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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Pivot Point 
Today is the day when Adrian Peterson meets with Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer.  After today we will learn if Adrian is willing to throw away everything that he's worked for, with both hands, or if he's is still on a quest toward immortality as there isn't a Viking on that field that doesn't have his back.  After last year each of them was made to suck it up almost the entire season to give Adrian Peterson that opportunity.  It's either together we stand ... or divide and be conquered.      
To be direct, yesterday's Shady McCoy trade was an earth shattering wake up call as Philadelphia traded the best back of 2013 and dumped salary cap space.  It is clear that Chip Kelly has no intention of side tracking his way to a championship.  I say earth shattering because today is the Pivot Point ... Adrian is going to appear as this teams unquestioned leader or he's going to be the next Hershel Walker.  Of course the two are separate however Hershel was traded to Minnesota because both his mind and heart were no longer in Dallas on it's quest for Super Bowl titles and he was dealt for it.  Everyone within the Viking organization will know this Pivot Point for what it is. 

This trade also indicates that Rex Ryan is insane.  He has no #1 pick in the draft.  He's just gutted his effective salary cap by adding McCoy's salary and he has a desperate need at quarterback just like our recent Vikings.  Keep in mind that any quarterback found in the draft puts the Bills 3 years out before they would be able to contend.  With the McCoy trade, it has placed a great deal of leverage into Rick Spielman's hands as he had a proven starter in Matt Cassel.  If Cassel refuses to renegotiate his contract to back up in Minnesota his trade value in Buffalo can bring multiple draft picks to this Viking franchise.     

Now you might be thinking, how can we possibly give up a proven back up.  Well the rule of thumb is to trade a player when he has value ... well before he has no value to our franchise.  Next year does anyone doubt that Matt Cassel will be gone.  On Matt Cassel's behalf he would get to immediately start in Buffalo which should suit him as well as placate the Viking nation.  In other words we pulled the trigger on this trade for his betterment.  As a disciple of Belichick Matt Cassel would have an enormous, or almost immeasurable value to Rex Ryan.  Tell me who couldn't see this.  Just about all Ryan has left on the table is draft picks which is Spielman fodder.  This will happen as Rex Ryan is searching for his bridge to the future and Matt Cassel now has the undeniable track record.      
Most importantly, with both Cassel and Ponder gone is sends a uniform message throughout this franchise including Adrian Peterson.  You either protect Teddy Bridgewater or your ship will sink. This would also change both the coaches and front office into a new paramount axiom ... Protect Teddy.    
This move also emulates our nearest neighbor the fudge packers.  It's a clear message that we intend on developing our own quarterbacks from the draft rather than reclaiming heaps from the pile.  The intent is to develop our own internal talent as it is proven that development-time results in either a future franchise quarterback or untapped trade fodder that has proven so successful for other elite franchises.  This separates our franchise from coaches looking to protect their hind quarters, that are looking for quick fixes to win today, to coaches that want the ability to develop and create talent.  These type of innovative coaches typically lead to dynasties.  Could Norv's son be one of them?

Sure ... the screaming for trading Cassel will follow ... as of course it is a risk.  The first thing they'll point to is Tavaris Jackson starting a playoff game where the Monday morning quarterback would state that you need to have a quality back up just in case.  Well unless your name is Frank Reich (back up for Jim Kelly), or Jeff Hostetler (Bill Parcells), if your back up quarterback is forced into a playoff game for this franchise ... the point is moot as whomever you reclaimed from that pile isn't going to be the second coming of Steve Young.

For Adrian Peterson ... this is not a choice.  In other words you can't turn an uncontrolled fire on an off ... understanding that the commissioner has been empowered with the ability to kick any player in his nuts anytime, anywhere and for any reason.  Either the fire is raging or it is not.  If Adrian has burned his bridge within his tortured soul, understand that there is this one last opportunity.  Understand that the Vikings franchise doesn't lose as the fallout will result in things that will make sense to all involved.  If Adrian vents as an adult, making his points clear and concise, where he can separate the front office from the grid iron ... he wins.  Just as a stupid and selfish decision (field goal) put him and his team seconds away from the NFL rushing record, his cohorts and the entire football world want to see him on that podium accepting his reward from the omnipotent one.  The only question is will the commissioner extend his hand out to the crushing hand of Adrian Peterson as Adrian's stone cold X-ray eyes pierce his anguish into the commissioner.  There is more than one way to exact justice and clearly the courts don't work in your favor ... just in the favor of those that follow.  This particular moment in time will be etched as an overdue payment ... for the entire Viking Nation.  If you're keeping score ... win-win Vikings ... win-lose Peterson.  Get over your hurt feelings caused by your actions.  Get on with your life and fulfill your quest with the momentum of the entire Viking nation.   
Adrian.  No one can guarantee you a NFL Super Bowl championship.  No one can hand you Emmitt Smith's NFL rushing record.  You know it has to be earned.  Even if you fail ... we are with you.  When you run on that field you can either run alone (no one has the back of a hired gun) or you can run with purpose in your eyes that no NFL defender can defend or hold a candle to.  It doesn't matter what you're perspective of the field is ... we all search for divine providence ... and it keeps us coming back again and again until we see it again.   You now have that opportunity.  Will you throw it all away or will you see it for what could be a legendary moment in time?  Brake the bonds of failures of Vikings past.  Set the new standard. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
March 4, 2015