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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Quarterback Questions  
There is allot of speculation in regard to the future of this franchises four (4) quarterbacks but a good deal of it is now clear.

For one, Sam Bradford is now apart of our history where it is time to move on.  There is no way this franchise can risk the money that he will demand from this franchise versus having to face a major question mark in regard to his health.  He was the highest paid Viking in our 2017 season & he played in just 1 game.  That account cannot justify a commitment.

Kyle Sloter is under contract but he in fact represents our future.  This Vikings franchise has sported three ex-Ram's quarterbacks in Bradford, Keenum & Shaun Hill in our never ending effort to resurrect cast offs ... a very poor profile of futility.   Whereas the Ram's have now finally settled on Geoff as their franchise quarterback & since Bradford was also in Philadelphia, they have settled on Wentz as their franchise quarterback.  Whereas, our fragile franchise quarterback almost lost his lower leg in an unfortunate freak accident.  

This franchise has to get out of the recycling mode & fast track into developing their own franchise quarterback.  That can now happen if you have an offensive line that can protect him.

In regard to Teddy, although it would be a mistake to argue about tolling Teddy's contract of his 4th year salary into his 5th year, it is my belief that the Vikings should definitely argue that they should have the option of signing Teddy under the terms of his 5th year of his rookie contract, as he was a round #1 pick.  Teddy should not be a free agent as he only served 4 years of that rookie deal where he was injured for the better part of 2 of those years.  The purpose of tolling was for the franchise to recoup its position in the event of an injury.  The 5th year option of a first round rookie contract should not be considered a 1 way street.  We paid a kings ransom for Floyd where he hadn't played a down in almost 2 years.  All that money was guaranteed.  The result of Teddy's injury was to force this franchises hand in regard to having to waive his 5th year option due to his injury.  We certainly were not going to make the same mistake of guaranteeing dead money like we did with Floyd.  Under tolling that 5th year option should be applied & held in place as an option for this franchise.   For the last two years Teddy lost his opportunity of becoming our franchise quarterback due to an unfortunate injury but only this franchise should be given the opportunity of establishing that role for Teddy in his 5th year.  Of course, it still remains to be seen if Teddy can still play on an NFL stage as there is a major difference between practice & what actually goes down on that field.  As for Teddy, a new environment does not bode well for that eventuallity so that argument would be in his best interest.  It would be best to offer the amount that he would have been paid & then argue the case if he chose not to sign it.     

The next key question is, should we apply the franchise Tag to Case Keenum.  Well first of all we need to face the fact that he lost two playoff contests ... not just one.  Yes, a miracle did happen but ... then again.  Applying the franchise tag to Case means the most certain departure to Teddy, even with having him under his 5th year option.  The question remains, is Case our future franchise quarterback.  Said another way, is Case going to bring home that first Super Bowl victory.  If the answer is no, then franchising Case only makes sense if the ultimate plan is to give him one more chance to win it all proving his franchise status or to displace him with Kyle Sloter.

According to Case Keenum, he's headed down south to let things play out but he better have a great deal more control over the process that will ultimately seal his fate.  His agent cares, but not that much ... but what his agent does care about is the biggest lump in his pocket when case signs the fattest deal he can get.  After the way Case played in Philadelphia, his ultimate reward in doing so might have been to sign a big fat contract with Pat Shurmur to play with the Giants to quickly transition away from Eli.  Long term, his playing days will be cut short by the Giants next franchise quarterback. Such is the life in the big city.

To be direct, Case Keenum is a great deal better than what was displayed in the playoffs in either Minnesota or in Philadelphia.  He's very much a special player ... much better than he thinks ... but he's certainly not ours.  A true Viking cannot be coerced.  A true Viking cannot be bought.  A true Viking cannot be played.  There was a time that I had my Voo Doo doll representing Case, where I wanted him dead as I stabbed away but he played us all.  He played well enough to keep playing in every moment of every game but he certainly knew how to play the system.  Were those picks in Washington just a mistake or was it in place to ensure the moment for himself.  Always, it worked in his favor.  Was he great or was he just protected very well or well enough to excell.  What would a healthy Teddy have done with such a line ... we'll never know ... and Case's play ensured that very thing.  

It's rather odd that both Keenum &
Thielen, based upon looks alone, could pass as brothers but one thing is for certain.  Theilen is a Viking through & through.  Case Keenum although very similar in looks & allot of characteristics are very similar ... he is not the same.  He must know that it is not his play, or is it his ability ... it is him.  Would I pay him to be our franchise quarterback?  No.  My guy doesn't walk away to let an agent decide his fate.  My guy doesn't make cheap what was set before him ... he relishes the role of making it even better ... given the opportunity.  My guy takes the complete responsibility for every member of that 2017 team as it was me and me alone that let my brothers down.  My guy makes it known that none of that stain goes away until I'm hoisting that Lombardi for all those that bleed purple.  My guy would say ... he dude ... you're going to have to fire me.  My guy is demanding the hammer in Spielman's office at his earliest possible convenience ... not some time in the future.  My guy has his head coach off his farm in Kentucky & back in his office.  My guy is screaming at the top of his lungs to make it happen.  My guy isn't talking about what's good for Case Keenum, he's talking about what's best for this team.  My guy has a fire under his ass & he's spreading it around to a bunch of people that just had their asses handed to them.  No, I'm not upset ... I'm livid!

Is that guy Kyle Sloter?  Well Case ... you better not let that guy get on that field because if you do ... it's over.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 25, 2018