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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Minnesota Vikings - The Cradle of Excellence!
Tarvaris Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Sydney Rice either have become or will soon become the focal point in Minnesota ... and then throughout the NFL.  Do you think their success is by accident?

Take a quick look at Eli Manning.  He's playing in the media capital of the world ... he's a tasty morsel in world of sharks.  If this kid farts, its front page news.  They've built him up to be as good or better than his soon to be hall of fame brother ... awaiting his perilous and disastrous fall into a primordial slime ... all to sell a few papers.  Eli choose New York ... and unless his big brother falls into his shadow ... he's in a lose-lose situation ... that is of course, until he leaves New York.  Poor kid!

In time, Tarvaris, Adrian and Syd are going to build-up to be super-humans.  My advise to each of you is quite simple ... have none of it ... smile ... be patient ... and allow people to say you're a great person ... and stay humble.  Humble is sexy as hell and chicks are powerless to its effects and humble ages well.  Humble doesn't sag or bulge.  In the NFL sex sells.  Remember that you don't have to be a shark ... you just have to learn how to swim with them.  As I constantly remind my son of 13 years, it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.  These are the keys to immortality.      

My personal riches are measured in gratitude ... where I escaped the inner city where many of my friend are either dead, or are drug addicts, or are in a witness protection program, or are strapped into a dead-end life.  Some have escaped, but the numbers aren't good.  None of these riches are measured in dollars and cents ... in fact, it's just the opposite.      

The patients part of it is probably the most important of all, and is in reference to one thing only ... money.  In every other aspect, burn down the concrete world that surrounds you and side step every obstacle that is placed within your mind.  If you stay patient ... and you stay humble ... there will be more money than you can possibly handle.  Hire an agent that cares ... but not that much ... and never ever trust anything that he does.  In god I trust ... everyone else ... show me proof.  

Recently, Matt Birk was quoted as saying, "I'm getting tired of making that kid look so good".  Yes, it was a comical statement of prodding love.  His comment of course was in reference to making Adrian Peterson look good on the field.  There is an important lesson in these words.  This wasn't a knock on either Chester or Adrian or any other player that straps on the horns... it was a plea to some of the more youthful and inexperience minds.  Think of this statement as more of a challenge.    

Matt, as a member of your team, has been paid well, and will be paid well in the future.  People respect this guy and for some of you ... it may take a lifetime to understand why.  Let me be the first to tell you that Matt is not motivated by money.  Do you think anyone is motivated by chasing a carrot in a cage (sounds a bit silly when you put it in this perspective).  What motivates Matt, and every member on that team is recognition and a common bond that traverses the ages.  These men are professionals that have sacrificed, and will continue to sacrifice just about everything that they are capable of giving for you guys to look good.  Looking good means victories and championships ... the common goal.  They know that they're only going to knock around in this game for only a short period of time and they want to give it up, but they have some terms.  Adrian ... there is no money, no gift, no anything ... that can measure up to your gratitude and friendship with these guys that will give it all down in the pits.  Personally ... it was so nice to hear Tarvaris absolutely lose his composure in defense of his mates when someone questioned the play of Chester Taylor when he turned in 77 yards on 31 attempts (See Chester Taylor ... he is a god!).

To put this all in perspective, lets compare and contrast and just ponder this statement, "I love me some me"!  If this is what you want ... then that is exactly what you'll get.         

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.11.07

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