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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

There are 31 franchises that have filled the seas with Piranha ... motivated to eat from the bones of this Viking Nation ... however the greatest threat to this franchise lies within our history.  All you need to do is to Look as the span of starts under Favre & Rodgers, or under Aikman of the Cowboy's 90's & it is clear to see that this franchise has had nothing by comparison.  It is because we buy into the seeds of discontent like starving vultures too eager to poke holes into our own hull.  

If memory fails you just consider our time with Case Keenum.  Troy Aikman, among a host of other experts tell us that Case is in no way an elite quarterback.  He sinks our ship in the championship game for only sporting back up pay and we are on to our next project.  The issue here is that everyone heard that statement and just about everyone carried the mail.  Sure, it may have been true but we collectively are our own worst enemies.

As Julius Caesar returned from the battlefield, with the vanquished following him within his procession in chains, there was a voice whispering into his ear.  The message was that all glory was fleeting.  That statement roughly translates today as a reminder to mind your P's & Q's as you never really know who might be your boss or your new leader tomorrow.  What also is contained within that message is the keys to unravel anything & everything great, like the proverbial snake amongst the tree of forbidden fruit.

How else can you begin to explain the number of quarterbacks Cris Carter had under center within his career.  Painful as that statement is ... that is our history (except for the Daunte ... a very flawed athletic specimen).    

Today, we have to do more than wonder about this franchises sports beat.  Some might meekly dart & dagger amongst the hornets nests ... traveling daily within the maze of this franchise ... trying best not to upset the cart.  Others may be lurking about awaiting the chance to sharpen their edge(s) unto Brutus.  Others, like Syd, might have paid dearly, investing his life, investing & awaiting that special moment ... all the while helping to provide those special whispers ... to keep Caesar on track amongst disaster after disaster.  Then, there are the sinister ... planting their seeds of discontent ... day after day ... helping us trudge threw the maze heavy snows unto our journey.  It is then that we see that we've missed the objective of these weavers.  However, what we can count on is that a man will betray himself in his own words every time. 

How many times have we seen Kirk Cousin's walk to that podium ... naked & alone ... with no preface.  A preface that goes something like this.

"Are we all just ANTS at a picnic, or are we here to do our best to guide this franchise unto it's success?  Now go ahead & ask your questions ...followed by ... two more questions!"

The preface is both simple & direct.  It asks the question, are you here to help?  Or are you here to achieve some other unforeseen objective?  

This franchise is so desperate for success, but apparently they are either afraid or unwilling to ask the most important questions that must be asked.  In any conversation, it is not acceptable for only one side to be able to ask questions where the other side can only be allowed to give answers.  In other words, on the surface, you believe that you are controlling the format where in fact you control nothing until the franchise asks its own questions.

It is for this reason that after last weeks fiasco in Greenway that I am now fully 100% committed to Kirk Cousins as this franchises leader but not in the way that we are "cattle caged" into being.  In other words, I refuse to carry the mail for anything but my sworn & dieing allegiance to this franchise.  Will I become blind to unacceptable actions? No!  But Again, the Piranha will no longer be allowed to prey upon the Viking faithful.  My eyes are open.    

So I ask you, why is it that we cannot give the proper response to a question.  You know ... "I don't know, because maybe know one knows the answer to that question however I've devoted my life trying to investigate the answer to questions just like that ... In other words, I may not know ... but I'll either find out or I will eventually find out the answer".  Why is that direct answer being taken as some sort of weakness.  "You know, I don't think that anyone has an answer for that question but allow me to express my thoughts, or better yet, allow me not to disclose my thoughts as that might tip-off or help my competition".  When did these types of responses become taboo &  considered evasive?  Is the truth too hard to face?  

Regardless, without countering & having the opportunity of having the media answering this franchises questions, they expose a player like Kirk Cousins to a very  unbalanced world where there is no way he can win.  The world has been allowed to tilt from WIN-WIN to LOSE-LOSE.  Only when we all stand with Kirk Cousins, born flawed & naked just like you, will we have the opportunity of achieving the objective.   

Sure, you could say that Kirk Cousins needs to be man enough to handle all this adversity on his own.  Where only Rick Spielman & Head Coach Mike Zimmer are made to stick out their necks like Thanksgiving Turkey's for the feast that will come but this will stand no longer.  My neck is now first in line as this history has made me quite weary of having to deal with the sea of Piranha.  Sure you could say that Kirk Cousins, along with his compensation, needs to become the duck ... to have the water poured down his back but that fish don't fly anymore.  Mention his compensation at your peril & only when you first relay how much your are overpaid for your incompetence first.

Now consider Kirk Cousins situation & identify the character that he would emulate in the movie "Idiocracy"!  If you said, he's the guy that gets nailed in the privates throughout the movie you'd begin to understand how we've all carried the mail for the Piranha over these 58 years.  We'd be the idiots.  We should also be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen.  For you ... and yes my finger is pointing directly at you ... we've allowed those crafty devils the opportunity of destroying Kirk Cousins.  There is nothing ... crafted by & within the sports beat that can be used as an excuse to protect you from what you are ... Piranha, or at the very least ... the carriers of that mail.     

So how Outstanding was Kirk Cousins versus the Vegas Raiders.  Well, let's begin with what I was most unhappy:  

  1. Kirk Cousins did not take that fraction of a second, to consider he was throwing an un-catch-able ball to CJ Ham on the slant early in the game.  Your coaches ingrain within you the idea that every ball that you throw must whistle ... where once released, the receiver is now responsible, however Coach Bill Walsh, working with Steve Young said, what you've just did, over & over again, was great ... now can you throw a catch-able ball.  What Coach Walsh clearly meant was to be successful 100% of the time you need to take was you've been given (time) to impart your judgment into your throw.  Something off that throw on Ham's slant and he might be still running.
  2. Kirk Cousins had a batted ball at the line of scrimmage.  This isn't the first time that it happened but the issue is frequency due to lack of polish.  We can all expect the number of batted balls at the line of scrimmage will only increase having to face the elite teams.  Somehow we need to apply the polish to get it cleaned up in time.
  3. From my perspective, it was clear that Kirk Cousins was at as close to the breaking point in regard to his overall performance where he clearly needed to do something spectacular to get out of the dog house.  Kirk Cousins restraint today was beyond brilliant & you can take your Piranha-Like "Game Manager" label & stick it where the sun doesn't shine.  His first touchdown to Thielen was a thing of beauty to watch however his greatest accomplishment of the day was to not fall into the trap of trying to chase his own tail or tale thereby chasing the ghost that do not exist.  You will now hear the Piranha's-Gang state that Kirk Cousins statistically is the worst quarterback in the league where the truth is that he's the most dangerous highly accurate quarterback on the planet.  It's not like he's faced three consecutive cream puffs (less maybe Washington) like the Cowboys.  My hat is off to Kirk Cousins as today you've clearly demonstrated the most important required characteristic ... LEADERSHIP.  The word DISCIPLINE is not a negative word as its definition is to have control of ones body, mind & soul.  Kirk Cousins discipline over himself exhibited his unquestioned leadership versus the Raiders.
  4. Kirk Cousins executed a flawless lob to his receiver thereby accepting the premise rather than internally fighting the concept.  Execution of the flawless screen's is the final piece in Kirk Cousins puzzle.  The moment that Kirk Cousins believes that the execution of the screen is the most important play in his arsenal is the moment he achieves his goals.  It's not what you've mastered that makes you a champion ... it is mastering the things that either you don't believe in or in the things that you haven't master that brings on all that success.
  5. He's footwork in the pocket was a marvel to watch.  I don't know if Fran Tarkenton was in attendance on Sunday but Kirk's mind control over his feet into avoiding the rush so that he could set his foundation to get the ball downfield was major piece in his growth development.  Adhering to Tarkenton's advise was much more important than even Kirk Cousins attempts to run it himself.  Your proof was clearly seen near the goal line where Kirk took several hits on just one run.  Movement & Shuffling buys time & it opens downfield receivers.     

These are only a few observations into Kirk Cousins growth and how impressed that I've become with him.  Kirk Cousins will stand alone no more.

Ants at a picnic!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 23, 2019