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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

On The Spot 
Here's the real question.  Should we ever believe anything that coach Zimmer says ... or should we be hearing everything within the words of what he's really saying?  Well if you're a buff of history ... you should be doing the latter.  What he says & what he does doesn't always jive ... or maybe that's exactly what he'll do ... JIVE!  

It's not exactly clear what's going on in Washington this weekend but they cannot give away tickets for this upcoming event.  Could it be that these Redskin fans sense that tasty little treat that we'd like to call ... that never ending Order of Appearance.  In any event, there are numerous options awaiting Viking fans up & down the east coast at Fed Ex Field located in Landover, MD.  Last year, the same two seats in Charlotte, NC cost over $1,100 where in Washington the cost is just over $300.  Maybe it was the deluge of rain 2 weeks ago in Washington that's scaring their fan base away ... maybe it's some sort of defense sporting white, purple & yellow.  Either way something has been blowing in my ear telling "The Witness" to be on the spot.  Just like last year in Charlotte ... to see Theilen Fly ... or in Philly to see a Clement explosion after Sendejo's pick.

For example, when considering Zimmer, we know that there are two players that can be designated to return this season.  Are we to actually believe that Dalvin Cook will not be activated to play in Super Bowl LII?  Really ... what if Cook is crawling the walls with an insurmountable belly ache to strap it on.  Sure. we all know that the time table for his knee injury should be no sooner than the start of this franchises 2018 training camp but then again what lies within Jarius Wright's statement of miracles regarding Adrian Peterson's 2,000+ yard MVP season as well as Teddy's return to this franchises active roster.  Sure, you could try and corner Coach Zimmer now, to see if he just might be out of his mind ... if you're after his job ... but "The-old-man-Mike" just doesn't have to address miracles ... well ... that is ... until he has to.   

So what lies ahead this weekend?  Are we talking like the virtual collapse like that witnessed in Philly in 2016 or is there a completely different cast of characters this time around?  What does fate hold for us?  

Maybe, the world doesn't remember that 3rd pre-season game in 2016.  Maybe our minds are now too cluttered as we can't quite remember that victory on opening day in St. Louis versus the Rams ... which was followed by the unprecedented move of being placed on the commissioners exempt list for the remainder of the year.  Then we are hit directly between the eyes of the "NFL's Now" documentary involving this franchises 1987 & 1982 seasons, which eventually led to the Hershel Walker trade, along with what might have been if Darren Nelson caught that ball on the goal line in the NFC championship game with that magnificent Vikings defense.  All these things that now pivot around this Washington Redskins franchise ... deal with the heavy hand of fate.  What now lies in store & why am I now driven to be on the spot?
Maybe it's just to see Teddy wearing that number 5 again, hoping to see that infectious smile one more time.  Maybe not, but I'll be on that spot nevertheless waiting on the outside for that magic moment.  On the outside ...  hearing in my mind the torment of the master describing his Siberian Experience in absolute tortured notes.  Most don't like it & many flee it but immersion into it's beauty cannot be avoided for it is the master that forces us to take that journey.  It can only then be caressed & be made unto oneself.  It belongs to me alone ... on the outside.         

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 10, 2017