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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rookie of the Year
It is certainly an interesting development, where Percy Harvin has not been recognized in a Rookie of the Year Honor, which apparently is being bestowed upon Mark Sanchez in New York.  In watching that game, there was an O-fer stretch of incomplete passes that tell a clear story.  What is clear, it that this is not a reflection on the Detonator but is more a reflection on the power of the New York media market.    

In 1976, Sammy White won that award and we lost Super Bowl XI.  I'll never forget seeing this rookie, in the biggest game of his life, trying to rally the troops but to no avail.  To be direct ... he didn't understand, how could he ... at that moment, he just didn't know what he didn't know.  In 1973, Chuck Foreman won the award and we lost Super Bowl VIII to the greatest running game ever conceived.  In 1998, Randy Moss won that award and we lost in the NFC Championship Game.  In 2007, AD walked away with that distinction and is now known for being something much more than that particular award.  The distinct corollary here is that none of these awards resulted in the NFL's ultimate prize as the award is a nice distinction, but that's where it ends.  In the grand scheme of things what will become apparent is that this award really won't matter.  The NFL is not a fantasy league!      

In the event that the Detonator is spurned by the award, in favor of the overwhelming New York media market, take heart, because to a man, not one is looking for any individual accomplishment this year.  

Both the Jets and the Vikings are cursed by the events that transpired in Super Bowl III and Super Bowl IV, the later being the birth of the modern age of the NFL {NFC/AFC}, all upon the backs of these individuals.  The prime differential in reference to the NFL's ultimate prize will be based in this award and an already rewarded Super Bowl trophy.  I'll never forget Joe Namath's famous quote, "If we played the Colts 10 times I guarantee you we'd beat them at least once". 

Take heart, because what you have rightfully earned will weigh heavily upon the hearts of the ones that count.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 30, 2009

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