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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Necessity The Mother of Invention  
Can't purchase that October 7 game day ticket until 24 hours prior to the kickoff ... the incessant scream has set that notion in stone.

The drafting of Daniel Carlson set the directional tone ... where the two missed field goal answered the question ... necessity will be the mother of invention.  Both Coach Mike Zimmer & Mike Priefer swore up & down ... that this was the decision ... then we hear the utterance ... NFL caliber kickers never miss two in a row.  So Mr. Carlson ... how does it feel to be thrown under the bus.  Never mind kid.  You have about 30 seconds to get over it ... pull up your britches ... and then get on with it.  The stage is now set.  The message is now clear.  Do your job from beginning to end ... cause we aren't going to rely on last second heroics to pull your buns from the fire.  As for Coach Mike Zimmer ... he firmly stands behind Coach Mike Priefer ... as it's Mike head and Prefix's Job ... so let's just get on with it.  As its witness ... I absolutely love it... as the fire has been lit under the entire organizations collective hind quarters ... there will be no resting on laurels.  There just isn't going to be a repeat of Blair Walsh's wide left kick.  Get used to Diggs decision to retrieve that last second miracle rather than having Coach Zimmer clutch his chest on that side-line for the last time hoping that a piece of floppy leather crosses over & threw some yellow pipes.      

Things happen for a reason.  Before Teddy Bridgewater dressed for the first time since his catastrophic knee injury in our nations capital before our incredulous eyes, our only backup quarterback was Kyle Sloter.  Sam Bradford was out & so was Teddy.  All that was in that gun was Keenum & Sloter.  That was the deal that was drawn ... and as we all know ... there are no mistakes in poker.  This happened for a reason where it is high time that we recognize the significance of that ordeal.  There was a very real reason why we were in that situation not unlike Favre & the Magic Man.
You might be thinking that Rob Brzezinshi & Rick Spielman are tied up in knots over the offensive line dilemma, Anthony Barr's contract extension, or a whole other laundry list of other issues but in fact, their number one issue is with their 84 million dollar quarterback.  To be direct, they will never know what they have until they know exactly what they have in Kurt Cousins & although there is no question in regard to the 2018 season, it is what lies beyond that season that is in question.  Exactly all of these questions & concerns revolves around one particular athlete ... Kyle Sloter.  What ... are you nuts?  Well, it wouldn't be the first time that we paid an athlete an enormous amount of guaranteed money only to rely upon another athlete to bring forth the bacon.    

Presently, there is no demand for starting quarterbacks but that is about to change, where the Jets are interested in cashing in by trading Teddy Bridgewater for draft picks to a desperate team.  Recognizing the opportunity, in-steps the Brzezinshi/Spielman tag-team by making it known that Sloter is their guy, just like he was last year. making Trevor Siemian open to the market as a game experienced starter.  You see ... having to stand in those shoes ... they learned a great deal that can now be used to create the NFL's next great power play similar to the power play that brought the Lombardi to Philadelphia.  By making this move, the market for Teddy Bridgewater will immediately shift to the back burner, deflating his marketable stock in the eyes of a desperate organization.  You see, Teddy is still a relatively unknown commodity whereas Siemian might be of a lesser pedigree but his foundation is solid as more than just a back up.    

Brzezinshi & Spielman's next move is to offer Sloter a 10 million dollar contract for 2019 & 12 million dollars for 2020, with a moderate suitable signing bonus, with the strict understanding that the Vikings will be carrying only two quarterbacks on its 53 man roster in 2018 , after Siemian is traded essentially for his contract & the return of at least that 7th round pick.  On paper, none of this makes sense but for a moment consider the following.  If Kirk Cousins becomes the next Drew Brees ... then fine ... Spielman is a genius.  On the other hand, if Kirk Cousins performs at a level just bad enough to destroy our opportunity at hoisting the Lombardi ... where he becomes a pariah ... then the amount of his contract will only keeps Kurt Cousins fat & happy ... but this franchise will suffer its next biggest set back.  On the other hand, the Sloter deal will clearly announce to the field that this franchise has the NFL's next starter, waiting in the wings (not unlike Aaron Rodgers) that is being groomed to either be this franchises next starter or will be available for trade as a bonifide "reasonable rate" starter.  That is the reason why we felt it necessary to lock Kyle Sloter contract situation up.  How is this possible?  Well unless you're living on the moon, it is clear to see that Kyle Sloter inspires everyone that he's around, not unlike Brett Favre's fat enormous ass that tilted the field into his Favre.  

 Keep in mind that an NFL contracts can be set up so that they are not guaranteed for the player, but if that team wants to either deal that player or play him, then that contract must be paid.  Either way ... Kyle Sloter gets the possibility at his security beyond this year with the message that to have him as a starter ... he's got to get paid.  This is the perfect power play, which is also an insurance policy on Kurt Cousins contract.  In God we trust ... everyone else ... not so much.     

It is clear that Kurt Cousins wants to
perform at an elite level.  The insurance policy ensures Kurt Cousins that he cannot afford to be manipulated.

As an added benefit, this Viking power play will result in Teddy's deflated market value.  In short, was Sam Bradford's value to the Vikings over-inflated due to our desparation, and if so, should the Jet's benefit from this alone.  The answer is that Teddy's value will restructure to his real value, which in fact might benefit both the Vikings & Jets.  Like it or not these two organizations are linked (Super Bowl III & IV).  Don't feel bad for the Jets as they will benefit nonetheless.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 28, 2018