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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Messenger Commeth 
The seal is broken.  

It began with a simple prayer.  "He has been paralyzed by a history, strife with deceit ... that was not of his doing. Please, give him a break.  All he knows it what he's been taught to know ... what is right ... what is wrong ... and of what is expected.  In his mind are obstacles of his own creation.  The politics & the history or way to overwhelming for him to overcome.  Taking the right or correct step could get him laughed right out of the building.  There are so many blinders & filters in his path that he cannot even see straight.  Please, just cut him a break ... and allow it all to unfold.  A good man will act but sometimes it all requires just a little push ... "

Within this franchise it has been littered with individuals sporting two agenda's ... their agenda & that hidden agenda.  What has happened is not exactly clear but blinders are clearly off ... especially those that hold or maintain critical roles on this team.  These agendas can no longer be hidden as they now show up as an unwashed stink.  They can no longer be protected ... to be replaced by the blue collar within the purity heart.  

Statistics indicate that action ... way too often.  What good is an extra point when it fails you at the worst possible moment ... was this what was learned by the Tomlin's Steelers.  Unfortunately, statistics lie as it can only indicates the result of a long term number of roles ... not a specific role.
When it hit the fan for Teddy's group ... standing in that freezing cold ... would you rather put your lot in the hands of the statics that blind ... or would you have instead put the ball back in the hands of a winner.  Statitics once again put us into the playoffs but now would you have rather put the ball back in the hands of All Day giving him one more opportunity at setting the NFL season record for rushing ... a chance at re-writing history.

So you might be thinking.  Why concern yourself with something mundane as the messsenger.  It sounds pretty harmless ... doesn't it?   Don't be mistaken.  This entity means business & it's on par with the collapse of the Metrodome.  

You do not get to make this call.  Destiny will be served.  The gods are beyond angry ... especially after last weeks epic sellout.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 6, 2017