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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Penny Ante  
It didn't take long to remember exactly what it meant to carry that Viking moniker with you each & every day.  Some putz on the golf course uttered the following.  "Last night, I played poker & you wouldn't believe it ... but I didn't win a hand all night long.  Can you think of anything worse than that".  I said, "Yeah!  I can think of something much worse than that.  Try being second best all night".  

Unless you've ever been at a poker table & directly experienced 2nd best all night long ... you wouldn't know what I'm talking about.   So true, it is what it means to have followed this franchise as your own since 1966.  It is one & the same.  

I love when these same putz's throw out Sam Bradford's contract in an effort to stir the pot ... literally.  If Sam is wondering about his status & how he should be proceeding, I'll say.  When I see it ... I'll let you know.  Competition on the field does not lie ... it only wears sun glasses with distorted polar light that sometimes obscures our view.  Once again, When I see it I'll let you know.     

Oh yeah, I saw it.  It was my sons first NFL game & we traveled down to Charlotte, NC to see it.  On that day, I got to see Theilen fly.  Rudolph got to extend his hands above his head ... as if we were all chanting Skol ... on his touchdown reception.  On that day I got to see what was truly inside Sam Bradford.  He was cool, calm & had laser-like focus searching for that opportunity darting its way across the field.  The result was a feeding frenzy from the defense & Patterson showed his true value as a special teams gunner.  Bliss!  Oh yes ... I saw it all on that day.  Then the disaster that was our 2016 season was continuing to unfold, to go from power ranking number 1 to oblivion.  

So what faces Sam Bradford.  Well what is for absolute certain is that he's not a free man.  The Franchise Tag & Cousin's present contract made sure of that.  Under that scenario, Sam Bradford is due a raise but not an extension of his future security.  His future security should depend on his ability to finally turn himself into a winner.  

Unfortunately, Teddy Bridgewater sees himself as leverage ... which is the exact view of his agent.  You see, his agent wants to get paid now ... now ... now, and so does Teddy but PUP on opening day is most certainly in his best interest.  He's fighting to prevent this but he's rushing something that does not need to be rushed and that is namely his health.  Teddy sees himself as someone that has lost something but in fact he could not be in a better position.  His mega contract is assured but it shouldn't happen until 2018.  Teddy is a proven winner, that regardless of the franchise that he actually works for, he will get paid very handsomely.  Teddy has a choice that that is to force free agency for 2018 and risk his future on an NFL unstable knee.  Opening day 2017 is not your day to push your NFL unstable knee & there is well over 100 million reasons not to push a stupid agent decision.  Remember that that putz doesn't have to avoid the rush.  Be smart Teddy as the world loves you.  You've had a set back.  You haven't gone away.  Take it in stride with that infectious Teddy smile.  After all ... you just might be wearing Viking horns for an NFL-long-time.        

So your Mark & Zygi Wilf.  No franchise has ever hosted & played in and won the Super Bow.  Maybe it's not allowed.  These guys have one key calling card in there hand & that is not to renegotiate Sam Bradford's contract until after the 2017 season is complete.  If Sam doesn't become a winner & get us at least on the threshold, then Teddy's your man.  If Sam gets us that championship, Teddy will get you at least that #1 draft pick back & maybe a lot more.  Don't be foolish & listen to a bunch of garbage.  Does anyone remember Cunningham signing a 25 million dollar contract mid-season in the 1998 season.  What a disaster that was.  You've got the cards & you've paid dearly for them.  Play them like you've got a set.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: June 24, 2017