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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

In regard to Jason La Canfora's article of September 29th well ... allow me to retort.  According to Jason, the heady days of a Farve-led pass attack of spraying the ball around from a year ago are gone.  Me thinks he doest protest to much.  The way I see it, Farve hasn't even begun to fight as I expect in the future for Brett to be slinging-it ... to be akin to a 1,000-monkey cage fight.  Here's turd in your ear.  As for relying on AD's running game, well we aren't going to run out of desperation ... we're going to be running because we can do that very thing.

As for Favre, he's been dead & buried for about 15 years now.  If you think he's going to fold up like a house of cards ... because of words ... you're clearly delusional.  If you're saying that he's a coward, well let's just say that I'll pit his childlike heart against anything that you think you got.  In other words, Brett baby is not about to swallow your bilge.  

As for the offensive line, you've got me there.  McKinney & Hutch have been stalwarts.  Although Cook couldn't master the snap count as a tackle, as the snapper he can't mess that up (except for forgetting the snap count) and his performance against Detroit's very much improved D-Line ... he turned in an eye-popping performance.  In fact, with play like that, old Sully will be in a run for his money.   Could it be that our line is actually bigger & stronger? Big bad Ant' has been solid, at least from what I've seen.  As for Loadholt, well there's a bit of a red flag there.  He's been getting beat & beat bad & often.  When they are saying that we've got to protect Farve, the finger is clearly pointing at this glaring issue.  My guess is that once Big-Holt will start moving his feet ... moving his feet ... moving his feet ... and then, all good things will happen.  As for the tight-ends, there are none better throughout the league.  So yeah, I disagree with Jason, our line is more than fine.

Next, Jason slams away at Harvin & Shank minus Rice.  Like we haven't had this horse beaten to death.  Then Jason makes his move into uncharted territory by fishing with interpersonal politics combined with the statement that there is a lack of options to replace Rice.  Well allow me to retort ... you see, we aren't replacing Rice because he's on his way back & there is someone waiting in the wings to tear up the league.  His name is Joe Webb.  When this whirlwind is finally unleashed on the league ... Jason will have no choice but to eat those words.

As for losing 3rd down back Chester Taylor, I must admit that he will be sorely missed because we loved his heart & courage but having AD on the field on 3rd down is by far ... an even greater threat.  The real problem is not the loss of Chester but the addition of Toby Gerhart.  The key question is, "Can he lay lumber"?  The difference between an also-ran & a Hall of Famer is in his ability to take out the defender to protect his quarterback.  There is one more teeny tiny little item, "You put that ball on my carpet one more time & your butt is going to become a permanent fixture on that bench."  You've been warned.   So yes, I agree with Jason that we miss Chester but Jason clearly has missed the boat as to what lies in store.       

As for Favre trash talking his offensive line, name your source Jason because I think you're full of hot-wind.  

There is no doubt that Brett has a bad ankle ... he's had it for years, however you seem to have missed something.  From my perspective, Brett is moving better than he did in 09.  

According to Jason, Brett has changed & isn't himself.  Maybe you just haven't watched him for the last 19 years because he's playing the same game he's always played.  Running for his life, because someone's not doing his job ... we'll that's new.  It will be corrected.  

As for the personnel, Sid is not dead.  In fact, if you check the log, he's not even listed on IR, which might be telling Jason something that maybe he doesn't want to here.  As for Berrian, any good team can take away 1-key player ... it's just Bernard is going to have to live with the frustration of being blanketed.  Keep your chin up BB ... it's only a temporary thing.  

Jason then calls out his most poignant observation, "The Vikings aren't stretching anyone now".  Here's where Jason has hit the nail right on the head.  Yes, the Vikings are sluggish coming out of huddles but that's because they lack inspiration.  All of this will go by the wayside with one simple decision ... to allow Joe Webb the opportunity to shred defenses by being activated on game day to be allowed to work with Farve and his team mates.   Joe's been shackled & the team is about to rise-up.   

Versus Detroit, Joe Webb was once again inactive as the Vikings emergency quarterback.  Joe Webb cannot help anyone if he's not allowed to play.  Let me tell you, his presence on the field was more than sorely missed.  No disrespect to anyone but Joe is a once in a lifetime athlete.  If he's does not posses the greatest skill set of any member of the Vikings, then he's certainly in the top five.  Tell me, exactly how would you feel if the Vikings brain trust made Adrian Peterson inactive on game day.  You'd be outraged but that's exactly what they are doing to Joe Webb & no one says a word.  Cowards!  

There is one thing that Jason didn't say which is, "You think that you have won, when you've actually lost!"  From a machine to dysfunctional misfits due to a choice ... a decision ... an error.  

Now I consider Rice's hip, Shank's hammy, Harvin's hip & battle with migraines, Berrian's knee, Favre's every body part, Sully's calf ... these are the nicks that we know about.  The team is pouring out its heart & its hamstrung by management.  They won't even allow it to be tried.  Then I consider Favre's struggle for continuity towards his destiny ... cheated ... and you're telling me that we can't get Webb on the field.  Lastly ... what is at stake for this franchise & what does it mean to Minnesota's identity.  With all due respect ... I spit in your face.  Gentlemen ... it's not your job on the line ... it's your soul.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 1, 2010

"Release the Kraken."  In 2009 the evenings were filled with destruction.  2010 my friends brings to us something completely different.  Fear not for the gods shall favor the true Viking heart upon its quest.    It is now too late ... it rests with Perseus.  The beast has no recall.   It now lies at your hand.    

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