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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rodney Adams  
In very short order, the Vikings will need to make a decision in regard to Rodney Adams & Lequon Treadwell in that this franchise will be needing a roster spot.  As the Arizona Cardinal's have clearly demonstrated with their trade with the Saints, teams are willing to part with future draft picks to protect their franchise quarterbacks.

Presently there are two very desperate franchises, namely the Patriots & the Giants that are willing to part ways with their future draft pick to better protect Tom Brady & Eli Manning and both can be played off each other to secure at least a 4th round draft pick for a player with future potential that also can help them out in a big way in 2017.  That player of course is Rodney Adams, our 2017 5th round pick.  Presently, Rodney is in a numbers quandary within this franchise where he's anxious to start his NFL career ... so a trade has a positive upside for him. 

Rick Speilman should be actively marketing Rodney Adams for a 2018 4th round pick because as everyone is well aware, the waiver wire will not ensure any particular result & the practice squads have been decimated by a rash of fallen receivers.

The time to strike is now.

What must be made clear is that this is not about salvaging their season, less maybe the Patriots, but it's about protecting the franchise quarterbacks as the cupboard is bare.

In very short order, Teddy Bridgewater may need to be added to the 53 man roster where neither Keenum or Sloter should ever see the waiver wire.  Since Bradford is your very costly public relations nightmare ... it is clear that he will be held as part of the 53 man roster for the remainder of the season regardless of anything short of a catastrophic injury that would place him on injured reserve.

In regard to Bradford, the draft picks paid for him are sunk (they are gone) and cannot be recovered.  Statistically, his measurables are off the charts ... but that's all in the past now.  The Philadelphia Eagles traded these statically measurables for a future that looks like that it will put them in the playoffs this year.  In short, winning organizations are not blinded by either statistics or past decisions that somehow directs paralysis & makes them impudent.  In our case, we traded for Bradford because we didn't really have an option but there is nothing that says a move of this type can't be beneficial to both teams.  That move opened many other doors & it will open many other in the upcoming weeks. The order of appearance in 2017 is truly remarkable where the buzz surrounding it will be undeniable & unmistakable.  

This Vikings franchises now has the ability to look toward to their future, similar to the path of the Eagles (Wentz) & the Bears (Trubisky).  In very short order, everything will shift & revolve around Bridgewater, Keenum & Sloter.  This season is not over & the future looks quite bright indeed.

If this team does make it to the big show in 2017, you won't get to decide if it is Sloter, Keenum, Bridgewater or Bradford at the helm but your focus just might need to be in this order as neither Sloter or Keenum has or had a broken left knee.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 12, 2017