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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

A New Year
On paper, the Vikings don't stand a chance in tonight's game versus the Saints.  In the paper, the Vikings don't stand a chance either.  Almost all of the commentators are right in step ... falling in line.  It's a wonder why they play the game at all.      

Maybe plumber's rules will apply ... the path of least resistance.  If the Saints lose they can easily call it a Super Bowl hangover.  Could it be that the party is finally coming to an end?  Time will tell.  History tells the story.     

Many of us like to think that we are paying the salaries.  A few are.  Some are heavily invested in a piece of that puzzle.  We all have been exposed to watching the paying commercials.  Some lay out the cash at sports bars.  Some travel to the sights ... ticket in hand ... cash in pocket.  Some purchase the NFL ticket or a subscription to the Red Zone.  The reality is that although we might be chipping in, we are paying for America's best entertainment value.  In fact, for the bulk of us, we are taking much more that we give.  In all of this, there is something that is missing ... gratitude.  It's not for a lack of gratitude ... it's for a lack of one on one access.  Maybe this is why so many flock to the sights for the chance encounter for that brief moment to extend that acknowledgement for giving us all something that transcends.  Something that transcends the politics for which Zulgad & Scoggins find themselves immersed.               

For the ones that cannot say it ... thank you for coming back to play in your 20th season.  Thank you for the incredible ride that was the 2009 season ... it was truly magical.  I'd like to think that if Kapp had played that 1970 season ... maybe things would be different.  Maybe for old #4 ... it will be.   

I have been asked numerous times if I wanted that #4 jersey.  I've been asked to wear it several times.  I just can't do it ... I hope that you can respect that.  In fact, I haven't worn any Viking garb ... a complete 180 from my life's history of always wearing the purple.  This has nothing to do with hatred or animosity, as seeing myself as an athlete, once upon a time, I had too much respect for those that have earned it.  I didn't hate Bradshaw or Czonca ... I respected them.  I absorbed it all.      

May this year be filled with the sweetness of life.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 9, 2010 

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