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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Packer Sainthood 
"Let He who is without sin cast the first stone."  Of course ... a biblical statement, but I can't think of a more appropriate statement that could be applied to the Green Bay Packers organization.  Sure, they're great guys when A. A. Ron is chucking the ball down the field on a "free play" after making some "poor-sap" defensive lineman jump off sides on one of his hard counts, but they are what their history says they are.  

Maybe the most hated NFL player in the city of Philadelphia is Bryce Paup, a former player for these innocent-as-babes-in-the-woods Green Bay Packers. 
The injury to Randall Cunningham occurred when Paup made a desperate lunge at Cunningham's left knee, after being blocked to the ground, blowing out his MCL & PCL tendons ending both his season & that of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Even though the Eagles won that contest on September 1, 1991, for all purposes it ended Philadelphia's quest to hoist it's first Lombardi trophy.  Sure ... I dare you.  Walk with me down the streets of Philly today & try to espouse that that wasn't the Eagles year.  GaAhead, I dares Yah!    

Then of course, there is maybe one of the NFL's greatest modern era cheap shots of all times.  Charles Martin of these innocent Green Bay Packers, having the numbers 9, 34, 83, 63 & 29 on a towel belted to his waist, picked up & then slammed the prior years Super Bowl quarterback Jim McMahon, onto his throwing shoulder dislocating it, thereby achieving an offsetting "late hit" penalty.  This resulted in maybe Ditka's greatest quote of all time where he said something like this.  Let me get this straight, we lined up wrong & they maybe killed my guy (dead) & all that offsets?  You're not even going to acknowledge a penalty on that lunatic?  That's right, Charles Martin wasn't even ejected from the game.  It was maybe one of the most incredible things that I've ever witnessed and as far a players career goes that ranked right up there with Lawrence Taylor snapping of Joe Theisman's leg in half in primetime, which in itself was at least a freakish & very unfortunate event.  As of that very moment, for all purposes, Jim McMahon never threw the ball the same ever again but at least his soul remanded intact, cause after all, he was still breathing.  

Sure, you could say that these guys have moved past those dark days of yesteryear but they still strap it on ... just like every other knucklehead ... and they are far from being angles & this makes no mention of their never ending rhetoric, psychological warfare & every other manipulative advantage that they could possibly gain under this leagues eyes ... being the angles of the mid-way.  When you walk on that field tomorrow ... with or without A. A. Ron ... you can expect a war to be fought on every level possible.       

To date, Rodgers injury hasn't benefited the Minnesota Vikings any more than when we had lost Dalvin Cook when we played the Detroit Lions.  In fact, we lost more comparing the two because ours was a home contest where the Packers just might have lost in Minnesota with or without Rodgers on that day however the real teams that benefited from A. A. Ron being on the rock pile are the Saints, the Lions, the Bears, the Ravens, the Steelers, the Bucs, the Browns & the Panthers as they all were the actual beneficiaries of A. A. Ron's injury ... no us.  We still had to win games week after week against quality opponents (almost every week) where we had to earn it.   
To be direct, your view of Anthony Barr's hit on A. A. Ron, whether it was legal or illegal, or should it be allowed, doesn't really matter but there is something even more telling to consider here.  Also, let's not forget that A. A. Ron will take advantage of any small opening or crease of his advantage ... at any moment of time ... so let's not even try to say that we need to give him even more advantages over a defense.  

A. A. Ron used to thrive in the Metrodome.  He loved to play indoors where he could pad his stats as opposed to having to deal with all that outdoor weather that's served up in Green Bay.  Well maybe you haven't noticed but Mr. Rodger's former neighborhood has been dismantled ... just for A. A. Ron.  You now have to play in a brand new arena ... and it is hostile. 
In all those years, we've had to endure your side line runs from the pocket, your "Discount Double Checks",  "All those State Farm Commercials", all that less than manly skipping about, all those Cheese Heads fudge-packers frolicking about in our stands, & all those Packer chants under that collapsible Teflon roof ... all at our expense.  There of course would be a price to pay for all of it.  We shook our dirty little rookers up to the skies being sick of the 27 years of league-wide genuflecting to just one team, having to have it's untouched franchise quarterback, to fill the seats, so that we could all watch every other team get dissected by Green Bays glorious franchise quarterback.  By acting in this manor, the league knowingly established an unfair advantage, allowing untouched continuity, known as the Packer franchise quarterback.  All the while, every other team had to start either something from the trash heap, or better yet, a new rookie that would be green behind the ears.  Hey, what's good for the Packers is good for the league ... Right?  Well how about them brittle bones?        

Then there was the blame game.  Since the league could no longer protect its Golden Boy of antics it became paramount to assign blame to everyone but the real culprit.  So the fudgers lumped & heaped everything upon Anthony Barr & his so called cheap shot orchestra.  Never mind that this offensive line gave up six sack in the first half alone to the visiting Seattle Seahawks on opening day.  In my mind, when I witnessed that all that ran through my mind was that Rodgers would be history in 2017 simply because they couldn't protect him but of course ... never mind what is behind that curtain.     

At this juncture, if there was a regret, it might be in Head Coach Mike Zimmer's "This is Football" statement.  It implies in some peoples minds that this is our modus operandi or "This is what we do".  Our coach would have been better served in saying, "Its really a mystery that Rodger's made it this far".  It's truly unfortunate ... A. A. Ron deserved better.  He is a great competitor."  This would of shelved the blame for the 2017 season exactly where it belonged.

Instead you're going to get a bunch of "Woe is Me" propaganda & a bunch of finger pointing at a true professional.  In fact, Anthony Barr's vindication is in knowing that his bid to the Pro Bowl contained 1/3 support from the coaches & 1/3 from the players which is screaming out a great deal.  Firstly, that key members of this league are very tired of McCarthy's group & its antics.  Secondly, and more importantly, there is a deeper message in regard to how the defense is made to shoulder a great deal more of the NFL's adversity.  That includes fines unfairly levied over the defense, rules that favor the offense over defense, as well as calls made on the field that unjustly reissue opportunities, to directly influence momentum swings which directly influence the results of heavily contested contests.

As for Packer Sainthood ... angles they Ain't.  They insist that they be portrayed as victims.  Please!!!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 22, 2017