about her actions.  This is much different than how SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS portray children today as being damaged forever by being given a spanking to which these interviewed men both scoffed and laughed at that remark as compared to the discipline that they received.  Unfortunately today's long list of liberal meat-heads will accept whatever they are told to believe (Spanking children is bad ... Really?).  In fact it could be argued that turning the police on your parents for a spanking has done actually more to cripple the parent-child bond as the result is to allow the child to dictate to the parent ... like the tail wagging the dog.  Don't believe me ... today's kids are running the show, commanding the parent to action, which is now the norm in today's society ... just watch and observe today's nightmare ... it's a fact.  Many of these interviewed men said, the switch was necessary in order to teach them respect where they wonder where they might find themselves today if their mothers instead just didn't care about their actions.  Unfortunately, they know all to well the answer to that question as society has been quite willing to answer that question.  Many of the interviewed admitted that they had a great deal of difficulty in learning how to listen in understanding what was acceptable behavior but today they are disciplined individuals because of what their mothers did for them.  They understood that their actions clearly went beyond the barriers and that was not to be tolerated by any parent.  Unfortunately what society conveniently forgets is that the child will eventually have to learn these lessons however a good parent would rather that it be learned from them before it was too late (too old to discipline) and before that child was involved in something tragic.  Today, as a result, tragic happens ever day in the inner cities of America.  By comparison, this incident ... this witch hunt ... and the NFL's reaction to it ... is laughable.        

Why is it that only a very few are willing to speak up to the oppressive views of the left as if only their views can be correct.  It makes you wonder how everyone bows to the media's view, especially knowing that not one of these views, from the left, has ever been correct, or that as a result, those view have been absolutely destructive to today's society.  Welfare, Food Stamps, Public Education, etc., etc., etc.  It's one thing to say something, where it is blindly followed ... it's another to actually have a positive impact based upon something that actually works.  If it works, just give it a minute, as that is all it takes for a Progressive to destroy it.  

So, what is different today, as presented by the interviewed?  Well today you have to deal with social services (THE GOVERNMENT) as they will take your children away from you if you're deemed to be unfit as a parent.  To a man, everyone of those ten (10) men (parents) at one point in their life or another ... feared their governments actions over their kids.  Just make an accusation and the government will be right up in your grill in no time flat.  In other words if you discipline your child, what America's Children are learning from the "Adrian Peterson Witch Hunt" is that any child can call the police and have their parent arrested for child abuse.  Just make the accusation.  Then leave it up to the courts to decide the future of that child and his or her future relationship with that parent.  Sounds like a violation of the Constitution but that document, the law of the land, is nothing more than a piece of paper to a Progressive Nazi.  The Constitution was to prevent the oppression by our government over its people ... Progressive's use it as nothing more than toilet paper.  With Progressive's ... they are correct ... and they are in control.  One stated in his interview that the governments intervention began in the early 1970's and the governments interventions have been progressing and getting further out of control ever since.

Is this a black versus white (racist) issue?  You might like to think that it is not but you'd be wrong.  Social workers, and their impact, are much more prevalent in black communities than in white ones.  In fact, a dentist is more apt to report child abuse of a suburban child as compared to that of an inner city child.  If your a parent, does this sound unsettling ... well it most certainly is?  Dentists today are trained to both discuss and reveal any family discrepancies, all the while your child is preoccupied with other matters, namely pain that they experience during their dental procedures.  Even the Nazi's knew that pain has a way of loosening the tongue.  Is it any wonder why suicide rates for dentists are so high?     

Now here's something that has never been said in regard to Adrian Peterson, within the Witch Hunt, under the jurisdiction known as the Court of Public Opinion.  There are a vast number of things that fall well beyond disciplining a child with a switch, or a spanking, or the belt, that fall under true child abuse, where it is appropriate for the government to intervene on behalf of the child.  These heinous actions may definitely affect the psychology of a child however this is far from what these men have described under their several described disciplining sessions.  As described, their injuries were in fact similar and in some cases worse that what was presented for Adrian Peterson's son.  In other words, Adrian Peterson's explanation as to what he learned and what is done is completely plausible and regardless of the participant, every one of those mothers regretted what they felt was needed to be done, just as Adrian Peterson stated.

Now, let's discuss Adrian Peterson's contract.  It is clear that his importance to this team is well worth every cent that we would pay him in 2015 ... tough luck Jerry Jones ... especially knowing that Teddy Bridgewater is under a low cost rookie contract.  Can the Viking organization weather the storm?  Well to answer that question you have to answer another.  Why would it be ok for Adrian Peterson to play for the Cowboys but not the Vikings if the organization was willing to pay his contract?  Just because 31 other franchises are drooling over his services doesn't mean that we need to throw the baby out with the bath water.  After that, the most important factor is that this Witch Hunt is being judicated in the Court of Public Opinion where Adrian Peterson never lied about a thing.  In other words, you never have to run from a man of his word.  He admitted everything as well as his motivations ... that this is how he learned that a black man disciplines his child.  You may not like it if your A Liberal, A Progressive, A Socialist, A Democrat, or A Communist but there are many people throughout the United States that believe that if you spare the rod ... you spoil the child and our out of control society is a good measure of whose been in control for way to long.  Hello!  Detroit is no model city.

If you want the real reason as to why the NFL has been shaken to its very foundation, instead of focusing upon the witch hunts, like bully gate or whatever "gate", you'd be better served at understanding that the league should never react to the Courts of Public Opinion for a very simple reason.  Opinions are like sphincters ... everyone has one and they all stink.  Opening the door to the Court of Public Opinions has always been dangerous.  Racism for example is almost never judicated in the courts however today it is always judicated in the Court or Public Opinion which can damage someone that is actually not a racist ... just by a simple accusation.  Sounds allot like Salem, MA and the witch hunts back in the day.    

Keep in mind that Adrian Peterson was arrested in Texas.  Texas is not a Democratic Shangri-La like New York or California ... it's Texas.  To find Adrian Peterson guilty of a crime in Texas you need twelve (12) jurors to agree that Adrian Peterson committed a crime.  You also have his lawyer screening those jurors where they may not be able to ask if they agree with using a switch on a child but they might be able to ask a juror if they agree with a parent disciplining a child.  That juror can answer that question any way in which they wish and offer how they might handle disciplining their own child.  What I can tell you is that all it takes is one parent on that jury to have the opinion that disciplining your child is essential in bringing up that child and that juror may not move an inch on that argument.  If this position is held, they will not be able to convict Adrian Peterson of anything but it has never been about conviction ... is it ... it's about the Court of Public Opinion and only one side of that argument can be portrayed.  This is why this incident is nothing more than a Witch Hunt.  The solution to it's resolution all begins with differentiation, as Adrian Peterson didn't beat his wife ... he disciplined his child.  What will result is that social services will impart their brand of justice in Minnesota with supervised visits.  The NFL imparting a suspension without a conviction presents a problem as their new rules would be applied after the incident.  The exemption list is nothing more than NFL league tampering.

It is not clear how the NFL would react to any one of those Texas jurors if they decided to publicly disagree with the NFL or to impart jury nullification for an unwarranted charge as they firmly disagree with the premise.  What I can tell you unequivocally is that if this author was given a jury notice, and were to serve on that trial, a Good Parent Commendation, for being willing to discipline your child, no matter what, might be in order.  The hope of a conviction would be folly.    

At one point or another, Kyle Rudolph should be coming back into the 2014 fold.  The Vikings might even solve their offensive line problems.  In time, Adrian Peterson indefinite suspension will not be indefinite as what is being done to him only benefits 31 other franchises and will in time be construed as NFL tampering which places one franchise in front or behind all the others which opens the league up to Class Action Law Suit by very people that purchase the tickets for NFL entertainment.

Has anyone wondered exactly how many of these NFL athletes would submit to a lie detector, all the while being questioned about how they disciplined their child, and whether or not what they did with their children would be considered abusive.  Sure ... 100% of these athletes are innocent but that might not be the belief of social services (Your Oppressive Government).  Hello!  Witch Hunt!  

The season is not over!

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 24, 2014