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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Mike Zimmer
The NFL will tell you that one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL is between the Packers and Bears.  Well that is an absolute truth if you consider only the number of games played.  For Mike Zimmer, he will soon come to know that this is the black and blue division, the longest tenured division of teams in the NFL.  To call anyone a rival in part is an acceptance that this team is your equal which is nothing but a negative stance of failure.

Before the Vikings first game ever played in 1961, the state of Minnesota was known as Packer country.  Who could argue Vince Lombardi and the habitual Packer Championships.  The Vikings were a fledgling franchise by comparison where the Packer games became an uphill battle but in time the won-loss record would become a dead heat.  During the tenures of Joe Kapp and Fran Tarkenton, things changed where for the Packers to win or tie the Vikings ... well ... something unusual needed to happen. In other words, very poor Packer teams found a way to beat our Viking teams.  Maybe one of the proudest accomplishments under Sir Francis was that the Vikings finally accomplished a positive head to head record but by only a few games.  Then the Favre ear began and that record soon began leaning in the Packers favor.

So is this a rivalry game?  For years I've heard them call it Packer week.  How could the Packers rival be the Bears whereas some might argue that the Vikings rival is the Packers and by that measure ... what does that say about the Vikings within the Black & Blue Division?  Well, I'll tell you what is should mean to Mike Zimmer:

"Mike Zimmer, What do you think of the Packer - Viking rivalry and how does that impact you and your team".  Mike Zimmer's answer should be, "The Minnesota Vikings have no rival and we are going to beat the Packers ... EVERY TIME WE PLAY THEM".  Under my tenure, we are going to own this division."

There is a goal or milestone in regard to beating this Aaron Rodgers team.  It's not 100+ yards rushing.  It's the Rodgers eye roll.  When he rolls his eyes after he gets pummeled a bit ... stick a fork in him because he's done.  Mr. Rodgers has been doing allot of eye rolls this year where Mr. Zimmer would like for Mr. Rodgers to meet his defenses in .. tro ... duc ... tion (In Forrest Gump's voice).  The response ... "Hello!"  (Ray Charles)

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 30, 2014