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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

When you go in to speak to Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner you have to know exactly what to say.  Do not embellish your feelings.  The only thing that should be on your mind include the facts only.  From this discussion, you'll need to allow this organization to make its decisions in regard to the team.
Fact #1:  Special teams got you onto the field which allowed you opportunities to play receiver.  If your future is to dominate the league at receiver then you should not be exposing yourself to injury on the suicide squad.  Your primary weapon is in your ability to change directions at high speed.  That is proven by your play as a special teams player.  Without your healthy ankles, hip, or your knees, injuries probably sustained on special teams, you cannot be expected to excel on offense.  Allow me the opportunity to shred defenses by playing offense only and if I don't succeed then do with me as you will.  Patterson's total focus should be at receiver, not special teams.  Special teams will at the very least hinder your ability to succeed as a receiver.  My success on the field should be focused and obtained only what I achieve as a receiver. This is both a valid and lucid argument.  If it is not then why doesn't Adrian Peterson play in the pre-season?  If you need to reason this with the team tell them that you are punishing me by forcing offensive yards from my hand by not allowing easily gained all purpose yards for fantasy pundants.  Keep in mind that the focus should be to achieve the ultimate goal in 2015 where it is time to develop and isolate that plan now.  

Fact #2:  #1 draft picks should not be exposed to special teams.  Chad Greenway was our #1 pick and he blew out his knee in the pre-season of his rookie year.  Special teams should not be the focal point of my future.

Fact #3:  Your success as a receiver does not come from just hard work alone.  Everyone that walks the face of the earth thinks that they work hard, so this statement means absolutely nothing.  To be able to excel in this league you have to work smarter than the next guy.  When they ask you what is it as a receiver that is the cause for you not excelling on the field you need to point to your ears, your eyes and what's between your ears.  You don't learn a thing from speaking about anything except that: "It is nice to be important but it's more important to be nice".  The key to success begins from understanding two primary keys of life: humility and gratitude.  Here's an example of what this means.  "Thank you for my opportunities on the field as I truly appreciate your faith in me.  It is my hope that I continue in my quest to earn your respect both on and off the field.  I have failed to achieve my lofty goals that I've set for myself.  I have failed to develop my continuity within this offense.  I have also failed to develop a consistent report with my quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater) regardless of the situation (investing so much developing with Matt Cassel).  I may have harmed my relationship with Teddy without having either knowledge of my harmful act(s), as I have no having malice in my heart.  I'm like no other ... I have been a prideful idiot ... I am an ass.  I have consistently failed to learn how to beat my competitors on the field.  Welker has the defense beat before the ball is snapped.  I have failed in my humility as I was drawn into a false sense when people identified me as an elite player rather than earning the right of being called an elite player.  I fell into that trap."   Think of it as being a prayer as everyone ... like yourself ... can always use the help.    
Fact #4:  When Teddy peers at you, do you think he sees your humility and gratitude first and foremost?  If you look at Teddy's pre-season, he had the ability to bring success to players that aren't even part of the organization any more.  It takes much more than just talent.  Now look at Charles Johnson through Teddy's eyes.  Does he have more talent that you?  Has he worked harder than you?  Has he faced more difficult competition than you have faced during the year?  If the answer to all those questions are no, then what is missing from the equation must come from you ... not from Teddy.  Your success is directly reliant on your quarterback and it will never be the other way around.  Also, consider this, if Wes Welker is one solid hit away from ending his career, what is Peyton Manning's perspective in regard to his frail receiver?  Teddy has the ability to bring the same success that Peyton and Brady have brought to Wes.  Ask yourself the following.  Do you want the money first and foremost?  Money is a curse.  Do you want the reporters and sharks around you so that you can continue your prideful mistakes?  Maybe, what you want just might be what Welker and Manning have which is something that goes down into the record books.  That my friend has nothing to do with your pride and is something that can be solidified in bronze.           

Fact #5:  All people rely upon the concept of normalcy.  They expect today to be the same as yesterday.  If that were true and a reflection of reality then why would your name ever be associated with the word BENCHED.  The truly great have the ability to correct themselves from self reflection.  If you think your coaches are the hardest thing that you've ever faced then you will never succeed.  Your hardest critic must be yourself and you must battle with improvement within yourself every moment of every day.  When the time comes when Teddy can see your internal struggle of a never ending dilemma, where you have torn yourself up from the inside out, facing failure in each step that you take, then your problems will find its solution.  Now how far is that from standing in the center of the locker room letting off a bit of steam.  
Talent and hard work ... is never enough.  If you want to inspire people ... do it from within.  Until then ... of course ... you're just a floundering fool.  One more thing to Keep in mind, physical pain, in most cases, goes away all on its own involving little work by comparison, whereas emotional pain and mental anguish never goes away without significant internal repairs.
Here's a response to a question that you might never have thought of and it goes something like this: "That's a funny question!"  Sometimes questions have so many meanings and directions that you might see the question as comical.  Will Smith as Bagger
Vance, "You're a funny man ... Mr. Junna".  Have you ever wondered why the immortal Mickie Mantle answered his questions with a bright smile on his face and with a response that was completely unrelated?  His answers lied within his heart.  When you realize where the answers come from you can then realize that exposure can lead them into tearing yours out.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 5, 2014