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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Savior Complex
Are we about to revisit our 1972 season.  Our 69 season resulted in a 12 & 2 record.  The same result in 1970, followed by an 11 & 3 season in 1971.  What followed was the "Savior Complex" of 1972 ... what might have been our greatest season ever.  I remember walking in the NFL hall of fame where the results of every NFL franchise was represented back to the 1920, when I looked up at that specific block of years, I just shook my head thinking to myself ... how could that be?  Because what followed should have been 4 consecutive Super Bowl Campaigns.  

1972 was the year we traded-back for NFL legend Sir Francis Tarkenton where the "Savior Complex" went into full effect.  Zygmunt ... are we about to repeat that very same mistake once again?

Sure, in that 1972 season we got to see Larry Czonka almost cut into two upon the pasture in the Met ... only to lose the contest on a freakish ending ... but there was definitely more in the mist of that well traveled ship.  

The offense put up the numbers all year long but the once dominant defense stopped playing.  They read the headlines about this so call "TEE-HEE" Savior ... you know ... the preachers kid.  Didn't they know that we recorded 35 wins & 7 loses in the prior three campaigns, a winning percentage of 83.3% and that was without any sort of franchise quarterback like Roman Gabriel, John Brodie or Johnny Unitas.  An entire season thrown in the trash heap due to being ego complicit.

How do you think that a Kurt Cousins scenario might play out today where all the pecunia, pesos & greenbacks are spent on another well traveled hombre that doesn't bleed purple.  If it happens there will be a "Spielman Blood Bath" like no other ... putting a very capable coach like Mike Zimmer at serious risk.  

You can guarantee yourself one thing in signing Kurt Cousins.  The payment on a very hefty guaranteed contract.  An easy landing for the fore mentioned & a repeat of the 1972 season without a chance of making the playoffs.  Haven't we learned anything that just transpired in Chicago.  Spielman sees this decision as a no-brain-er but you never put all your eggs into one basket, especially an ego that just ran the gambit of 2 franchise tags (something that we don't do in Minnesota).  If Spielman pulls that trigger ... he's gone forever & for all time.  As for Mike Zimmer ... if this occurs ... his only savior will be in handing over the ball to Kyle Sloter ... because the team will definitely play for him.

Rick Spielman may have the overall call when it comes to Kirk Cousins but absolutely no one will support him when it hits the fan.  As for trusting your judgment, look at every one of your big money decisions or your projections as franchise players.  Not one has panned out as you had wished.  The reason is simple ... you can only put Vikings at the helm (key roles) of this franchise.  It's that simple.  Kyle Sloter can fill that role.  Teddy Bridgewater can fill that role.  Sam Bradford cannot.  Kirk Cousins cannot.  Bret Favre cannot.  Case Keenum just gutted you like a pig.  Over pay for your own Vikings & let the high price free agents move on & destroy other franchises.  When will we learn from our mistakes?   

It's funny how people use words but they don't speak the same language.  Jerrick McKinnon wants to be a #1 running back.  When Adrian Peterson went down he had that chance where he most certainly will never be a #1 back.  In Jerrick's word's ... all he wants is security which means that he needs for some organization to overpay his contract.  This is where Rick Spielman can shine & has shined.  Understand that Pat Shurmer is waiting in the wings where he is more than ready to promise just about anything to Jerrick & is willing to pick up a cheap contract for his services.  Whenever I looked at Shurmer's sets, I thought to myself ... this is when I'd put in Murray ... and then we'd all find out the result.  When Shurmer wanted to hit the gas ... Jerrick was on that field.

Sure, an arm tackle would easily bring down Jerrick, but his quarterback protection was excellent, and his elusiveness in the open field was a marvel to watch.  Sure Murray will pound it in close but as a change of pace, without Jerrick, we don't achieve any of our 2017 season.  Jerrick is worth every dime he gets.  He will both protect & grow with Kyle Sloter because he knows only one role ... to be a Viking.  Don't underestimate his value to this franchise.  Personally I both love & hate him because at every step he can prove me wrong.   

As for Mike Zimmer's crystal ball ... well that was just arrogant.  There is a major difference between a "Lie Detector" & a "Crystal Ball".  A crystal ball is supposed to tell the future, which cannot be done.  What that means is that every ounce of your resources must be placed well before an event.  A lie detector cannot tell the future.  It can only tell you what's in the mind of the man holding your tiller.  What if you had handed the ball to Teddy in the 2017 NFC Championship game & said absolutely nothing?  If Teddy had lost the game ... your faith was in him as a winner ... with or without all the #1 seasonal reps.  If he had won the game, you'd be playing in Super Bowl LII.  What is certain is that either way, you wouldn't have had your heart & everyone else's heart ripped out.  Could you have lived with Teddy's lower leg falling off?  The answer might lie in the following statement, "My greatest wish would be in seeing Joe Paterno grasping his chest on the practice field up in State College ... collapsing dead for all time".  What would history say today if Bronco Nagurski didn't score that championship touchdown but instead clutched dead at this chest upon that field?  Would it still live in lore today?  What do you think?

Put your heart & resources in those that will bleed Viking Purple now & for all time ... and fill-out  your roles with your free agents.  Terrence Newman doesn't lead your team but his role within it is unmistakable.  Linval Joseph doesn't lead your team but his role within it is unmistakable.  

Rick ... don't do it.  Kirk Cousins & Herschel Walker ... fallen into the "Savior Complex".  

2017 was a blessing to us because it exposed an "incredible wealth of team" less your typical "Super Stars".  Who didn't absolutely love that?   The hunger for just that is insatiable.  Screw Kirk Cousins.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: March 9, 2018