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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Missing Wildcat!
What's missing from the Vikings version of the wildcat?  BB and Syd are vertical threats.  Harvin is central in the shot gun as the main or prime initial threat.  The unbalanced set of beefcake with Load lining up left of the mountain with Hutch, Sully, and "H" completing the line left to right is brilliant having the contain defensive ends split.  Having AD lined up on the right coming in motion to the left into the beef of unbalanced set once again is brilliant.

What is missing are two vital components.  Without TJack's arm & mobility the vertical threat comes up no-sale!  Why?  Everyone knows the Vikings first option is to run (1 yard gain).  Integration of TJack as mobile vertical threat is a viable option to make the Chili Go!  Locating the Viper as a rock safely behind the beef on a flick looks good to me.  The threat of a Chelor pitch option right, with Harvin drawing-in the right contain may prove to be devastating ... running where they ain't.  Either you respect the Tank/Slash or it's the house.  Respect the Slash and the seam opens to Harvin.  Both sides are instantaneously weak.  If not, its wide open on top.  The tell will be disclosed as an obvious pre-read.   Use the Finger.

Either way, it's now on film.  Pass the Tums!

It's funny.  His threat, and the results achieved, have been inversely proportional to his actual net yards gained.  Whereas, his actual yards are proportional to the reaction to that threat.  Don't respect the threat and its to the house.  Could it be cool to the most frustrated devastating player in the league?  Being the first ... they call it innovation.  Time and patience will bear that out.        

To impose ones will, a "Zero Vertical" would pull Syd & BB in favor using EJ/AA flanking speed demon de-cleater pops.  Use only when foe is attired in brown shorts?   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 23, 2009

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