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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Norv's Go Strategy
Strap on your seat belts ... Norv Turner is planning to take you on the ride of your life.  The nightmare is about to begin.

It wasn't so long ago that we were looking at Chili's offense.  It was rooted deeply into the strategy of chess, or the war of attrition.  Childress would feed the ball, hand over fist, to Chester Taylor ... determined to run the ball ... until Chester's wheels fell off the bus at years end.  In 2007 that was followed up with the phenomenon known as Adrian Peterson ... AKA "All Day" or AD for short, which was quickly followed by the acquisition of Jerome Felton.  That soon was followed up by 8 or 9 players in the box that played off Felton's blocks that led into the hole.  It was like watching someone pound their head into a brick wall ... again ... and again ... and again.    

The thing about chess is that in the end, if the players are evenly matched "A" or "B" level players, there's only just a few pieces on the board at the end of the game.  You know, sort of like watching John Randle going down in the 98 playoffs.  Versus the Falcon's ... how many other starters went down in that game?  In other words, this strategy ... or better said, this mentality ... never wins championships.

Enter the master mind known as Norv Turner.  Out goes Felton ... in comes Zack Line.  Better said ... out goes the "Chess Strategy" ... in comes the ancient Chinese "Go-Strategy" of war.  So in essence, what is Norv's "Go-Strategy" and what does this mean?  It means that Norv's not about to run through you, or try to out muscle you, nor does he have any intention of trying to get into a war of attrition.  He's going to go around you ... go by you ... finding and acquiring that path of least resistance ... thereby slicing through just about any defensive strategy that's thrown at him.  

What fans tend to forget was how Emmitt Smith used to slice though defenses where it would appear as if no one at all even touched him.  When discussing the greatest running backs of all time, Emmitt always took a second seat to players like Walter Peyton or Barry Sanders due to this particular very strange phenomenon, where it was mistakenly all attributed to Dallas's massive offensive line.  In fact this very strange phenomenon was a direct byproduct of Norv Turner's "Go-Strategy (see the art of war)".

To put this new development into perspective, your sports beat is presently looking at Adrian Peterson's comment in regard to 2,200+ rushing yards as being ludicrous ... or simply out of touch with reality ... where Adrian is actually looking at this achievable goal from Emmitt Smith's perspective.  Here's the problem ... we just can't see it ... as we've been immersed in the chess strategy for so long that we can only apply that type of logic to it.  Said another way, if Adrian Peterson is forced to face half strength defenses, or defenses even below that threshold ... week after week ... he's going to turn in 200+ yard performances ... maybe not week after week ... but in multiple sets ... maybe exceeding his record of 2007.  What confounds me is that Adrian has not even mentioned breaking his own single game rushing record which should now almost be an after thought in his mind.

People ... at some point we are all going to have to come to grips with this phenomenon. 

So what makes it so?  How is this thing going to happen?  What is your source of information versus it's actual outcome?  You need to look no further than two projected key cogs off this 2015 offense scheme ... Zach Line and Cordarrel Patterson.  Some could speculate that they are seen as afterthoughts in this upcoming offensive scheme but this would be a monumental mistake.  Doesn't anyone remember how dangerous Zach Line (accessing his threat potential) actually is or can't you remember that pre-season tilt not so long ago.  Can you recall what Zach did in college and how might old Norv Turner access that?  What's coming is like playing the shell game with twelve shells and one pea after a 30 minute shuffle.  How can you possibly watch all those hands ... which are quicker than the eye.  At every possible angle you face a very real home run threat.  At first, your thinking Adrian Peterson will be hopping mad as on the opening play you'd expect Adrian Peterson to get the ball ... and there is no Jerome Felton to lay that block ... and there's AD getting stuffed.  Well that's not going to happen as there will be no run on first down as the initial pieces ... or better said threats ... on that field, will be so numerous and overwhelming, as to cause utter and complete Chaos.  Think of it a Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense on a metaphorical steroid of passing to eventually introduce someone named Adrian Peterson to the party.  Hello!  Imagine by opening with a four wide receiver set with AD in the backfield and Jerrick McKinnon out wide.  Imagine AD rarely touching the ball until the 3rd quarter ... followed up by a 200+ yard rushing performance.  Then tell me ... how do you deal with Kyle Rudolph exactly or even a double tight end set featuring the rookie.  How do you deal with an over-shift of AD one way and the counter slashing change-in-direction of someone like Cordarrelle Patterson?  Exactly who is the deep threat?  Is it Charles Johnson ... or is it Cordarrelle Patterson ... or is it Mike Wallace ... no, no ... it's Jarius Wright, or then again ... maybe not.  Rip the carpet from beneath my feet.  People ... people ... people ... this is a nightmarish scenario, AS THERE IS NO ANSWER, and we haven't even begun to talk about the absolute freak of nature that wears a two and an eight on his chest.  Here me unequivocally ... SCREW THE PACKERS!!! ... and the horse you rode in on.  If there was an Italian he's say something like ... "You tink the Packers got a defense for DAT???"   Forgetaboudit!!!          

If your a Viking fan, you know that there is something up, but you just can't put your finger on it.  You know that it could be big but these are just a bunch of kids.  If you're a bit salty, dating back to the 60's, then you've been burned, year after year, hearing one thing, followed up by another but here's the thing.  On opening day in 2014, you just received a smattering, a dollop ... just a passing glimpse of what could be ... of what might have been, only to have it swallowed up all before your eyes.  So your tentative ... skeptical ... holding back ... because your just not sure.  It's time to wake up.  Soon it will be an out of control Tsunami of events where only we ... ourselves ... can become the instruments of our destruction.  Get your surf board out.

Now ask yourself the question.  Is this kid for real?  Is he the real deal?  Was he just an aberration ... a fluke ... a jester that somehow caught a streak in the last portion of our 2014 season, where it wasn't hard fought ... I'll take you for it type of football?  Of course, I'm talking about Teddy.  Sure, he's just a pup, with a sore overworked arm but there are things that you just cannot foreshadow.  Now ask yourself a question, "Haven't we gone long enough without an elite franchise quarterback?"  When Favre walked onto the field ... the field tilted into is Favor.  There was just no denying this kid called Montana that won a National Championship for the Irish.  There are things that just are ... things that must be ... as destiny calls out for it's witness.  Even before this tid-bit of an afterthought that we call Teddy ... what preceded it was at least ... overwhelming.  Now add it up.  Tell me ... what solution did you get?  It's time to stop talking about ... "Just making the playoffs"... as we are not in that business ... as after all, the Packers, nor any of it's members, were fashioned by the gods as each and every one of them are mere mortals.  This sum is much much more than any one man ... like Suh ... or any individual spirit.  It is why teams win championships.    

Now factor in some denial.  Something changed last year but you couldn't put your finger on it exactly.  What is was ... was not apparent.  It was an answer to a wish.  A wish that dated back to the days of the old met.  When young boys wished that the roof of the Metrodome would be ripped off for all time taking us back to the days of playing in the elements.  You see the building of a dome team on paper when in fact what is was and what it is ... is an outdoors team.  You want to see an hear a team built for that indoor carpet but what your seeing is a defense of the elements.  Now look again at that schedule as what was once feared ... playing in either Green Bay or Chicago in December is no longer a concern ... as we've come back to the land and origins of Odin.

Now, it takes just the faith of one man ... a man that has recently been ripped apart amongst the classes as if it were some sort of entertainment.  What is read upon his face is a deep well of hurt.  If it were just simply pain, it could be cast off without much bother, but this was deeply driven into this man's pride.  My words ... just my simple words are ... you do not stand alone.  It is time to focus upon your destiny and learn from Achilles and Hercules.  In 1975, Walter Payton entered the NFL and simply tore it up ... as Randy Moss would say.  The Chicago Bear's didn't win it's Super Bowl championship until the 1985 season.  It took Walter 11 seasons of his leadership and character to build a champion.  No one can take Adrian Peterson's leadership and character ... although they'd like to think so.  Adrian Peterson has paid his dues and this franchise has built a gem around him. All we can ask is for him to truly open his eyes as it is now there before you.  Now, what it will take is his pride and dedication ... to draw upon the depths of the memory that was "SWEETNESS" ... to bring it all back together once again.  Now here's the hard part ... not one of us deserves it.  The only question is, will Adrian Peterson call himself upon the gods once again ... to be counted ... to be the instrument of it's pride?  Is he LEGEND???  Does he still posses the strength of character to call upon it's absolute depths ...To do something that not one of us mere mortals can do?  Favre was not willing to do it ... not when it truly counted.  Will Adrian Peterson run from his destiny or will he face the world and shake his forceful hand upon it's head?  There is only one true answer that we know of, and it came from Walter Peyton, each and every week.  On his face was what it was.  What he did was beyond hard ... it was LEGEND.  As Tom Hanks uttered for us all, "It's the hard that makes it great.  If it were easy ... everyone would do it."  Did Moses pick up that Staff of God or was it all just a myth?  As men, we have that answer.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 1, 2015