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Old Norv - A Pretty Smart Fella!
That Norv Turner ... he's a pretty smart guy.  It wasn't so long ago that we tried to establish the run immediately in every game with Peterson, where the bruising poor Toby Gerhart languished on the sideline for his opportunity to get onto the field.  This was true except for the start of Adrian Peterson's MVP season.  In just about every game we'd run Peterson hard between the 20's, and then by the time we reached the Red Zone on a drive, Peterson was either spent or needed a blow on the side line.  Not with Norv Turner.  He brings out the heavy guns early and often bruising the defense with Matt Asiata and Jerome Felton.  After the resolve of the defense weakens a bit, he turns loose the finesse speed demon Jerrick McKinnon.  Gee, its not like the Ghost hasn't been screaming this philosophy since well before we even drafted Toby Gerhart ... you know ... back in the days of Chilly.

Here was the problem.  The organization was so wound up into how great a player that Adrian Peterson was that we couldn't see that our coaches were blind to the problem.  They couldn't see the forest through the trees.  Regardless of how great a player AD was, he was just a man where to maximize his efficiency within the scheme it mattered more when we used him more so than how much we used him.  Now think back and you'll see ... we pounded Adrian Peterson, early and often, like a man repeatedly banging his head up against the wall.  As we expended the utility of AD, we lost our ability of establishing the offensive as a team of concepts.  It is here that Norv Turner is now expressing his genius.

Take Cordarrel Patterson for instance.  He's an established star in this league.  At all times, he's demanding both the focus and respect of every defense that he faces just like Randy Moss of old.  It doesn't take much for Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner to understand that the defense is going to expend its most versatile defensive talent to take Patterson away from our offense.  Norv Turner wants to use Patterson and get him the ball in explosive situations.  So does he force the issue ... like we did so often and predictably with Adrian Peterson?  No, instead, in the last two weeks, he's chosen to develop a myriad of weapons where on Thursday night in Green Bay, WI, the cheese-whiz kids are going to have to make choices ... and bad choices for that matter.

We are told that under Matt Asiata, we couldn't run the ball ... but in the flat, he's caught the ball for very large gains.  Now doesn't that sounds like a threat?  No, Asiata is no break away threat but it's not about how many yards Asiata gets ... it's how heavily those yards weigh upon a tenderized defense.  Versus the Falcons in week four Asiata pounded-in 3 TD's on the ground, within the Red Zone, you know, when AD used to be taking a blow after gaining yards between the 20's.  Does that sound like a threat for a team that can't run the ball?

So does old Norv stop there ... hardly?  No, he introduces Adrian Peterson's broken-field replacement Jerrick McKinnon.  A buck thirty five later and you could ask, Does that sound like a threat?  How often did we all secretly wish that Peterson was let loose in the 3rd and 4th quarter of games, after the defense was softened up a bit, regardless of what the score was?  Instead, if we fell behind ... which was way too often, we turned the ball over to an incomplete, after incomplete, after incomplete machine to conserve time on drive after stalled drive until there was no time left.

So enter Cordarrel Patterson ... Whoaaa ... Not so fast says old Norv Turner.  See ... we've got this kid here that can shred defenses with his speed and pass catching skills, you know, like what he did to that defense up in Seattle last year.  Who's that you might ask?  Well, under the Adrian Peterson umbrella, he was an after thought.  A kid by the name of Jarius Wright.  Apparently he's been known as a viable threat for some time now but it was some sort of secret up in Minnesota that we were never allowed to use as we had to mindlessly hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson for a 1 & 3yard gains, again, between the 20's, time after time after time.  We just didn't have the brain-trust to realize that a Super Bowl championship might result when Adrian Peterson's focus could be redirected into shredding Red Zone defenses.  Sounds too similar to the combination punch used by this guy Vince Lombardi, using these guys Taylor and Hornung.  Hornung, the shark, could smell the goal line as if it were spilled blood upon the waters.  

So the clock keeps ticking.  Kyle Rudolph is on the mend.  In time, a rookie quarterback's best friend will be returning into the fold and of course there is also something looming out there on that horizon, but we idiot Viking fans just can't put our finger on it.  It's a big bunch of smoke and mirrors that are being used to redirect our attention and our focus from what is really important to us all.

"Let me get this straight.  This guy Adrian Peterson gave his heart and soul to this organization and now, being on the doorstep of our first NFL championship, we, the members of the Viking Nation, are supposed to look away because Ray Rice, and many others, find it convenient to beat their wives with their fists?"  Maybe no one will notice that Adrian Peterson's actions, with honest intent, was lumped together with a completely intolerable action ... as if it were the same.  It is not.  The disciplining of Adrian Peterson's child is in an entirely different league to Ray Rice punching his future wife.  Who, is this "LUMPING-IN" convenient for?  If you are a Progressive Liberal, all you can see is that only you  can be right where punishment must be accessed upon only your values, and your values alone, where the values of others ... simply do not count.  Shut up and pay your taxes!

Here's the ugly truth America.  In the constitution, it clearly states that everyone is guaranteed a speedy trial.  If Adrian Peterson wanted it, he could demand his trial be put into the courts system immediately and it must be granted.  It is his right to do so.  Here is the reason why so often trials happen many months later, or even years later.  It is because as individuals, under the advice of their counsel (their lawyer), the defendant (Adrian Peterson) is made to waive his or her right to a speedy trial, and in most cases, it is without the defendants (Adrian Peterson's) knowledge that their lawyer is in fact delaying the process.  This is done to allow the defendant, and the prosecutor for that matter, the time it needs to prepare it's case and it's witnesses.  It also delays the potential for incarceration if a guilty verdict is brought down, which is absolutely unlikely in Adrian Peterson's case which might explain why just the week prior the Grand Jury was not willing to indict him.  It's my guess that his lawyer hasn't told Adrian Peterson of his absolute right to a speedy trial, and potential immediate reinstatement into the league, because a lawyer's first instinct, is to make money (delaying costs money) and to protect his client, where in most cases, waiting is a good thing.  For an NFL athlete, the time he has playing in the NFL is limited as the earth revolves around the sun on schedule ... and the clock keeps ticking until Adrian Peterson's career expires.  In other words, Adrian Peterson is well within his rights to demand an immediate trial.  Said another way ... the NFL's rushing record is slipping away from Adrian Peterson and Emmitt Smith and the Dallas Cowboys couldn't be happier.  Yup!  That is the same organization that got away with franchise tampering (Jerry Jones) only a few weeks ago.   Do you want to know the most incredulous and heinous thing of all in regard to this WITCH HUNT?  For the casual observer, many think that Adrian Peterson's indefinite exemption was at his behest ... rather than being dictated by the league ... where this action by the league is in fact like withholding Pete Rose from the Baseball Hall of Fame ... as the NFL ... the League ... is in absolute control.  In time, Adrian Peterson will realize, that his Indefinite Exemption can go on forever, or at the very least ... destroy what is left of his career and his aspirations.  In other words Adrian Peterson has become the character Randall Patrick "Mac" McMurphy in "One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest".  He thinks that he's going to be let out of the insane asylum when his prison term expires where he eventually learns that his stay in the asylum is in fact indefinite as he was too disturbed to be released back into society.  As it turns out, things didn't turn out so well for "Mac" ... ending up with a labotomy.  Adrian Peterson, by not publicly fighting the insanity of his "Indefinite Suspension", and the differentiation of beating your wife with your fists, he has given up his career, his dreams, his freedom and his rights within the NFL for a payoff of $11 million dollars in "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT UNEARNED SALARY", which he would have earned anyway for being on the Vikings NFL roster on opening day.  In other words, he's given up all his rights for nothing and he should be hopping mad about it.    

Adrian Peterson, as a man, we have personally witnessed him face some of the most incredible forces of nature over the years where he never wavered once.  Sure ... just like every man ... he's taken his beatings like a man ... and he's been put down just like every other man.  Unfortunately for him, this incident hasn't evolved into a challenge just as slavery wasn't a challenge ... it is something that you were made to submit to and the whip of the NFL is at full broadside upon Adrian Peterson's languishing back.  Without freedom ... there is no question ... you are a slave.   

If his lawyer is worth his weight in salt he's requested a jury trial.  If Adrian Peterson is the man we all know him to be, it is time for him to demand his immediate rights to face a jury of his peers without fear or hesitation in the Great Republic of Texas.  To secure a conviction, all the prosecution needs is for all twelve jurors to unanimously decide that Adrian Peterson committed a felony.  Good luck with that!  In my opinion, that outcome is a virtual impossibility as the issue of jury nullification looms large in this case as that is an almost certain outcome.  If even one of those jurors believes that the charges against Adrian Peterson's attempt to discipline his child are unjust, that one juror can clearly impose "JURY NULLIFICATION" upon the court, and Adrian Peterson walks away a free man from the Grand Jury's indictment.

As for the NFL's Player's Union, the word "Indefinite" cannot be accepted by either players, or any franchise, for that matter.  As a precedent, the word "Indefinite" can be applied to any NFL player for just about any reason whatsoever as the NFL's standards are not set in granite ... they apparently change like yesterdays diapers.  If you're an NFL player, you should be screaming at the top of your lungs at the Player's Union as the word "Indefinite" will eventually be applied to your name and it can happen as soon as tomorrow.  Just wait and see.  It is now the most useful tool within the league to tamper with any franchise that it so chooses.  It's a good thing Al Davis is dead  ... HUH ... Raider's fans.  Not to worry ... it's coming to a City near you.  The word "Indefinite" is a license to steal where that word alone has shaken the NFL to its very foundation.  Here's the thing, most of the franchises believe that it will never apply to them but the Ghost is here to tell you, the power structure that you've depended upon for so long won't be in place for much longer where you just might find yourself in very dangerous territory ... and in short order.  The courts of Public Opinions have been unleashed upon the entire NFL.           

Sure, the NFL will still be able to suspend Adrian Peterson however, in doing so, they must apply both a uniform and definitive number of suspension games for Adrian Peterson's actions.  They also must do so knowing that that same suspension must be applied to every NFL player where any of their questionable actions will be scrutinized all the way back to the day they were born.  For the NFL, this might become problematic as any son or daughter of any NFL player can then pick up the phone, and have their father arrested, believing that the beating that they received, any time within their life, was unjust.

Now here's the real sticky part for the NFL.  You see, this spanking thing really hasn't been judicated in front of a jury of peers.  It's been handled by judges that legislate from the bench and from that legislation, social services has taken control over everyone's children without you even knowing that they are in absolute control.  The governments reach over your children is not so apparent in white America, which has the resources to fight government overreach into your home, but this absolute reality is certainly known in the poorer inner cities of America.  Let's not forget.  What do you think they meant when Hillary said, "It takes a village to raise a child"?  To legislate from the bench, if you need a liberal mind set to prevail, all you need to do is appoint liberal judges, and in time, just about everything that a parent either does for, or to his or her child, will in fact be illegal as children don't actually belong under a parents hand ... metaphor, no pun intended.  For a Progressive Liberal, it is absolutely clear that they believe that your children belong to the state.  When a jury of peers actually does get to decide that a father does have the right to discipline his child, then its like telling both the NFL and every Progressive Butt-Hole in this country that the state does not own their children and it is the responsibility of the parent to bring up that child ... not the state.  Far be it for the Republic of Texas to tell the United States to go pound sand ... Oh, I forgot, The Republic of Texas has been telling the United States of America to go pound sand since it was it's own separate country.   Enter Jessie Jackson ... Adrian Peterson  violated his sons civil rights where the final decision, of who owns the rights over your children, might go all the way up to the Supreme Court.  It even might be that in future years, instead of taking the baby home from the hospital that you'd just drop your child off in a night deposit box labeled government.       

Not to worry though, as every NFL player that's been accused of spanking their kids can and will lie about what they actually did ... unless of course there's definitive evidence that can nail them to the cross.  Now does this sound like a Witch Hunt to you?

Now here's the thing ... and you can't deny it ... Adrian Peterson didn't deny a thing.  He didn't lie about it.  It was what he thought he as a father he was supposed to do.  There is no such thing as a spanking that doesn't get out of hand as it's not your butt that's getting spanked.  Never forget that what you might think as an individual doesn't matter ... what matters will be dictated to you by a Liberal Progressive while they shred your rights as protected by the Constitution.   Hope and Change! 

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 29. 2014