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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

MOSS - Could he return?   
Not too long ago, while still in Oakland, I heard Randy Moss comment, "I can never go back".  He was talking about returning to Minnesota ... not the Viking faithful.  There was no further explanation or further comment.  Randy has his reasons and no one could fault him.        

It was then that I overheard that Randy Moss, as part of his agreement with the Patriot - Oakland trade, was that he was to sign a one-year contract, which means that Randy Moss will be a free agent at the end of the year.

I know ... hopeful thinking, but lets just consider the following:

  1. There is no genius in New England anymore!  Say genius with reference to Belichick again and I'll puke!  The commissioner was well aware that spy-gate was not a one and done event ... but, not one owner was given the courtesy of knowing this fact until after the Patriot's expedient fine was levied.  If I was an owner, a coach, or a player,  I'd be simmering, or better said, fuming on a low boil.  Somehow this slap in the face and my livelihood is less important than those parading as Patriots.  Give me a break!
  2. There will be no pass from this Viking fan!  If there are any other true fan bases, in reference to the other 30 franchises, they should all be screaming bloody murder, until real justice is served.  The NFL Commissioner screwed every NFL fan, except of course for one special fan base.  I'm sick of it.    
  3. The Patriot's are cheating scum bags and there are 31 franchises that should want a serious piece of this organization.  Even if they win the big prize, everything they do with be tainted as they "drew-in" an incredible 2007 talent based upon their tainted past history.  Do you think Randy needs to attach this stigma to his resume, for something he had no control over?  
  4. What happens if the Patriots do not win the Super Bowl, especially if they match a seasonal 16-0 record.  Mr. Moss is going to be very upset, especially after the pounding that he just took in playing the Colts yesterday.  
  5. Like it or not, Randy has become the prime "throw-to" target in New England, and along with this distinction, Randy could also become the primary scapegoat in the event of a breakdown, based upon his misunderstood and misrepresented history alone.  All the Patriots have to do is lose in the playoffs and everything is somehow different for Randy.  It not only could happen ... expect it to happen, especially knowing how many pissed off players and owners there are in the league for all the Patriot's shenanigans and ill-gotten-gains.   
  6. It now appears that the AFC playoffs will be hosted in New England and weather may play a monumental factor in any and all of these games, where a running game may be paramount and sorely lacking when they need it.  Expect these games to by physical and what amounts to a brutal beating.        
  7. Both Daunte's and Randy's primary complaint with the Vikings was that we didn't have, or better said, didn't support our own personnel.  Randy came to us in 98 where Randy was apart of a juggernaut and as Chris Carter stated, by 2000 the Vikings were picked clean by the 31 other franchises.  Things are a bit different in Minnesota these days.  We have a stout defense that only requires an offense to give them a breather now and then to be the most dominant crew ever seen in Minnesota.  We're also capable of stopping the run, which was the prime difference is winning the biggest game of all.  We have a huge offensive line with stout blocking Tight Ends and Full Backs, and we have this new phenom named Adrian Peterson.  It is this last little factor that may play the most compelling argument of all as numerous freaks of nature tend to attract.  A stout running game for Randy means career longevity ... something that's present for only one player in New England (Tom Brady).    
  8. Precedence!  Let us consider our history.  It wasn't all that long ago that Mr. Tarkenton was sent packing to the New York Giants for what became the foundation of our Super Bowl runs of the 70's.  Like it or not, bust or not, Randy's departure was apart of our present dynasty rebuild.  Sir Francis was eventually welcomed back into the fold.  You might remember that our 12-2 defense of the prior year was pissed off at the mention of the coming of the savior ("We were 12-2 without him!).   If Randy Moss chose to, he would also be apart of a future Viking dynasty, without any ill effects.    
  9. Randy was dealt by Red McComb's, for some serious cash and a draft pick.  Yes Red, you are scum!  It was neither Mike Tice's decision nor our present owners decision.  As pissed off as Randy might be at the organization, these peddlers are no longer here.  Randy's gripe, at least on the surface, is with the state of Minnesota (some over officious jerk-cops), several low-blow spin doctors, and the NFL egg heads (like John Madden - you fat piece of Oakland Raider crap) that was jealous of Randy Moss being a Minnesota Viking in the first place, all while he was kicking some serious butt.    
  10. The most compelling argument of all, was that Randy Moss was the most beloved Viking of all.  To a man, we Viking fans never saw Randy but for what he was ... the greatest wide receiver to have ever played the game.  Ask any true fan, and they'll tell you, their arms are wide open to Randy's return.
  11. The emergence of T-Jack.  The man has an explosive arm ... could the youthful T-Jack be the perfect fit for this future hall of famer?    

When Randy Moss simulated pulling down his pants in Green Bay, much to the emphatic disdain of the announcer Joseph Buck-Head, I could only wish that he actually pulled them down, and that I could be him for that one instant in time.  At the time I felt true vindication and an inner peace!  My greatest joy of all may have been seeing the highly respected Tony Dungee interview the following day, were he thought the simulation was actually quite comical.  That was because Tony had been apart of the Viking organization for years, where he was exposed to countless Packer fan bare-butts, pressed against the fences, as they were leaving Lambeau's parking lot.  I would have loved to be the fly on the wall when Joe-Buck-Head heard Tony's statement.  You jealous piece of crap!  Impartial ... yeah right!    

For that moment, I'd wish that it was me driving over that cop, or that is was me that couldn't give an interview, because I was frustrated and I told it like it was, or that it was me that squirted that official after over-ruling the key 2-point conversion that handed the Ram's the keys to (1999 season) Super Bowl.  Do you hear me Randy!

To be direct, there was only one Randy Moss statement that hurt me deeply.  It was the, "I play when I want to play statement".  I realize now that you didn't really mean to say that.  As an athlete, that was almost too much to bear.  That statement will never heal, except for one miraculous event ... the return of our lost sheep.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 11.05.07

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