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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Where's the Pump Fake? 
Brett Favre played in this league for 20 years & in doing so there were some similarities with Sam Bradford ... and numerous differences.  Both quarterbacks were relatively immobile in that they could secure downfield yardage with their feet but it would never be their first choice.  Of course Favre had several bullets in his gun that he used effectively that has eluded Sam Bradford.  In short, with Favre there was never a wasted motion where everything had its purpose.  In retrospect, much of Sam Bradford's pocket presents could be compared to a minga mort (literal translation: a dead penis).  

Now think back to the days of Favre and recall his handoffs followed by a fake toss or fake throw in the opposite direction to the run.  Although you could say that it had little effect if faking anyone out, his motions might have bought a fraction of a second for one of his lineman to gain position on a run block.

Favre was also the master of sidestepping the rush.  How often did we see Favre side-shuffle his feet for a yard or two to buy his lineman possible leverage or much needed space to avoid the sack.  By comparison, how often have we seen Sam Bradford collapse before the on-coming rush with either little or no attempt in trying to avoid it.  Sure this might be a losing proposition but Favre might turn one or more of these situations into positive outcomes.  In short, giving up may not be the right message for an offensive line that's desperately searching for the slightest of advantages.  

One of the most effective bullets in Favre's gun ... by far ... was that pump fake.  It not only got the corners to bite on the first move, leaving that downfield explosion as a possibility, it made defensive linemen react to it.  These defenders would leave their feet thinking they were taking away either the slant or a quick hitter.  Once that D-linemen left their feet, or straightened up to get their hands high, their center of gravity changed, giving the advantage to the offensive linemen ... assisting the blocking scheme.  Too often, Sam Bradford is way to predictable where defensive linemen are establishing a quick leverage position on our offensive linemen, facilitating power strokes to collapse the pocket, where these defensive lineman know that their is no fake pump to even consider.  This has put our offensive line at a considerable disadvantage.  As always, it is these things that make up the game within the game.  

There is a definite difference between a listless quarterback and a giddy Favre.  Even when he was serious ... he was a gosh-darn-clown.  There seemed to be a tempo in his step ... that if he lost it ... he lost the game.  It may not be in Sam Bradford's makeup to evolve into THE KID where he might not understand the importance of it but it's an attempt that holds merit in gaining leverage for his offensive line.  It a missing element which could lead to victory.  Football has always been a game of inches ... and the difference between winners and losers lies on the margin.

Maybe Teddy will never be a down the field accurate thrower like Sam Bradford was earlier in the year however it is clear that maybe that isn't as important as we once thought.  Let us not forget that on a long throw the receiver gets to adjust to the throw which could make a bad throw into a good one.  What is obviously clear is that Teddy, although still raw, had the ability of broken-field-running ... making something out of nothing.  There was a dynamic spirit in that pocket that just isn't there with Sam Bradford where it is my hope that it has a chance to change in time.  If things don't change in a hurry, based upon the numbers ($$$), thing will most certainly change in that back field. 

Unfortunately ... it will never make a difference because no one will ever read any of it.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 16, 2016