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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Overcoming Fear -
There it is ... is has to be said ... Mike Zimmer ... you are a coward for not acting in this organizations best interests.  You cannot be the nice guy on this one.  Your fear is to face that statistic that identifies how many starting quarterbacks this franchise has started since Bret Favre took the field in Green Bay.  The stat is overwhelming ... where you think starting Sloter will lead to your demise ... but in fact, not starting Sloter will lead to your demise because you are stricken with fear that you cannot overcome ... which is the result of something that you have absolutely no control over. 

This franchise has started retreads, 2nd & 3rd chance candidates to the most ridiculous ... Spergeon Winn.  They all have one thing in common ... their allegiance was never to the Vikings ... and somehow we've missed that point. 

Case Keenum is a backup quarterback ... which by its very definition ... will win you a game from time to time.  Of course that game versus the Buc's is now in our rearview mirror.  Of course you were overwhelmed & blinded by what Keenum did but you have to get past that as the way Keenum played yesterday ... his allegiance is clearly not with this squad.  At  his first opportunity his knife found your back and at the worst possible moment.  His allegiance ... like Kai Forbath is with their wallets only.  

How is it that you cannot see it?  You key players are not Vikings & never will be Vikings ... swearing with their allegiance in blood to this franchise.  Yesterday's game was dependent upon Forbath & Keenum & both played this franchise yesterday.  You can say that they may have missed on plays but they certainly did not miss on enhancing opportunities to their wallets.

You've got a cancer within this organization.  After what Forbath did yesterday ... again, after missing two prior extra points ... should have been followed by security taking him to his locker, emptying out his personal possessions, turning in his playbook followed by being kicked to the streets.  You have to send a message that rocks this franchise to its foundation ... "This will be tolerated any more!!!"

The message to the team ... I guess we are going to have to play this game without a kicker ... now deal with that.  You're going to have to win this game with touchdowns & 2-point conversations ... sink or swim.  

When Brett Favre walked on that field ... history changed forever.  When Tom Brady walked on that field ... history changed forever.  When Kurt Warner walked on that field ... history changed forever.  I tried my best to warn you ... get Kyle Sloter on that field.

Warning 2 ... that Latavius Murray would play a significant role on this team this year ... now I'm absolutely sick about what happened.  Why was Dalvin Cook sacrificed.  It was like the Metrodome collapsing again ... playing our home game in Detroit; assuming the incredible bad history of that franchise.

Time is running out.

Your choice is to either heed my warning & act as the unquestioned leader... of which  you are capable ... or the tempest will prevail.  I'm absolutely sick.

Blue collar players that are dedicated to this franchise only.  Until you have that, you're just spinning your wheels.  Do you think Bill Parcels would accept any of it or would he not say but rather demonstrate that if you cannot do the job I'll get someone in your position that will.   You cannot expose yourself with key players that are non-Vikings.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 2, 2017