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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rodger's Precedent
Aaron Rodgers has set a terrible precedent.  It used to be a joke, watching the Vikings jump off sides on a hard count but Aaron Rodgers has turned this into something very different.  He's turned it into an undeniable opportunity ... and he must be stopped.  In other words, those that live by the sword usually die by that same sword.  

Sure, you made a mistake by prematurely jumping into the neutral zone.  You fell prey to the hard count, or you just lost your balance ... or worse yet, your focus.  Maybe your pinned-back-ears saw that ball move.  Whatever the reason, it no longer matters as you've blown your move, going early, however in most cases the worst that can now happen is that your defensive unit will have to give up 5 yards ... that is ... if you don't stop.    

So you're hoping that the offense won't false start, now that you've fallen into the neutral zone.  Well, my boys, you're not going to be playing the chargers every weekend where the Packers and their ilk are trained to move instantly upon you making your foolish premature gesture.  Hope is futile against the elite.

Your only hope, once you've sacrificed your balance into the neutral zone is to follow through on your premature commitment.  In other words, you don't stop until you've achieved either one of two things.  Either you're flying unabated to administer a bone jarring hit in what is now, "Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood", or you'll draw that quick whistle, blowing the play dead ... unabated to the quarterback.  Either way, you must follow through on unabated to the quarterback.  Decide ... Quick Whistle or Pay the Piper.  With Rodger's Precedent ... Unabated has to be the mind set engrained in your dreams, well before it ever happens, followed by the words, "NO MORE FREE PLAYS!"  

As for the precedent, for the zebra's, there could be a fine line in their judgment in Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood where they must quickly decide between a Rodgers free play or that bone jarring hit.  As for Mike Zimmer, he cannot stand for a last second whistle as the cause for dirty laundry.  As long as the hit is clean, Mr. Rodgers just might end up looking into the mirror to observe Stafford II.  Keep in mind that this doesn't happen if any of our jumpy defensive lineman stops the unabated after making the commitment ... so don't do something so stupid like stopping until you hopefully hear that quick whistle. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 1, 2015