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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

No! Peyton Not MVP  
Peyton Manning was clearly the MVP of 2011, not playing a down, but he's not the MVP of 2012.  Sure quarterbacks touch the ball every time the ball is snapped however they don't get hit just about every time they touch the ball.  Most importantly of all ... running backs don't get to wear red jerseys, nor do they talk about them being put into dresses.  What does the rookie Andrew Luck 2012 performance now indicate?

There is a reason why both Deion Sanders & Michael Irvin both agree that Adrian Peterson, on his present track, is clearly the 2012 MVP.  It comes from a perspective that most might miss but they clearly cannot.  To understand why you have to look no further than the Dallas Cowboys Triplets, of years past, that included Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin & Emmitt Smith.  When Irvin missed a game, the Cowboys won several games.  When Aikman couldn't go ... the cowboys still found a way to win the game.   Correct me if I'm wrong but when Emmitt Smith was absent, they used to espouse ... 0 wins.  

Here's the key question.  Would the Cowboy's have reached any of those Triplet-Super-Bowls without Emmitt Smith?  The answer is clear.   No!

Emmitt was a humble man.  He wasn't about to tell you, me or anyone that he, as our own Minnesota Viking draft pick, was maybe one of the greatest NFL players of all time.  Deion, Michael & Troy were all great players but what is their personal regard towards Emmitt.  Not one of them would question any aspect of Emmitt without taking a serious personal hit to themselves ... measured as men.  Did you ever ask any one of them how they might perceive themselves as compared to Emmitt?  My expectation would be an impulsive blurt out, with a smile on their face ... as they walked away from you without ever having to answer that question.  Respect does that to a man.  That is why Adrian Peterson's 2012 trek ... without question ... is beyond comparison.   As Jim Brown could clearly attest, Adrian Peterson is chasing the demons up in the rarified thin air.  There were maybe five men in our modern history that had a chance of entering that zone.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Sure, Peyton wants that MVP award badly to cap his career.  Let's see if he has the chutzpah (bull goose Looney) to ask for it because I'm 100% certain Adrian has no fear telling anyone ... the way it is.  If Jim Brown didn't recoil on facing words then why should Adrian Peterson?.  Let's just allow him to complete his trek first.

Maybe AD doesn't have those alarming & glaring stats in 2012, namely touchdowns, but they clearly would be off the charts if not for this organizations desperate attempt to establish Christian Ponder's relevancy in the Red Zone, time & again, only to fail miserably.  Don't you remember all those Red Zone Blair Walsh field goals?  If they had fed Peterson the ball, many of those drives would certainly have turned into bruising Peterson touch downs. 

We are now deeply immersed in a playoff hunt ... a spot ... a chance ... at hoisting that Super Bowl XLVII trophy.  Tom Pelissero & Judd Zulgad (Zulgad is fun to watch) put together a candid discussion.  What we hear are the words, "Care Taker on the Field", "Ponder Track", "Get rid of competition", "Mental (Ponder) ... goofing with his psyche" and "Quarterback Controversy" that doesn't exist (officially).  How blind have we become when we speak of a "3-Game Defining Moment" as if his other 23 starts didn't already clearly define Christian Ponder ... as if some other result should be expected?  Yes, that is, at least quite comical (for 31 other franchises)... at most ... insane!  Go ahead ... kick that dead horse!~  Kick him harder!~  Where are we when, at this stage of the season, we press the concept of "Christian Ponder's Development" rather than winning our first Super Bowl Title?  Ponder here ... team hear ... at a significantly higher level.  I know ... let's double down on Ponder.  Really!  How many feet of water do we all have to be standing in before we wake up and think ... I might be in the middle of a flood?  Do we really have to see the bubbles and then hear the burbles & gurgles before we all collectively react in earnest?  Not sure.  You might soon be feeling that way this week as we play in St. Louis this weekend ... watching it all slip away.   Gasp!  

Gentlemen ... there is a season in the balance.  For some ... maybe their only season.  For others ... maybe their last.  Others ... on IR.  Others ... paying in blood.  Maybe their one & only shot.  It all matters. 

These guys, the ones on the front line, are clearly immersed within a political landscape of words entwined within promises & hope, but they are not blind, deaf or stupid.  They espouse the political verbiage but they spew-out the truth ... like an uncontrolled vomit reflex.  These words are serious red flags, where if this organization continues with Ponder ... the result is known.  It is absolute!  It is without question!  It is also ... clearly ... a delaying tactic.

If you're one player away ... clearly indicated by your vomit reflex ... how can you continue to accept this?  Forced to play the game of chess ... week after week ... without the most powerful piece of all?  No, there is no such piece.  Forget it.  It never existed.  Sure, the other team has one but ours is broken and its ok.  Now print that.  Talk about that.  Never mind at what is behind that curtain.

When they speak of Joe Webb, they again use nothing but political words to describe him.  He is clearly capable of smashing playoff caliber teams.  This is not conjecture.  He's clearly proved it.  It is without question and he did it on the road.  No!  Not every one of his throw was perfect but who that walks the earth is perfect.  He may have thrown it away ... dating back to the instilled thinking of Childress & Jackson.  Will he make every 3rd & 7 ... as compared to whom ... as if Ponder hasn't missed 3rd & whatever time & again & again & again ... from the shotgun.  I do recall many many very accurate Joe Webb throws to many players that were apart of the labeled broken offense.  He did it without Peterson.  He did it without Jenkins.  Webb is a winner.  He elevated a broken team to being un-stop-able.  There are no political words here.  This is actually what happened.  No!  It wasn't a dream.

No one, and I mean absolutely no one fears Christian Ponder.  In fact, as you announce that you're once again going to start this pretender ... they are politely & quietly laughing at your franchise.  At least they are polite about it.  It's just the rest of the VIKING NATION that gasps and then vomits.    

The entire NFL fears Joe Webb.  Why?  It's because he will beat whomever he faces and what's most important of all ... he won't lose for anybody.  Allow me to politely tell you what to do with all of your political words.

Good luck with the myth known as Christian Ponder and get ready to break out all those excuses once again.  Not to worry though ... you still have that vomit gag reflex to help you through it all.

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 13, 2012