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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Priceless Dumeras! 
Jerry Jones walks onto an elevator with three NYG fans, where both factions realize who it is they are standing next to and they all start looking uncomfortable ... and that's a commercial.  Well this is a commercial.  I'm on that elevator decked out in my Minnesota Vikings finest with a big old ear to ear smile on my face.  The elevator door opens and there is Jerry Jones as he strolls into the elevator.  He pushes his floor and the door closes.  Uncomfortable, he looks over at me ... stares for a bit ... observing both my pride and my ear to ear smile and he says ... What!!!  Then with a clear unadulterated voice I say, "Thanks for Randy Moss ...... Dumb Ass!  The commercial cuts away ... Priceless!  Priceless!

There are only two individuals that need to be fired by this franchise and clearly those firings should not include Leslie Frazier.

In my opinion, Bill Musgrave must go for the following reasons.  #1 - As this teams offensive coordinator, he failed to be stronger than Adrian Peterson.  To be successful in this league you have to establish the pass early and the run late.  Bill Musgrave lacked the strength of character to overcome the will of Adrian Peterson to run the ball two consecutive plays followed by an impossible 3rd and long.  In one week, without Adrian Peterson, Matt Cassel proved the validity of Bill Walsh's theories once again.  In short we needed Adrian Peterson's abilities and his leadership but not a game plan that inserts running early and often.  #2 - Bill Musgrave failed to diagnose , or better said, he failed to see that with Ponder ... it never showed up on film ... at least when it counted or when the chips were down.  The bookies betting line at the beginning of the seasons only had the Vikings favored in three contest in 16 games and that was a direct reflection on the play of Ponder.  It wasn't going to change and Musgrave failed to see it.  Musgrave's offense was not only predictable ... every team in the NFL could count on his set in stone tendencies ... which is lethal in this league.  Anyone that lacks the flexibility, and the strength of character to overcome the will of one player cannot be relied upon for this teams success.  Adrian Peterson's greatest trait is in his ability to lead this team but the play call, especially to establish offensive continuity early, can never be overwhelmed by just one player.  In Adrian Petersons case ... less will always result in more.  He is capable of 8+ yards per carry but it is only achievable with less carries ... and when to carry ... and never to abandon the run game ... especially in the 3rd & 4th quarters regardless of the score.  

As a whole, this organization has hit many home runs with what many might be consider to be "B-Level" players like Jerome Simpson, Brian Robison and as it turns out ... Audie Cole however, our organization in this 2013 season has been in complete turmoil.  At the start of our season, our entire front four were slated to be free agents.  What message did that send out to the entire league let alone internally within our own organization?  Key Viking draft picks, which include Toby Gerhart, Joe Webb and Everson Griffen, are not under long term contracts and cannot be easily replaced on just a whim.  Can anyone forget Toby's impact within this organization when the chips were down (AD out, or couldn't go).  Just because Musgrave undervalued Gerhart's impact, early and often within this offense, due to AD dominance over it, doesn't mean that Toby is not going to be the next John Riggins or Mike Alscot in this league, with fresh legs, as he may not have the ability to absorb the punishment of a feature back.  In other words, he in a perfect situation with the wrong set of incentives under the wrong contract.  Our actions are completely counter to the Packer's franchise that invests heavily in it's own draft picks until a player gets too big for their britches (Jennings).  Matt Cassel is not under contract for 2014 season which will cause both Ziggy and Spielman to become unhinged and fly off the handle, potentially signing him to an incredibly stupid deal ... for stupid dollars ... when they really don't have to.  Do either of them have the balls to call a simple bluff?  Way to many key Viking players have not been properly invested into their futures, whereas huge money has been foolishly paid out to free agents ... which almost never works out (Jared Allen aside as he was actually part of a trade).  It is for these reason that Rick Spielman must go.  If you really look hard at it, Rick Spielman has had some success at the lower level... but way too many failures at the upper level.  Is this a reflection of Spielman or is it a reflection of the efforts of his tireless staff and unappreciated scouts.  Wouldn't you consider it traitorous behavior to allow the Viking core to audition for the entire league, only to be ripped off this squad, with zero in compensation because our resources have been squandered under the hand of Spielman.  The way I look at it, even a monkey tossing turds can blow money.  Mark my words that if Spielman continues for this franchise, he will gut the core of this franchise, and sign another high priced free agent to redirect everyone's focus back to unfulfilled hope.  If those high priced contracts had been invested in our core players, potentially overpaying them, like Phil Loadholt, we'd be better off because what good is a superstar on a team full of holes that can be easily exploited.  The success of this franchise can only come from investing in our own lower cost drafted players that sustain the core.  Spielman, like Musgrave has failed in strength of character and has squandered this organizations resources and for that he needs to be replaced.

As for Leslie Frazier, if I were owner of this franchise, my words would be as follows:  "No man in that franchise is guaranteed a thing and at any moment in time ... things could change irrevocably however at this juncture, even though the Vikings have not qualified for the playoffs for the 2013 season, let it be known that Leslie Frazier, based upon his unquestioned past performance, shall be this franchises head coach for not only the 2014 season but hopefully for many years to come.  This is not a blank check, mind you.  Leslie Frazier has demonstrated strength of character at every possible juncture where his players have clearly demonstrated that they have never quit on him or this franchise.  That in itself speaks volumes.  Even though he may have failed (Ponder), he did the right thing by providing  an unwavering commitment to develop and nurture at this teams highest level ... a trait that has been missing for way too long ... at great personal risk to himself (putting his job on the line).  Unfortunately, he invested in the wrong entity however, given the right cog, Leslie Frazier has demonstrated what it takes to bring this organization back to a long term elite status.  Although many may not think so now, in time, what will be revealed is his true genius, along with his many visible traits.  Although many outside this organization might be calling for his head, let it be know that this owner is not about to cut loose its most valued asset."

In regard to this organizations most valued commodities which now includes Matt Cassel, Jared Allen and Kevin Williams, there is a statement that has been floated out there for some time now and it is an absolute lie.  Any player, of their demonstrated ability and character that chooses to stay in Minnesota to play for this franchise can do so with very little demonstrated effort.  As JFK once clearly stated to us all ... "Let us never fear to negotiate" ... and as men, directness will win the day.  It shall be the choice of these players alone to do so.  It is not a business, as they state ... over and over again.  Throwing your lives over to someone that does not have a stake in the game (not the money) ... is just darn right foolish.  Would DiVinci turn over his canvass, paint brushes and knowledge of paint to an agent.  Each of these players will be offered more money to go somewhere else to play, and in Jared Allen's case ... that money might prove to be overwhelming ... but if they take it, they would be making a monumental mistake ... and now they know it.  There are some things that are more important than money ... in the end.  Just before you draw your final breath ... will you be thinking about all those millions of dollars.  Let me help you out with that.  The answer is ... "That's a big negative Ghost Writer".  Yeah!  I got your message, but just before you draw that final breath, what you'll be thinking about will be the sacrifices that you made to achieve something that had never been done before.  It now stands at 53 years ... a lifetime.  Really ... it's a simple choice ... it has always been a choice.  Will I be manipulated away ... or will I stand for something that cannot be measured in dollars and cents ... causing the earth to rupture in its measured response.  Some men never get this opportunity, and many that do, falter miserably.  In the end what you must see is a destiny that will ultimately revolve around you ... but it's based in a choice.

It's funny, but this week Matt Cassel will be facing a stout defense in the Cincinnati Bengals but in the scheme of things ... it pales in comparison to facing his greatest foe of all ... his agent.  Cassel's agent makes a percentage of every cent Matt makes and Matt is going to be told to walk away from his 2013 option for big money ... that will only be offered but from the wrong hole.  Maybe Matt should be making hay but everything in his fiber is telling him that he's waited along time, for this specific moment in time, and it is now clear that every piece of the puzzle is in the right place as the players realize that something very special is about to take place.  Matt has taken stock in an offensive line that's both committed and able to keep him clean and he's got the weapons to make hay ... on the field .... where it counts.  Does his history repeat itself?  Many seem to forget that in 1998, Randy Moss ... the leagues MVP ... did not win that award.  For that matter ... Randy did the same thing in New England and was thwarted in the perfect season but not on his account.  In 1998 that award went to Randall Cunningham ... a man that was pushing marble in Las Vegas ... just a year earlier.  Many forget that before that season ended Cunningham signed a five year 25 million dollar deal that dumped 5 mil in bonus money in his pocket in appreciation for his effort in 98.  When Matt looks at this offense, even Jerome Simpson, a man that's been tossed into the grinder knows that there is no way that I'm walking away from this.  Everything appears to be in absolute and complete disarray awaiting the great fissure ... the great rupture ... when a message comes from this organizations quietest voice ... it anchor.  No Matt ... you can't leave.  You can't walk away from this one.  There is just too much that has been sacrificed to get to this moment in history.

The question is ... is there any man out there that has the ability to put this thing all together.  I'm not sure Rick Spielman is up to the task.  Be forewarned Ziggy.

It's odd ... as this had never happened before in the modern history of this franchise, but at this moment in time, to a man ... no one is thinking about money.  The focus for some reason is unexplainably upon some kind of brass ring ... that's been branded into something that cannot be seen visually ... it has been branded into the imagined minds behind eyes slammed shut.

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 20, 2013