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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Sam Bradford
The future of Sam Bradford poses an ominous question with the answer to that question being determined upon every step that he takes.  The primary reason that he's in Minnesota, or better said, the reason that it could be sold to this franchises fan base was that he won with the Eagles at the end of the 2015 season.  To be direct, although Sam won four of the first five games in this 2016 season, since that time he's hasn't been able to accumulate the fire power to generate wins down the stretch going 1 & 6 in the last 7 games.  There is no doubt that his offensive line problems, due to injury are well documented, and many of his offensive failures have come at key moments in games due to one member of his offensive line making a horrific mistake but none of this defines Sam Bradford's future.

If you were to consider Sam Bradford's statistical QB rating numbers only, it is clear that they are presently off the charts, except for two key stats ... scoring touchdowns & victories.  On the other hand, if you were to consider Joe Kapp by comparison, his numbers would be dismal except for one key stat ... he was a winner.  Now compare that to the evolving inexperience of Teddy Bridgewater and it could be said that he didn't have deep ball accuracy but he was definitely evolving into a winner.  On the other hand, what would Teddy's season be like having to deal with the issues of this offensive line?  The answer to that question might surprise you ... as Teddy wouldn't have had to face this issue as the situation would not be identical.  What could be said is that Sam Bradford's issues are a product of his own making ... good or bad ... it is what it is.  A comparison statement would be, we are what are record says we are.  Said another way, Teddy had no long ball because he, like Sam Bradford, had no competent offensive line to give him that opportunity to develop as a long ball thrower in this league.           

So what does this tell us?  Sam's offensive production is based upon a steady diet of repeat & stir.  It is bland & efficient ... and it misses opportunities regularly.  Said another way, if you were to consider that each team has 12 offensive drive opportunities in every game on average, would you rather be inefficient and hit on 3 drives or be efficient and miss on all 12 opportunities.  For Sam Bradford, it's a good thing that this fan base has been fed a steady diet of Christian Ponder to develop our keen senses of accepting a QB with less than average results.  If you don't believe me, re-watch those last 7 games with a pencil and paper, and apply the rules of the WEIGHTED QUARTERBACK RATING to Sam Bradford and you'll get an idea of what his future holds in Minnesota.     

There was a quote that was stated by our two St. Louis Ram's quarterbacks as they were leaving the tunnel prior to a game.  This exact quote eludes me however how the quote came off might go something like this ... I have to believe that my performance will be enough to secure today's victory.  There is an inherent problem within this statement.  Especially with someone with the incredible talent laden within Sam Bradford.  

Regardless of whether it was Joe Kapp, Teddy Bridgewater or Gus Frerotte, they all had something in common as none of them could even hold a candle to Sam Bradford's obvious level of wasted talent.  Their prayer, or better said, their mantra was, allow me to see my opportunities ... as they will most certainly present themselves ... with the chance to execute with my God given talent, and the outcome of this team will be certain victory.  In other words, they are searching for something well beyond Bradford's mantra.      

In short, it's not about statistics ... it's about winning ... and Sam Bradford is not winning and it is because his reasoning is flawed.  He has the tools to evade ... to present opportunities ... but instead he relies upon a mind set that has little to no chance of succeeding.  He has been fed only part of the meal ... given the peas, mashed potatoes & gravy ... not being allowed to dine on tenderloin & apple pie.  In other words, he has been given a false sense of reasoning.  Sam Bradford has to find a way to snatch victories out of the sky by desperately searching for opportunities.  Does this not define the man named Favre?  Now tell me, what did you think when you saw Sam Bradford outside of the pocket looking the ball down the field?  At one point, did he then resemble Fran Tarkenton?      

Sam, if you're listening to Zulgad, what you're hearing is that you've already sown up your future here in Minnesota.  Now imagine yourself in front of Mark & Ziggy ... and then peer into those eyes because what you'll see is that you certainly already have one foot out the door.  There is no way you even begin to measure up to Teddy Bridgewater's winning abilities, even with a leg that may never work again as it once did ... and even without your level of talent.  Sam Bradford has every tool in the bag except for the unquestioned will to burn down a concrete world.  Most people will never understand that last statement but put Teddy Bridgewater, Gus Frerotte (when he led these Vikings) & Joe Kapp in that particular untenable situation & there would be no question that incendiaries would be flying around everywhere.

Your choice is Menga Mort (Dead Dick) or to burn down the world around you.  What is your answer?  Your performance has been hidden beneath a factious stat & it has not been anywhere near acceptable.  There is one more thing.  When you change ... everyone and everything around you will also change ... as inspiration abounds which can mask anything.  What you have done is made the task against you easy ... where your job is actually to make it hard.   

Just a reminder.  It wasn't so long ago that the Pittsburgh Steelers came to town to play our beloved Vikings where if they had lost they would have been eliminated from the playoffs.  To make the playoffs the Steelers had to win their last four games and even then, as it turns out, they'd only qualify for the NFL tournament as the AFC's 6th seed ... meaning every playoff game would be on the road.  Guess what team was hoisting the Lombardi trophy that year?  The reminder is ... no one gets to choose this years NFL Super Bowl Champion.  You're done when your eliminated from the tournament.  What is great one moment is dismal the next with a genuine mystery that follows.  

Every week a different segment of this team has had it's turn in the barrel ... and it is all for a reason.  You haven't been just beat ... you've been tortured.  You don't get to decide ... only to endure what all of it teaches us.  Last week, Thielen's heart was ripped out ... only what he hasn't considered is that he's learned how to fly in the bargain ... what a beautiful thing.  There is great beauty in front of us all & it sickens me that too many of us just refuse to accept it for what it is.  Do you think it was a mistake that last weeks Thursday night tilt was the greatest watched in that slot ... or was it for a reason?  What does this tell you?  Might the reincarnation (or clone) of Paul Krause be sporting a Schilling bloody Red Sox ... the event that bridged history?      

I love it when Zulgad says it's in Adrian Peterson's best interest to shut it down.  Then he utters, "What's the incentive if he has no future guaranteed money?".  How is that statement different from a former Viking tight end that said, "I could have made that catch over the middle ... they just don't pay me enough"?  There is only one reason why Adrian Peterson won't be on that field this year and that is if his right knee is not strong enough to play in the NFL & only Adrian Peterson can answer that question.  Let me be the first to tell you that the question won't be answered by his family, his agent or Zulgad.  AP is not playing for money and he's not playing against any particular team.  All Day is carving out his way toward history, and along the way, a little payback ... just like some brash kid by the name of Moss.  It's uncanny that he was once under the guise of Jerry Jones hoping against all hope to run as a Cowboy.  Well ... Jerry's soundly taken care of than notion, hasn't he, with Elliot.  Jerry might be tasting some All Day payback at some point this season as he was directly entwined with a certain commissioners exempt list that was a direct dagger to AD's heart.  What was once stored nicely upon the shelf just might be turned loose once again ... like a plague upon the league.  What Jerry hasn't considered is that Elliot and Prescott have been virtually been untouched ... protected by an offensive line with very little in the terms of adversity.    

Sure Zim Zim is in hell ... being tortured by his minions ... all the while ... I've never been so comfortable in my 49 years of watching from obscurity.  Oh yea of little faith.  What are we seeing?  You're in quick sand where one this happens ... then another ... then another ... then another.  It's awesome.  Soon all the world will recant every disastrous step ... like the beat of a song ... leading it's way toward it's crescendo.  Did you remember the Smith tackle  ... the Turner coordinator ... the Peterson runner ... the Walsh kicker ... the Teddy quarterback ... the Zim of eye ... and on and on and on.  

Here's a question for you ... is the offensive line really as bad as it once was?  Now take a step back and consider that question deeply.  Take out a couple plays like a false start and what might you have?  Then consider this ... you can't do stupid forever as you either learn from your mistakes or you get thrown into the abyss.  This crap has less & less to do with draft order as much as an opportunity to get it right.  

Sometimes the answer is, "We have no idea", when the question is, "How in the hell did you do that?"   Now imagine God saying, "So you wanted to win your first NFL championship ...".        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 8, 2016