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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

OMG! -
Oh my God!  You've got some pin heads looking at a bunch of numbers comparing quarterback ratings of Christian Ponder with Teddy Bridgewater, then accessing his 3-4 record ... and then stating that Teddy's time is over.  OMG ... are you kidding????
First of all, Christian Ponder had Adrian Peterson in his backfield for just about every one of his starts.  This is the same man that carried the entire franchise upon his back two years ago gaining over 2,000 yards into the playoffs.  Teddy never had that in his back field..

Sure Christian Ponder had similar numbers however those numbers were always a product of a game that was already out of hand.  No one equated Christian Ponder with two-minute anything.  If we were behind, Adrian Peterson found his way to the bench and we were in permanent passing mode with zero hope of pulling anything out with Christian Ponder.

The pre-season, mini-camps, etc., there was one starter in mind and that was Matt Cassel.  On the field Matt Cassel was working his timing out with Cordarrel Patterson and Greg Jennings where Teddy was working with players that aren't even apart of this team.  In the pre-season, Teddy was throwing touchdowns to Allen Reisner not Kyle Rudolph.  
When comparing Christian Ponder to Teddy, except for his rookie year, he almost always had Loadholt, Kalil (when he could actually block), Sullivan, Fusco and Johnson to protect his sorry ass.  For Teddy, we're pulling players off the street.  Sure ... that's a great evaluation.

Doesn't anyone remember being Schnelkered.  Let me remind you.  We'd run out of the shot gun.  With Christian Ponder as his guide who couldn't play unless he was in the shotgun, and without Adrian Peterson, Teddy has one foot and one arm tied behind his back.

For how many years has Jake Cutler been throwing the ball to Brandon Marshal.  Teddy's been working with his receiver corp on that NFL grid iron for what can be counted in days.  Not weeks ... not months  ... not years.
And are we watching the same games???  How many times has Teddy hit players in their hands only to have them drop the ball.  That includes the high priced Jennings, Patterson, Wright and McKinnon too.  If it were up to me the only players that would be on that field are receivers that can catch the ball which include Thielen, Ford, Asiata, Rudolph and Johnson and as a receiver Patterson would never be allowed to return another kick unless we were in the playoffs.  All of Patterson's success in the future will come either on a Peterson fake Jet or on the other end of a Bridgewater pass.

Notice to receivers.  If you can't catch the ball you're not going to be around for very long.  Teddy will get the ball to receivers that will catch the ball.

As for Speilman, instead of looking at phenomenal talent, maybe it is time to find receivers that can catch the ball.
As for hitting the long ball, let me guess, you're comparing Aaron Rodgers hitting Jordy Nelson.  So how many years have they been working together?  Could it be that they've been together longer than Cordarrel has even been a receiver.
  Please ... Give me a break! 
Teddy didn't lose to the Bears two weeks ago or even last week to the Packers.  He just ran out of time.

As for the eye that says he's going to be a great back up in this league ... you know, they might be right, as the kid doesn't have all those eye splitting skills that we've seen throughout the league over the years.  Players like Jeff George and Daunte Culpepper had those eye popping skills that everyone rallied around as if it meant something.

Let me tell you all something.  If you can give Teddy that Adrian Peterson running game.  If you can give him and offensive line that can actually protect him.  And if you can marry these things with Mike Zimmer's stingy defense well that might be a recipe for something.  
So before you compare someone like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers to an unprotected Teddy or even the wash out Christian Ponder ... you'd better look at something more than a quarterback rating.  Teddy has leadership skills that turn into touchdowns (twice this year Asiata chipped in 3 TD performances).  Oh, I'm sorry, you must be some sort of fantasy nut that needs touchdown passes to feel something.  Leadership, in a team sport is about the team scoring ... not individual statistics.

Let me make a prediction for you.  Teddy will bring-in talent into this organization like no other player in Minnesota Viking history.  Players know leadership when they see it.  In time, Spielman will be the beneficiary of it.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 28, 2014