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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Oral Cancer 
I don't know if this it is going to be an issue however I've switched to NFL Game Pass from Direct TV, which means that I won't be able to watch many of this years regular season games until the game is in replay mode.  Why might this be a problem, well I was traveling on Thursday for kickoff and my first live view was just after the field goal while I watch Stave heading into the locker room just before the half.  Just prior to that I was frantically trying to get connected while the Vikings were marching toward their first points.  Then I connected and it was then that the hand of the big guy intervened.  All I could do is remark ... is this really happening.  Could it be, "Good Luck playing live without your witness"?  We'll soon find out.    

The key message for Sam Bradford lies within Teddy's leadership, which was deeply laced within his humility.  Some of the first words out of Sammy mouth was to tell one coach (Shurmer) to speak to another (Turner).  Major Red Flag.  Directly stated, this is the beginning of a "Oral Cancer".   

This can corrected however the corrective action must come directly from Sam Bradford and it must be in the form of humility.

This team has spent and entire training camp, off season and much much more, learning what is now an established system where absolutely no one is willing to learn a new system to accommodate Sam Bradford.  It's just not going to happen.

Here are the words that Sam needs to acquaint himself with:
- If this team loses, it was because I, Sam Bradford, failed to learn my role in it.
- If this team loses, it was because I, Sam Bradford, failed to learn this established and well entrenched system.
- If this team loses, it was because I, Sam Bradford, failed to execute to the full potential of my God given talent.
- If this team loses, it was because I, Sam Bradford, failed to take advantage of opportunities.
- If this team loses, it was because I, Sam Bradford, failed to face my fears by allowing others to dictate the results.

Let's face it Same, all you have in your holster is humility ... and it shall slay everything that you purvey.  Why?  Because by disarming everything around you they can go from being not so sure to actually helping you in everything that they do.  You now have the ability to carry David's proverbial pebble where it is now time to bring about ... upon your sling.  

Sure these words for Sam seem harsh.  Sure it is unrealistic to expect Sam Bradford to be on the same page as Teddy was with his receivers.  Sure, it is unrealistic to assume that Sam can take on the role of this franchises starting quarterback with virtually no practice or prior notice.  This will truly be absolute hell on earth for Sam Bradford where the foundation of this organization has been shaken to its core but this is not much different from having your starting center and right tackle being taken from you before the season even begins.  In other words, this franchise has already been tested to its core.  Of course, that linemen comparison to today's issues is like last years problems on hyper active steroids but that is the hand that we've been dealt.  Stuff happens for a reason where the big guy is testing your medal ... its just at another level.  It's sort of like saying that if you find a way to succeed with this stuff ... handling the Super Bowl will be like a cake walk.  Did you get that last part?.  Should I say it again?  There is a reason for all of this.   By comparison, the weekly cake walk of 98 certainly didn't test anything and we all know what happened then.   

Sam, you're so young that you just might not know but it wasn't all that long ago that Buddy Ryan released Cris Carter stating that all he did was catch touch downs.  Then there was this guy running marble with his fork lift in Vegas where his phone rings and Denis Green wants him to come out of retirement to be his back up quarterback.  In that year, he became the NFL's MVP chucking it up to a guy named Moss.  Then there was 2009, Favre's greatest statistical season ever before he gutted us like pigs.  In other words, an immense amount of stuff has happened for this organization for a reason and reclamation projects have occurred on a regular basis from what seams like the beginning of time.  

Yesterday, Sam Bradford was ever so close to being on the trash heap of history only to find himself thrust into a new world under new salvation.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  If you look back in recent history, you'll find certain words from coach Zimmer where he expressed a thought about #1 picks, but more importantly ... it was about something that they posses ... well beyond a character trait.  Mike Zimmer has a way of exposing what lies just beneath the surface ... you'll see it all around you.  

It was quite interesting to see that my beloved Vikings franchise is now the 3rd most winning-est NFL franchise ... where that roll was once dominated by the Oakland Raiders.  In the old days, their claim to fame was in taking misfits and underachievers by reclaiming them into their fold.  That moniker now belongs and is dominated by the Vikings.

Some might think that we had little choice in the matter of Sam Bradford.  Some may think that we reacted rather than acted.  Some may think that we've paid to steep a price but if history tells us anything it is that usually both teams prosper from such a move.  Time will judge this.  What is clear is that the Vikings let players go that do not want to be apart of this and they seek out players that want to desperately find where they belong.  It is clear that there is no greater melting pot than what is found under this franchise.  

Are they sick?  Yes.  They just saw a true gift from the gods decimated in front of their own eyes, however they are also seeing some other things that just cannot be explained.  It's almost like the greatest show on turf where it just exploded upon the scene due to the voracity of the moment.  There was just too much to control. 

There once was a story told that we have no idea if it was true or not however as the story goes, it was Ted Thompson that said to Reggie, God wants you here in Green Bay.  Those words brought that franchise two Super Bowl appearances and one NFL championship.  

The big guy brought you here for reasons that have never been explained.  You are now here for a reason.  There is some destiny that you must seek out ... as it is attested with your heart.  There is a message that you must send out and it is formed within humility.  Maybe the big guy was tired of seeing the rug ripped from beneath your feet time and again ... be it by your coaches ... or a lack of adequate investment (protection).  

No one knows your destiny.  All that is known is in the investment seen in what now surrounds you.  You've been thrust into a cosmic shift where it is now possible to know who and what is Sam Bradford.  Don't ruin it with what lies within Oral Cancer.  They will forgive every aspect of the learning curve but they will not forgive the infiltration & injections of lethal carcinogens.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 6, 2016