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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rose Bowl Petals
I traveled to Los Angeles to carry the rose petals from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena back to my home.  It was to take back some small portion of our last Super Bowl dating back to January 1977.  So you think it's not important?  Ask if it was important to John Madden.  

With my son we traveled to Canton, OH for this years Hall of Fame game.  We had no tickets for the game.  We spoke with a few scalpers before my son declined this opportunity in favor of an early return trip home.  We did get to see Mick Tinglehoff, in an entourage of vehicles as they passed just a few feet in front of us.  Maybe even Fran Tarkenton might have been riding along with Mick.  For a time, we even stood in the line outside to meet the newest members of the hall of fame class.  The point here is that my son and I were there at the start of this season.  We didn't question as to why we were there and we went as far as we could go.  

My wife and I planned a trip to Savanna, GA in 2013.  I can't even remember why it had to be delayed.  Although the desire was there ... it time was not right to make it so.  2014 was awash with my wife's cancer diagnosis and all of the related treatments and surgeries.  My wife's quest was to finally get me there as she sensed its importance to me.  This year we finally did vacation in both Charleston and Savanna.  This became my quest to heal an old wound that dates back to December 28, 1975.  I was told of Fran Tarkenton's father who lived in Savanna, GA although we never pursued finding his home.  I was told that Savanna was one of the most beautiful cities in America ... and I had to see it for myself.  

My son is now returning to school for the spring semester.  I found myself asking him if he wanted to travel with me to San Francisco in the event that they make it back to the scene of this years Monday night debacle on the worlds greatest stage.  My son is an NCAA athlete and he has meets scheduled.  I received a resounding response of NO from him.  "I can't be there".  All I could say is to let me know if he changed his mind or better said, if he finds himself driven to it.

Is it folly to think that this franchise just might be represented at Super Bowl "L"?  Having righted all prior wrongs along the way.  What is certain is what lies in my minds eye.  to imagine an exodus of biblical proportions to the city by the bay.  There are way too many in my generation that remember some unforeseen bond that links us all.  Some of us are now gone.  The poor souls that didn't get the chance to make it to this new potential finish line.  We carry the standard as we too will soon be among them as all time is short ... and fleeting.

No one knows why this team either wins or loses.  Each week there is someone different that pokes his eyes above the water line.  Last week it was old number 19 ... coming, once again ... from no where.  

In years past we were so heavily favored in many of those prior contests ... only to have the scales tipped into oblivion.  Back then ... we were so dominant.  Now we are on the other side of this spectrum.  We've become like that scrappy little pit bull ... the reflection of a guy named Zimmer.  It's become easy to forget that he lost his dad too this year until we all put this years journey into perspective.  It not like we just lived it ... we were driven like the winds of winter snow ... unparalleled.    

When they say this squad is built for the future and the duration ... the red flag becomes hoisted at its highest level.  It is a signal to the youth that it's ok to wait.  It is not.  So to was this statement applied to the 85 bears but they never again reached that lofty perch.  We can ill afford to even begin to believe this lie.  Football is a team sport made up of members that are always about to be scattered to the winds.  Make the most of each and every breath that you take.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 8, 2016