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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rookies - No More!
During an Aundrae Allison interview, Robert Ferguson doused Aundrae with a sports drink.  Everyone understands that players celebrate in all different forms and mannerism, but where this went off the track for me was in Ferguson's rookie comment that followed.  

This was Aundrae's thrust into prominence ... his way overdue day in the sun.  This day was delayed, not because of his athletic ability, not because of his rookie mistakes (which they all do ... we're a team of developing young talent) ... it was because there were players put in front of his development as a star in this league.  One of those players was Robert Ferguson ... the layer of the soil.  

It's a NFL tradition to haze rookies.  My problem with Roberts timing is that these are rookies no more.  Maybe it was Ferguson's attempt at keeping Aundrae grounded.  My message to the Viking organization is that these guys were rookies in training camp.  That's were the hazing and acts of degradation ends.  Today this crew has become an integral part of getting us to the Super Bowl.

Robert, if you're listening, they can use you, but there is power in numbers and I'm certain that T-Jack considers himself as part of this group of new arrivals ... tread carefully.  Your strongest suit lies with term ... respect!   Teach them by your example ... and look real close at the signature on that check!  Pandora's box is open!  

Now they're discussing Aundrae as a permanent replacement as our kick returner.  A good step but in my opinion ... not far enough.  My problem with that statement is a genuine disregard for Aundrae's abilities as a an elite receiver.  His 2-catch 50+ yards receiving performance versus the Lions clearly doesn't represent Robert Ferguson drops in prior clashes.  In fact, it represents YAC's (Yards After Catch), something that turned the 1999 Rams into the greatest show on turf.  This is no time for us Viking fans to be patient ... this kid need experience and he needs it now (see Decision Time of November 5th).    

Brad Childress, if you are listening, and if you haven't already done so, its time to acknowledge in front of the whole team that this draft class are rookies no more.  I recall the day where I was told that I was no longer a rookie in my profession.  To be direct, it was unsettling, but from there on out, I understood that there were people reliant on me and that I had to produce.  What it represented was my right of passage, something that I fondly recall as a turning point in my life.    

If you understand the history of success in the NFL, it rests squarely upon successful draft classes.  Brad Childress understood this.  It was Brad that said that we will build this team through the draft.  It's now time to unleash these youngsters and allow them to show us all ... a level of play never seen before.

For our younger guys ... Cedric Griffin, T-Jack, My-man-Syd, Sweets-M&M (McCauley), A-Squared (Allison), and Ryan Cook ... take a good look at the league.  You're all banged up and sore, but compared to veterans with some salt on them, they'd kill to feel as good as you do right now.  Your legs are fresh and the entire league is slowing down.  See it.  I'd mention Peterson in this group, but I haven't even seen him breathing hard yet.  You guys don't even know why you can't win the Super Bowl and the vets that know why you shouldn't are going to tell you why.  What this makes you gentlemen, is the most dangerous group on the planet.  The history books are filled with individual that didn't know how or why!  So just go ahead and reach for that brass ring.                    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 03.05.11

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