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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

No Rest for the Wary!
The leagues cross hairs are placed squarely upon the Minnesota Viking franchise ... and we are in for a great deal of punishment upon this mighty hand of justice.  The league is not amused.  The Pat and Kevin Williams debacle is an embarrassment for the league and Vikings organization must be made into an example.  How dare you question The Omnipotent One.     

Here is the reality.  The Chicago Bears have been given a pass, or a green light, for their last four games of the 2008 season, so expect them to win in Houston this week, which means that if the Vikings don't beat the Giants this week, then the Vikings will be eliminated from the playoffs.  To add a little salt, or better said alcohol, into this pending wound ... there is still a little mater of a four game suspension pending for both Pat and Kevin for the start of the 2009 season.  This will be the leagues primary way of imparting its brand of justice and punishment ... and it beckons.  If the Vikings somehow win this game ... Chicago will be royally pissed off as they were made to sacrifice their potential draft order for chasing a pipe dream ... all for the benefit of some team up in Green Bay.   

If your expecting the New York Giants to give the Vikings an upcoming pass this weekend ... then you're just simply delusional.  This upcoming contest has the greatest significance for the league.  If the Giants can pull off a victory this weekend it will be nothing less than a monumental slap-down combined with realities .... call it come-up-ins for the Minnesota Vikings franchise, that in the leagues view ... desperately needs it.  What the league doesn't understand, nor will it ever understand, is that Pat and Kevin represent the oppression of the leagues players.  In short they are pissing off the wrong people as they alone ... are the game ... and the puppet masters yank those strings at their own peril.     

The Giants will want to rest some of their players so their will be some irresistible incentives offered up to the Giants.  I don't think the league will stop at just about anything to make this a reality and a hanky or two would most certainly not be out of the question.  The real sad part of this story is that the Vikings didn't really do anything to deserve this bit of treatment other than they made the decision to fight.  

So what are our indicators.  A review by the Pioneer Press of the Nov. 16th game versus the Buccaneers that indicated that Buccaneer's linebacker Cato June, No. 59, tried to end Adrian Peterson's career with his malicious (questionably late) low blow to AD's knee while he was being stood up by several Buccaneer defenders.  You can guarantee yourself that Brad Childress submitted this little highlight to the league.  Now add to that Detroit Lions rookie right tackle Gosder Cherilus questionable hit that should have ended Jared Allen's career.  On his knees, Cherilus put a shoulder into Allen's left knee, being at least 10 yards behind the play, and Allen crumpled to the turf. Allen was furious and had to be restrained by teammate Ray Edwards from going after Cherilus.  Neither one of these gentlemen were fined and there was no mention of anything by the league.  Meanwhile, Jared Allen is fined by the league for playing patty cake with Aaron Rodgers on a play where Jared wasn't even blocked.  Normally you can expect to get kissed when you're on the receiving end of prodding of such skill.  Ladies and gentlemen ... its time to call it as you see it ... this isn't just a simple double standard ... as it used to be ... it's Roller-Ball.

So what's the answer ... there can be only one.  As Ray Lewis clearly stated after his team lost to Pittsburgh ... you have to play the game where the result can leave absolutely no doubt.  Let them bring their best.  You're also going to have to give careful consideration to my dream, where both the Zig-Master and Brad decline strolling up that podium allowing only Pat and Kevin the right to claim the NFL's ultimate prize directly from "The Omnipotent One".  

There is a special rule of plumbing, where something flows downhill.  It takes a special breed to be able to push that rock back uphill ... regardless of cost ... regardless of situation.  As there is a special message that desperately needs a voice.  In this case ... you will speak for the silent voices throughout the league.   

Is there no greater purpose?   Fear not!@

Explanation Please?
Can someone explain to me how TJack fumbled the ball at the 43, where the ball advanced 6-yards, to be jumped on my Shiancoe.  The ball was then placed back at the spot of the fumble, at the 43, where it was stated, only the fumbler of the ball can advance the ball.  If fumbled backward, the ball is placed at that most backward distance, not at the spot of the fumble.  How is it that the Falcon's were awarded a touchdown when Mat Ryan fumbled the ball at the Vikings 1/2 yard line.  It should have been 3rd and goal from the 1/2 yard line, allowing us the opportunity of defending that blade of grass.  What's up with that?  Turn that 7 points into 3 and you have an entirely different Viking end game.  

Can you say screwed again!  No one says a word!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 24, 2008

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