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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Predicted ... Again!
The following was the Ghost Writer's response of December 17, 2011 to a Viking fan.  That fan, like myself was obviously disturbed by the Ghost Writer's commentary of December 14, 2011. "Still Haven't a Clue ... Do You?"  It is completely up to you whether you believe the content of this response, or not.  All I can tell you is that it is 100% factual.  We've decided to publish this excerpt as apparently this franchised front office, its coaches, Ziggy Wilf and the ownership group are still deeply within the throws of a learning disorder.   There is one other possibility however ... it is unthinkable.  The Ghost Writer's responses are in maroon, where the original letter is segmented for response to this Viking fan.  

From: Viking Fan - Identity with held. 
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 3:36 PM

Subject: Learn football, PLEASE!

GHOST WRITER: You are very insightful as I used to think many of these very same things.  In your words, your devotion to this franchise is without question.  It brought a tear to my eye … a reminder of my own trek since 1966.  Born under the same sign as this organization.  Cut from the same cloth.  Aligned with the stars.  Keep in mind … I am only its messenger. 

VIKING FAN WRITES: Hello - a friend pointed out your ridiculously incongruent piece on Ponder/Webb RE: Which way the organization should go.  

GHOSTWRITER: Yes, it’s true … it began the first day of the 2010 rookie camp … upon viewing Webb’s incredible leap blazing upon U-tube.  

VIKING FAN WRITES: Your prose and ideas in that article are frighteningly counterintuitive (you should know).  

GHOSTWRITER: The ideas are very frightening … I agree … the destruction of my beloved haunts me each and every day.  The prose is not so much counterintuitive … as much as that it is written in code … about the future … before it happens.  

VIKING FAN WRITES: Suggesting, as you did, that views contrary to yours constitute *cluelessness* is not only insulting in a direct way, but inarguably stupid.  

GHOSTWRITER: In regard to cluelessness, my intent was to be insulting to the Nth degree.  The target were the sportswriters that are not willing to challenge this organization … to rock the boat … but rather trust it.  In a very short while, you will know if the Vikings are to be sold to the highest bidder for relocation to LA.  The only thing that stands in the way are the votes of 31 ownership groups.  This organization is a jewel in the crown.  I’m not so quick to believe what is laid out for most to see. As for the play on the field … there is a puppeteer … where the anguish you feel is nothing more than for his entertainment.  McNabb was paid to lose.  Ponder is not a franchise quarterback … he is incapable.   

VIKING FAN WRITES: Today's Lesson:  Runners, and quarterbacks with escape-ability are 2 entirely different things.  The former do not possess the mindset of a quarterback.  They don't comprehend the position.  Rodgers runs when the reads are over and no one is open, or a miscommunication takes place (I live in Green Bay - I get this stuff.  Have for 50 years).  Montana did the same thing.  Elway did the same thing.  Favre did the same thing,.  You're confusing these championship winners with a man who can't make reads and takes off to compensate for his inability to make them and fulfill the essential responsibilities of the position.  

GHOSTWRITER: This was in reference to two recent articles that suggest that a quarterback rating is the true (envious) measure of a championship team.  Look back again, as historically, without a running back like Emmitt Smith, you’re not winning anything.  A quarterback rating is not the true measure … it’s an illusion.   Think back to Dan Fouts or Dan Marino.  In regard to Rodgers & Green Bay, he is unique.  Some may argue that both the Patriots and the Packers won without a running game.  Thus the argument.  Arlen Spector (Head of Judiciary), calling the commissioner to the mat, in regard to the Patriots, was no illusion.  The commissioner admitted to destroying the evidence.  9 Billion protected his ass.  Do you know what … Brady couldn’t make his reads from the bench either. 

VIKING FAN WRITES: We can look back at many super bowl winners and see that none were, as you say, "runners":  Dating back to the 80s, Jim Plunkett.  Doug Williams.  Phil Simms.  Jim McMahon.  More recently, Troy Aikman.  Brad Johnson.  Big Ben.  Tom Brady (thank you for the conspiracy theories on the Pats - you must be joking).  Peyton Manning.  Eli Manning.  You're treading on pretty thin ice suggesting that history supports the notion that running quarterbacks win super bowls (not just thin  - you've fallen straight through!).  Most don't even get close (TJoke, Vick, Vince Young, Aaron Brooks).  Nor did the great Dolphins or Raiders teams have runners at quarterback.  

GHOSTWRITER: Search again, you will see that each of these Super Bowl teams either had the ability to run the ball or they could shut down both the run and pass with defense. The runner was in reference to AD, his contract, and his commitment to securing a championship for this franchise.  With Webb … as you saw last week … the offense is unstoppable. I will make one remark … Peyton Manning … there is no comparison, nor shall there every be.  He is in a class unto himself.

Ponder this … can you stack the line to stop Peterson with Webb on the field.  No … you cannot.     

VIKING FAN WRITES: You can try to make the argument that Webb would learn with reps - sure.  Maybe.  But last season, we saw a man who continued to default to run-first mentality through the final game.  With Ponder, you have one of the best running quarterbacks in recent memory - quick feet, explosive escape-ability, fast...  And, quick read-and-react skills with an understanding of the pocket - AND an understanding that everything starts IN the pocket - ya don't just take the snap and run (put AD back there if that's what you want).  You must have missed the sports science special on ESPN showing Ponder's lightning fast read and react skills - better than anyone in the draft class BY FAR.  You take the guy who has this essential skills AND can run insanely well if need be and put your faith in his development.  Run only is instant failure and has NEVER once succeeded historically (and you know it.  Give examples to support your position).  

GHOSTWRITER: Ponder is 0 & 7 {as of December 15, 2011}.  Tell me, what if we complete the season and Ponder still has no wins.  What if it continues into next year.  This is our present path.  His wonderful read & react skills are remarkable … in spot duty … look back, the Vikings were already well behind.  That is a fact that you’re going to have to come to grips with.  Maybe you didn’t hear the reason that Ponder was yanked by Frazier.  After that last interception, it was clearly Frazier’s feeling that Ponder should of run with the ball … but didn’t … he made another bad decision.  You are correct about Webb, that he defaults easily to the run, but isn’t that a product of the resources invested in him.  Think back to your evaluation … as he played in the most incredible conditions ever perpetrated on any Viking QB.  Also, I do recall a 65 yard TD scamper.  I’ve seen 7 games that indicate blaring red flags with Ponder.  My eyes are wide open.  He also has a sordid history with injury.  Don’t be too quick to be blinded by hope.  Who are you to say that this kid Webb has not been forged in the fire by the gods.  What is absolutely certain is that Webb has done more in his limited time when compared to the anointed one.  Once the pick is made … it is sunk … either it pans out or it doesn’t.  What you think … may not be so.    

Do you think what happened to this organization last year was just a fluke?  Look back and you will see … in its anger, "The unleashing of the Kraken".  Do you think what has happened to the Vikings this year is nothing to concern yourself about? There is much more than meets the eye.   What has been unleashed upon this Vikings franchise is just a little bit more than a little bad luck.  Wouldn’t you agree?     

VIKING FAN WRITES: Only a complete moron would throw that away and stick Webb back in thinking he'll turn the organization around with his feet.  

GHOSTWRITER:That is exactly the will of the gods.  You shall be allowed this insult to the gods but once … tread lightly.

VIKING FAN WRITES: The decision is clear - you build around the obvious package - Ponder.  Any other path would be - idiotic, to put it mildly.  

GHOSTWRITER: Ponder is not a package … he’s is at best trade fodder (Kolb) and a very serviceable back up quarterback, if we play this thing right … but if you’re not careful … a full fledged first round bust … or worse. 

VIKING FAN WRITES:  You're a very silly man, no personal insult whatsoever intended.  

GHOSTWRITER:  Yes, I’m personally a very silly man.  Guilty.  I’ve been called much worse.  Now!  Why don’t you look back into the historical record.  Every article published by the Ghost Writer dates back to September 25, 2007.  It would be something if it were all just a bunch of lunacy … it’s another thing if it’s a witness to the events … before it happens.  What Webb did last week was no mistake … it was predicted.  Petersons fumbling …predicted.  When Petersons fumbling stopped … predicted.  Moss returning to the Vikings … you guessed it … predicted.  The loss to the Saints … predicted.  The exact events of the championship game … predicted.  Believe it or not … it pains me deeply … I am only it’s witness … the messenger.  This is no trick or game or manipulation.  There are way too many that have witnessed it.      

Be very very careful … as the gods are now within transition … awaiting the decisions that await.   Let’s not forget that Webb started last week.  Ponders fate rests close upon that hand …. as again … I am only its witness.  All I can do is issue its warnings.  There are many ways to crush a man into oblivion … to destroy an organization.   My greatest fear is that this organization will continue on it present path … the same path that was within your mind … and what lies ahead will be epic.  It is my hope that you’ve opened your eyes where these words … make you think.  What follows will make the collapse of the dome, playing a home game in Detroit, playing the Bears home game outdoors on an icy rink …  seem like childs play.  What can be shared with you is that it all can change in a blink of an eye.   It is out of my hands. 

The destruction of this organization is no joke.  The Ghost Writer is its witness.  Either you bend to the will of the gods … or it shall be destroyed. 

If you are not a part of the organization (the steam roller) then you must be a part of the pavement.

Not everything is done for benefit.   


JOTTINGS: December 27, 2011 

They are stating once again that this organization plans to start Ponder.  The screaming within my ears has partially subsided with the ringing within Ponder's head.  I haven't a clue what might happen next but I truly & genuinely fear.  What possibly could be next?  My stomach churns ... my heart yearns.  What could be next?  

The commentary on Joe Webb of Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune got a full page in the Harrisburg, PA Patriot News in the December 25, 2011 Christmas tradition.  What an article.  Jim Souhan gets it.  He knows exactly what he is seeing.  His patience is at an end.  NFL fans throughout are awaiting this development.  They know that it can no longer be contained, just as you could not contain L.T.   The eye, of the NFL, is eager for its next transition.  The Tuesday NFL football game played in Philly tossed Joe Webb into the National seen ... just like Randy Moss did, on Monday night in Green Bay in 1998.  They know what they saw.  They are not fools ... nor will they be fooled.  

Isn't it odd that, to this point & time, the word HOPE is always used, or is associated with the name Ponder.  It is like a politicians promise that can never fulfilled ... and still, we somehow continue to believe it time and again.  So how is all that hope & change working out for you?   

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 27, 2011