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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Overworked - Please!
People ... the Minnesota Vikings are under siege!  You've got L.T. calling AD out were he labels him, "Not an every down back".  You've got Patrick Crayton stating that, "We (Cowpokes) are not just a team with just a running back, we're a complete team with numerous threats".  Now we have the NFL network joining the fray, with a nodding Woodson, rasping onto the Spittle of Rich Eisen ... "There is a rumor that AD is being overworked".  Please ... AD just blistered a 64 yard run, at the end of the game, and he's not even breathing hard yet.  Wolves in sheep's clothing!

Note to idiots ... with your keen and perceptive eyes and intellect ... send us all the overworked athletes like AD that you can find!

I've said it numerous times.  There are 31 other teams, fans bases, and media outlets that want nothing more than to see the Minnesota Vikings lobbed onto the scrap heap, well into their rear view mirror.  Wake up and smell the toast.  Age and treachery have been preying upon a youthful mind and skill for millennia.  Your coaches, combined with your even tempered response holds the keys to our success.   

These statements are tantamount to calling the Minnesota Vikings and its players a bunch of cowards.  In response, we must not lash out and play into the youthful mind of that foolish game.  We must respond in kind with a measured response of collective unity.  They call it a team.  A team of overwhelming power.  This is where the skills and experience of a player like Brett Farve will become our greatest asset.  Keep a keen eye TJack!    

You're not playing football out there, you're playing the greatest game of attrition known to man ... chess!  Battleships don't engage (Jutland), whereas in chess it is common to end with just 3 pieces.  Where masters fight for material gain or a pivotal key position to neutralize and destroy.  Everything over the control of one pivotal square.  Offensive threats countered with defensive counter punching.  One more note, masters don't end with just 3 pieces but numerous pieces by piercing the heart of a body intact.    

Why is understanding this important?  Only a fool would bring out their most powerful piece prior to developing their game first.  These ravenous vultures know that if we commit Adrian Peterson too early ... he, and that plan, can be destroyed.  The game of chess is filled with ebb and flow.  Pieces must be developed.  Position must be gained and power must be stacked.  Adrian Peterson is apart of that stack of power.  Unleashing the torrent must be measured in patience.  You know this to be true.    

Mr. Crayton our collective measured answer is follows:  No Sir!  The league will have to deal all day with Shank, Chelor, Harvin, SYD and BB along with a couple of human tanks and a five fingered beast.  These facets are not just another cup of tea mind you.  The development of these slices of humanity are in sum the keys to our success: Neutralizing the pressure, dismounting the box, gashing the gaps.  Tune in ... you just might enjoy what you see.  Also, let us not forget a much improved special teams unit with a few new threats of its own.  We just had a turn-your-head type physical but it all looks very promising.  Yes, there is one more thing.  We have a fairly competent defense that hold a few mysterious answers of its own.   Yes ... these are the measured words to our response.  Let us now try to put the words away in favor of doing our intended work.    

Sure, I was angry ... at first ... but we have seen it all for what it is worth.  The last cries of desperate men.  Now we crack a smile when we kiss that baby!

Keep in mind, there could be no greater a red flag.  Your jealousy exposes your true heart.   Within all of our hissing and clinking sounds of a sputtering engine, we are perceived to be the NFL's greatest threat.  The birth of a new nation!  Try and stop a world revolution.       

AD's is not reliant upon your slings and arrows however he does relish something that he now shares with the likes of Jim Brown.  Something that Randy Moss had but lost somewhere along his journey back within the confines of Minnesota.  Hopefully you guys will attain it too.  Good luck!    

How you have Grown
So many years ago, in my first introduction to the Kansas Viking, my heart longed for something more.  It was truly insightful to create a web site dedicated to the news and commentary of the Minnesota Vikings enabling the nation.  At the time, article after article, rehashed the exact same game or event.  Me, enduring through every repetitive stroke, searching for that little tid-bits of unique news or a unique structure contained within.  The safety of these repetitions never truly exposing ones heart.  Since then, the news and commentary has evolved into more of a historical structure ... more than just an event.  There are true beating hearts out there pounding the pavement, abrading that shoe leather, searching for color in a colorless world.  Capturing its essence.  Some day this will all matter more than you might thing.  Especially for the ones that once held a little sweetness in a cup.  It has most certainly given me a voice.  Thank you for all that has been done.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 18, 2009

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