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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Pivot Precipice
This is it.  This is the Pivot Point of the season.  Let me tell you that I'm saying my prayers ... the extent of which is focused upon a petition to take mercy upon our players.  The heavens are rumbling & Zeus is cocked & ready ... preparing his lightning' bolts to awaken the nation.  The wrath that is at hand will stir such a cry throughout the land that I shudder at the magnitude of its pestilence & its scope.  This is the edge of the cliff ... the precipice to De-void.  The gods must be appeased.          

1. Opening move, August 25th, The Rookie of the Year the Sequel.  A notice to chilly that what your looking for is not in the pool (of players).  First notice given that Joe Webb is the most prolific athlete in the league needing to fulfill his destiny.  Brett needs the tool (Joe Webb) to succeed.  Counter move, we'll have none of that Joe Webb talk so we trade Sapp to Dolphins for Camarillo.  Response by the god's ... the tweaking of Cook's knee.  We are to be severely stressed opening the first two games with only 3-healthy corners.  What was so strong is now made weak.  Do we listen to the gods?  Ha!     

2. Next move, August 30th ... The Wall.  Notice to Chilly that he has too many tanks and not enough multiple threats.  Is it any wonder why our offense has been contained.  Dugan, Tahi nor beloved Sass is a threat to break not a damn thing.  Warning you've been blinded by Albert Young.  We do have a multiple threat options that can cleave, but can they block.   A stern warning that Joe Webb be apart of the active roster on opening day ... say not, to your own peril.  A warning that Ram-Rod is a multiple threat both as a kick returner, receiver & as the heir-apparent to Chelor as a 3rd down back.  Counter Move, Ram Rod is traded to New York with Sage.  Shock!  Joe Webb is bottle up.  Other options contained.  Response by the god's ... returner is looking naked ... now covered by depleted receiver corp.  Result ... no return game and no viable 3rd down speller.

3. Next Move, September 1 ... Time Warp.  Where are the purple pants?  Ignored.  Notice to Chilly ... Joe Webb is Perseus ... to defeat the Saints, Joe Webb must be allowed to streak through the Saints defense.  Of course, this is ignored.  

4. Next Move, September 4th ... Emergency Quarterback to Genius.  Notice to Chilly to demote T-Jack to #3 quarterback to fulfill true role as the emergency quarterback.  A brilliant move that costs him nothing.  The sternest warning possible to Chili that you cannot contain Joe Webb ... the most prolific athlete in the league.

5. Next move, September 7 ... Distant & Happy.  Notice to EJ that he will be made to fulfill his destiny.  Two years of prolific play ... two years of disappointment ... he's paid his dues.

6. Next move, September 9 ... A New Year.  Chipping in, respect & gratitude.  Enough said.  

7. Next Move, September 10 ... The Light.  The sternest warning to date ... the gods are not happy as they are ripping my ear hole with screams of absolute outrage  ... the revolutionary use of the NFL's greatest threat ... Joe Webb.  A gentle nudge that coaches ego's are clearly in the way to our success.  An appeal to the writers and commentators to pick up the Joe Webb banner and fight the good fight.  Do not allow yourself to be told to sit down and shut your face.  How one man can turn the league on its ear.  Result ... not even one word is spoken.  Spineless Wimps.  The Joe Webb warning is ignored and everything comes to fruition.       

8. Next Sledge Hammer, September 19th ... 0 wins, 3 losses; URGENT WARNING!  Joe Webb is allowed to line up and we win.  Response by chilly ... we'll have none of this.  We pick up Hank Basket to take pressure off our receiving corps which now include Berrian (knee), Lewis, Camarillo & Harvin (Hip).   Can Basket return kicks????  Shuller, the second 2010 draft pick snatched up & away from our future.  Risk taken.  Kaboom!  This move once again essentially slams the door on allowing Webb to fulfill his destiny by being allowed to slice through NFL defenses.  The gods blow a gasket.  Absolute rage is the order of the day.  The gods are relentless ... shredding incessantly at my soul.  A message so pristine, assure, & clear.  First sign ... Harvin Migraine ... five now ... maybe down to four.  Harvin's chance to recoup practice time with Favre is thwarted once again.  Shuddering at the thought of what's next in store as the gods are clearly now mobile & hostile.  Joe Webb must be allowed to fulfill his destiny.  The continuum is shredding.   No more lame excuses!   This is a battle you cannot win.    

If you're planning to attend the game this weekend, bring an umbrella to your seat as elephants just might begin to fly and crap all over you.  I make light of it but what is at hand you will see as no joke.  Prepare to be gutted like a pig.  

Either way, with Joe Webb on the field or not, what you will see will be prolific.  It's a simple choice.  You'll find me under my bed cowering from what lies in store.  

Can't you not hear the gods screaming at you at the top of their lungs.  Just try & tell me that you can't sense it all around you?  What you are feeling is a sense of both dread & wrath!  Are we clear?  Are you getting this?  Hello!

Let's not forget that playing quarterback means that Joe Webb just might be more familiar with running routes than Hank Basket come Sunday.  At least he knows the system better.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 23, 2010

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