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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Hereís the thing!@  Are you here to make the safe play or are you here to win the championship?  Those two roads are on different planes!  Hello!  What clearly lies at risk is much more that your job and what lies entrenched within your tiny little minds!  Yesterday, if you had started either Webb or Ponder and ended up with yesterdayís result in San Diego, the Vike-Nation would have been just fine. Why? Well at the very least we would have been entertained but more importantly because these young raw talented QBís would have notched a start and the nation would be paying its dues Ö at least in the early part of the season.  Experience in this league is everything and neither one of these cats is going to get better unless they do it on the field.  That is an undeniable fact!  Instead you foolishly wasted an opportunity.  Shame on you!  

What we got yesterday, is more Brad Johnson, "The later years" ...  where starts were wasted on a well-known entity Ö just like McNabb. If for no other reason, if T-Jack had started instead of Johnson, we would have known of the T-Jack entity four (4) or so years earlier. Why? "What shows up on the field doesnít lie" and the Hawks are paying a heavy price for it now.

Why McNabbed? Because there is no restarting the heart thatís clearly on cruise control!  How much did he bank role per passing yard yesterday ... give me a break!

Allow me to be direct ... the Vikings aren't expected to win ...  they have to win ... and they have no choice but to do it now.  The nation stands alone and it teeters upon the precipice.   Open your eyes!  Tell me ... why is it now ok with our owner to accept defeat ... was yesterday the battle for Los Angeles?  Maybe it will be easier for all involved if we just lose ... could Major League be more than just a theme.  The Vike-Nation should be frothing at the mouth ... yet, it is all silent!  You're all a bunch of fools ... the Brooklyn Dodgers of Na North!  History could never repeat ... Sheep!

When you finally decide to put your anointing oils away, youíll come to grips with the fact that Ponder isnít ready.  In fact, Ponder may never be ready to play in Minnesota but that doesn't mean that he won't become a starter and a very valuable commodity.  Joe Webb on the other has something that was exposed clearly by Cam Newton on September 11, 2011.  Clearly, they both are winners!

So what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that Joe Webb is stupid? Is he too dumb to grasp your offense? I heard his interviews Ö he apparently didnít prepare his clichťs! When you say that this God given talent is not ready for the field, after what he did last year, against overwhelming odds and external distractions, then what youíre saying is that he doesnít have the mental capability to run the show. To be direct, I donít want him to run your show. We want him to shred the NFL just as Randy Moss did in 1998. Iíd pay anything to have this kidís rights! The very rightís that this organization had squandered all last year.  Tell me, exactly what defense can stop Peterson, Harvin, Webb, Shank, et al! The answer is Ö there isnít a team on Godís green earth that can do it.  Why?  Unpredictability ... even the coaches haven't a clue what's going to happen on that field ... and that's the God's honest truth.  Now deal with it!

You want input from your players Ö then you might want to get some input directly from the gods.  Get your head out of your hind quarters. If you donít, the next thing that will be unleashed upon this franchise is going to make the fridged ice on a college field, home games in Detroit or the collapse of the Dome look like a sweet home coming party. Both hands of my spread fingers are now crossing over my eyes.  I COWER UNDER IT'S WEIGHT!  You have been warned!

And by the way, you better re-think your September 18th choreography that you have planned for McNabb as that will only be one day where the rest of the season will be hell on earth of biblical proportions. The seas of the nation may appear to be calm however the reality is quite different.

Oh!  By the way.  Do you want to know why AD isn't shredding defenses?  It's because the offense isn't doing its job.  A two-threat offense in the NFL isn't a threat after all.  Defenses rely upon your predictability.  3 & out's empty the tank of our defenders ... the offense did this ... it clearly lies at your feet.  McNabbed!@

It is the unpredictable that wins championships!  What I can tell you unequivocally is that Joe Webb won't lie down ... he will inspire the nation!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 12, 2011

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